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Can You Hang Shelves with Command Strips? (Explained)

Nailing and screwing in order to put shelves on the wall takes effort and time. Some walls are not suitable for nailing or screwing and it creates lots of mess. Later cleaning also takes plenty of time. You need to invest both your time and effort and the wall would get marks too.

Following below tips and information regarding shelves and if you can hang shelves with command strips or not may help you get a sufficient idea on how to proceed.

Can you hang shelves with command strips?

You can definitely hang shelves with command strips as long as you are putting plenty of command strips. Well, every shelf will not be suitable to hang with command strips. You should not hang glass shelves as they can fall. Moreover, do not put a huge amount of load if you use command strips.

Using command strips is easier than nailing or screwing on the wall. Nailing also creates marks on the wall. If you use nails, later when you need to remove the shelf may become a bit hasty. Like, you need to erase the marks and fill the holes created due to the nails. On the other hand, nailing creates a huge mess.

Cleaning up messes is also time-consuming. Though nailing can secure your shelf better, it consumes more time. Rather, using command strips is a wise choice to carry less weight. Command strips are easy to use and don’t even create any mess. Your work will be clean.

You only need to put the strips in the proper direction and press. That’s it, no more trouble. It can hang the shelf to the wall and old stuff too. Yet too much stuff should not be put on it. Only put the weight which can be held by the command strips. Do not attach a glass shelf with command strips.

Well, glass shelves can fall and break. It is quite risky. Moreover, take plenty of command strips to hold the shelves. It will secure the shelf in place.

How much weight can command strips hold?

Command strips can hold about 15 to 16 pounds of weight. But you need to put an appropriate amount of command strips if you want to hang shelves or anything else.

Command strips are good sticky adhesives that can easily attach things to certain surfaces. Moreover, putting too much weight may lead the command strips to fall. There is no guarantee that the command strips won’t fail. Yet, avoid putting on a large weight.

Will command strips hold these shelves?

Command strips can be very helpful in the house. You can use them to hang many things. Now let us find the things you can hang with them.

Floating wall shelf:

If you do not want nails or screws on the wall, you can put command strips instead. You can hang a floating wall shelf on the wall with the command strips. Command strips can give support to the wall shelf. At the same time, it won’t create any marks on the wall.

Corner shelf:

The corner Shelf can also be hung with command strips. But you shouldn’t put too much stuff on the shelf. Command strips might not be able to hold too much weight. If command strips are not put properly, the shelf can even fall and break. Be careful while placing command strips.

Bathroom shelf:

You can also use command strips to attach the bathroom shelf. Well, not all surfaces can use the command strips. The adhesives of the command strips can not be attached to certain surfaces. Command strips are suitable for bathroom shelves.

Floating glass shelf:

Command strips can help you to hang floating glass shelves. Yet, putting a floating glass shelf with command strips is not suggested. If the command strips are not attached correctly, the glass shelf can fall. Apart from breaking, it can injure someone too.

Hanging plant shelf:

Command strips are suitable for hanging plant shelves. Apart from the plant shelf, the weight of the plants will not be much. Even if you put plants on top, the command strips will be able to hold the weight up to a certain limit. You can hang the plant shelf with command strips with ease.

Hanging bookshelf:

Hanging bookshelf without nailing can be done by attaching command strips. Command strips are not preferable to hold a large amount of weight. Yet, the weight of the books can be carried as long as you put enough strips to attach the hanging bookshelf to the wall.

Are there heavy-duty command strips for shelves?

There are heavy-duty command strips for shelves that help to hang the shelves to the wall. Plenty of command strips may help you to stabilize the shelf. Well, you can buy strips according to the size of the shelf. Yet do not get smaller-sized command strips.

The sizes of the command strips vary. Well, some of the heavy-duty command strips are listed below.

Larger command strip:

These command strips are known as the strongest command strips as the adhesives are too sticky and strong enough to hold a shelf. They can even pull off almost 16 pounds of weight. The larger strips are good for not only the shelves but also for mirrors and other stuff.

The larger the strips, the better for the bigger stuff. Using small strips would not help in putting shelves as they can not pull off greater weight.

How to hang floating shelves with command strips?

Hanging floating shelves with command strips is easier and doesn’t create any mess. Otherwise, putting nails would have required more time and created more mess and dirt. Command strips are actually reliable to hang floating shelves with less weight.

Still, you should avoid putting too much weight on floating shelves. To provide help to proceed, the necessary steps are included below.

Clean the wall:

Command strips can not stick to dirty surfaces. Before putting the command strips, clean the wall. Do not use water or other adhesives rather than rubbing alcohol. Otherwise, the command strips will not stick to the wall as the stickiness of the strips may decrease.

Prepare the strips:

Command strips come in pairs and you should consider both parts as one. First, detach the command strips. Put the Velcro parts together and keep pressing until they are attached properly. It is necessary as both the strips are attached through this and connect the wall to the shelf.

Attach the strips:

Take off the protective liner part from one of the strips. Put it on the shelf and press for 30 seconds. Pressing for a long time helps to attach the strips to the shelf. Again, pull off the other protective layer and press it to the wall.

Repeat pressing for 30 seconds and put force too. If the strips are not pressed, they will fail to work. And this can lead to the falling of the shelf. Wait for almost 1 hour or more to make sure the strips can hold the shelf. If necessary, you can put more strips.

How to hang shelves without nails or screws?

You can hang shelves without drilling nails or screws. Well, it is much easier and requires less effort. You do not need a hammer or a drilling machine; neither has to be a pro. Rather, it will take less time to finish off the work.

There are some ways how you can hang the shelves without nails or screws and are listed below to inform you.

Command strips:

Command strips are adhesives that give the stickiness to attach the shelf to the wall. Command strips are also strong to hold the shelves. You can put the command strips on the shelf and attach them to the wall to fix the shelf in place. It will create no mess.

You do not even need to put effort or give too much time into it. It will save both your time and energy. Less weighted shelves are perfect for command strips.


One can also hang a shelf by putting glue. Strong glues can hold the shelf and attach it properly. Yet it is not suggested. It is kind of unsure whether it can hold loads or not. You can still try it by ensuring safety.

Final thoughts

Overall, command strips are useful to hang shelves without causing any trouble. It will not even create a mess and you can finish the work cleanly. A proper amount of command strips is needed to attach the shelf. Lastly, do not use heavy weight on the shelf if you are using command strips.