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Can You Paint a Ceramic Sink? (Quick Answers)

White ceramic sinks mostly go with every environment. Yet, you might want a matched sink that can be compatible with the surrounding. Moreover, after using it for too long any sink can wear out. 

The paint of the sink may get removed and even scratched. You might need to recover the sink. 

By following the below tips and information regarding ceramic paint and if it can be painted or not would give you an idea of how to recover the sink. 

Can you paint a ceramic sink?

You can paint a ceramic sink. Well, you need to use the right paint on the ceramic sink. Every paint does not sit on the sink properly, it can not help paint for too long. You should use epoxy paint or acrylic urethane enamel paint on the sinks. Polyurethane finish coat can be the final touch. 

Ceramic sinks are mainly hard metal made which has a shiny color touch in it. With time, the sinks would get scratched. You might need to get a new one or you can just paint it. Sometimes, even a new ceramic sink does not go well with the surroundings. 

In that case, you can not change it right away as it costs a lot. 

You would think of repainting the sink then. Ceramic sinks are made of metal. The hard metal is tough to paint. Even does not adhere to every painting. Applying the wrong paint would be a hassle and the paint will not even last long. Leaving an unfinished surface on the sink.

You can either use epoxy paint or acrylic urethane enamel paint over the sink. These paints can sit on the sink without leaving an uneven and hole-like surface. However, spraying the paints properly and thoroughly is a must. 

Epoxy paints are usually suitable to paint over the ceramic sink.

Epoxy paints sit smoothly on the ceramic sink. Epoxy paint becomes tough and hard after drying. Even easier to clean up the mess. Well, you need to wear musk and hand gloves to work with epoxy paints as inhaling the paint would cause harm. 

Moreover, the paint is preferable for all types of hardened floors as well.

Meanwhile, acrylic enamel urethane paint is also used on the ceramic sink. It is generally glossy and hard. The surface would look too shiny. It is thicker in texture. Still, epoxy paint is more preferable to use on ceramic sinks. 

Can you spray paint a ceramic sink?

Yes, you can indeed spray paint on a ceramic sink. Well, it is the most effective way to apply paint to the ceramic sink. Spraying would spread the paint all over the sink equally. As a result, no surface would be left without paint. 

In the case of using a brush or roller, the paint might not reach the narrow parts.

Meanwhile, ceramic sinks can not be painted with normal paints. It requires specialized paints. The ceramic sink is hard and the surface will not adhere to paint easily. You need to either use epoxy paint or acrylic enamel urethane paint. 

However, the texture of the paint is also different from the normal paints.

You can not use any spray as you want. The paints might get in the spray tube and become hard when dried. The sprayer can become unusable then. You should use rust oleum specialty tiling spray paint in case you are spraying them. 

The paints are too thick for the normal sprayer, you can also use a spray machine.

3 reasons why you can paint ceramic sinks 

Ceramic sinks are often found in different colors and even in different styles. You might want to find an easy way to recover your ceramic sink. In that case, you can paint it by yourself.

You can also do it professionally or just replace the sink. Certain reasons why you can paint ceramic sinks are given below.

Saves money:

You need to only spend money to buy the paints and equipment. Otherwise, a new sink costs a lot. Moreover, if you want a new painted design on it, it would be too expensive. 

Easier to apply paint:

Applying paint is easier on the surface of the ceramic sink as long as you have gloves. You can take it as leisure work. No need to give it extra time. 

Decorate as you want:

You can decorate the ceramic sink as you want just by using paint. You can give different colors to it and even designs. Nowadays it is not a tradition to keep a white ceramic sink. Instead, keep a classier one. 

What kind of paint do you use on a ceramic sink?

Ceramic sinks can not be painted with any paint. The surface of the ceramic sink is hard and smooth. Moreover, the sink can not adhere to every painting. Applying normal paints would not last long on the surface of the sink. The paint will fall off and will not even sit on it.

You need to use specialized paint on the ceramic sink. The below-listed paints are applicable to the ceramic sink.

Epoxy paints:

Epoxy paints can stay on the ceramic sink surface. Epoxy paints become tough after drying. Ceramic sinks have a metal surface that is tough and sturdy even for the paint. The surface does not absorb paint usually. Epoxy paints adhere to the ceramic sink and fill up the scratches.

You might need to sand the sink a bit in order to let the paint get absorbed. Well, spraying the paint is more suitable here. You should maintain a distance from the sink and spray the paint all over. Thin coats are preferable. 

Acrylic enamel urethane:

Acrylic enamel urethane paints can be applied over the ceramic sink. The paint is too glossy though. It gives protection to the sink and even fills up all the imperfections. Moreover, a urethane finish is the best for the ceramic sink as it can last longer. 

Still, epoxy paint is more suitable than acrylic enamel urethane as the surface would look smooth and flat rather than shiny. 

How do you paint a ceramic kitchen sink? 

Painting a ceramic kitchen sink is an easier task. You can do it by yourself without making a mess. You need to follow some proper steps to proceed with the work. Below necessary steps which should be followed to paint a ceramic kitchen sink is given.

Remove the faucet:

If your sink is already in its place, you should remove the faucet to apply the paint smoothly. If it is still a new one and not placed yet, it would be easier to paint it. 

Clean the surface:

Clean the surface with trisodium phosphate. You need to rub the cleaner on the surface to roughen the sink. The paint will not adhere if the surface is too smooth. After wiping off the cleaner, clean all the dirt. Remove every dirt and paint from the surface of the sink.

Sand the surface:

Well, sanding is a must as the surface needs to absorb the paint. You can use a sander or even sand paper manually. Clean the surface after sanding.

Apply paint:

You can also prime the surface before applying paint. Or else, directly apply the paint. Using a brush is preferable as long as the paint is distributed evenly over the surface. You can also use spray. You need to apply at least two coats of paint.

Apply another coat of paint after drying the first coat. Sand the surface while applying the second coat as well. You can finish the work after applying polyurethane finish or just keep the paint. Well, a protective finish coat is of help. 

How do you refurbish a ceramic sink with paint? 

You can give a new look to your ceramic sink with paint. Well, you can color the ceramic sink as you want. It does not need to be white. Moreover, you can use extensions on the sink. Apart from that, there are designs for sinks.

You can print the designs on the ceramic sink. Buying a designed ceramic sink is better in that case though it is expensive. Rather use stickers or tapes to create designs on the sink. You can also give it a colorful look in the same way you paint a decorative wall

Final thoughts

Overall, applying paint over the ceramic sink is way easier. If you do not want your ceramic sink to be replaced, you can rather paint it. Even old ones can get a new look after painting. Using epoxy specialized paints or acrylic enamel urethane paint is preferable for the ceramic sink.