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Can You Hang a Mirror with Command Strips? (Answered)

Mirrors can not be hung anywhere in the house. Well, some may prefer to decorate the house with mirrors as well. It’s kind of fancy, yet that’s not our intention. Instead of drilling and putting screws, one can hang the mirrors in other ways. Moving the mirror becomes easier that way.

Following below, tips and information regarding hanging up the mirror with command strips may give you a proper view.

Can you hang a mirror with command strips?

Of course, you can hang a mirror with command strips. For that, you need to make sure the mirror is hung up with a good amount of strips and of the right size. If not, the command strips will not be able to hold the weight of the mirror. As a result, the mirror may fall and break.

Hanging the mirror in the right place is always necessary. Hanging in the wrong place may make the mirror fall. If you are hanging the mirror with command strips, you should be a bit careful. The command strips need to stick properly to the mirror as well as the wall. 

If the strips are not attached properly, the mirror may fall at any time.

Bathroom mirror:

The bathroom mirror can be attached with command strips. Command strips may hold the mirror properly if enough support is provided. By attaching enough command strips, the mirror can be fixed in a place. 

But the strips should be given enough time to stick to the wall.

Full-length mirror:

Command strips can make the movement of the full-length mirror easier. One can replace it easily by attaching it with command strips. The full-length mirror will require a number of command strips. 

As the length of the mirror is long, it will need more strips to fix it.

Wall mirror:

Command strips can easily attach to the wall. As long as the wall is not slippery. Strips can not be fixed on slippery surfaces. The surface may resist it. As a result, the strip may get loose. 

Even though wall mirrors can be fixed with command strips, the wall should be prepared before.

Heavy mirror:

Heavy mirrors have a high weight, and it is necessary to hold the weight. Command strips can attach the heavy mirror to the wall or any other surface.

Yet, an inappropriate amount of command strips may not be able to hold the weight of the mirror.

Do command strips work on mirrors? Are command strips strong enough to hold a mirror?

Of course, command strips work on mirrors and are strong enough to hold the mirror. Yet some careful steps are required. If attaching the command strips is not done properly, the mirror can even fall down.

Command strips can easily hold heavy things and attach them to the wall. Not everything needs to be fixed with screws and needs some drilling. Without creating any mess, mirrors can be fixed to the wall with the command strips. As a result, no mess would be created. 

At the same time, much effort is not required.

Command strips can hold high weight as long as enough strips are added. An appropriate amount of strips are required to hold the mirror. If not added, the mirror will not attach to the wall. Moreover, the stickiness of the strips can not be guaranteed. 

One needs to fix it immediately.

3 reasons why you can hang a mirror with command strip

Hanging a mirror on the wall or anywhere with command strips may reduce a lot of problems and mess. No one wants to go through trouble while hanging a mirror. Even hanging a mirror to the wall safely should be a priority. 

Apart from certain surfaces, command strips are attachable to every other surface.

There are more reasons why you can hang a mirror with command strips, and they are listed below.

Easy to move:

Hanging the mirror with command strips may give you a chance to move the mirror whenever you want. Even the movements may become easier. No need to go through the trouble. For fixing the mirror temporarily, command strips may be more effective than nailing.

No troubles for drilling:

If you do not use command strips, you need to drill a hole to hang a mirror. Command strips may reduce the problems of drilling. No mess will be created if you use command strips. Even the wall won’t be drilled to create a hole.

Later you may need to move the mirror. In that case, if you use holes and screws to hang the mirror, the hole needs to be filled to hide it. It may leave an impact on the appearance of the wall.

Provides support:

Every surface is not suitable for drilling or attaching nails. In that case, command strips can provide support. Command strips may not be suitable for every surface either. Yet, in some cases, it may work perfectly without creating any mess.

How many command strips to hang a mirror?

The requirement of the command strips depends on the mirror. The number is not even fixed. But one should not attach fewer strips to the mirror. Otherwise, the command strips won’t be able to hold the mirror.

The number of command strips depends on the mirror size. You require a minimum of 6 command strips, as strips are needed to put in the sides. Well, size may matter too. If you buy smaller sizes of strips, the strips won’t work. You may need enough strips to hold the mirror.

Two on each side from top to bottom with space and also on the upper side and lower side too. Calculate the numbers of strips according to it. The number may vary with the size of the mirror. The bigger the size, the more strips it may require. On the other hand, heavy-weight mirrors also need a large number of strips.

How to hang a wall mirror with command strips?

Wall mirrors can be easily hung on the wall with command strips just by following certain steps. The number of command strips required for hanging a wall mirror varies with its size. Mirrors can be fixed in place by strips without using screws or drilling holes. 

A wall mirror can be hung on the wall with command strips by following the below steps.

Clean the wall:

The priority during putting the command strips on the mirror should be the cleaning of the wall. All the dirt should be removed from the wall properly. You can wipe off the wall with rubbing alcohol. You may want to use water, but that would affect the stickiness of the strips.

Prepare the strips:

One should choose the right strips. After that, take the strips apart and attach the velcro parts. Attach the velcro parts properly as it joints the strips together. After attaching the velcro parts, rub a but. So that the parts are connected properly.

Attach the strips:

After attaching the velcro parts, pull off the protective liner from one side. Attach the sticky part to the back of the mirror. Strips can not be added to the soft sides. Try putting the strips on the hard sides, which can hold the sticky strips. 

Put strips on each side, then pull off the other liner and attach that to the wall.

Press the strips:

Press the strips to the wall and keep pressing for at least 30 seconds. Do not ignore this part. If the strips are not pressed, they will not stick to the wall properly.

How to hang a frameless mirror with command strips?

A frameless mirror can be hung with command strips too. As long as there are plenty of command strips. You can attach the strips in the behind of the mirror to hang it.

Normally, you need to separate the strips and attach the Velcro parts. Then, attach it to the behind of the mirror. Press it a bit and put the sticky side to the wall too. And again, press to fix the strips. As there will be no frame, you can attach the strips to the behind of the mirror.

Hopefully, the stripes will stick as long as the surface can support the strips.

Final thoughts:

Overall, hanging a mirror to the wall with command strips is not a difficult task. It requires less effort and no drilling problems. The number of strips may depend on the size of the mirror. That’s why prepare a good number of command strips so that there won’t be any problem hanging the mirror.