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Can You Hang Cabinets on Drywall? (All You Need to Know)

Would you like to make your home more stylish and functional? Rather than using traditional cabinets, you might want to consider installing cabinets on the wall.

Wall-mounted cabinets are ideal for decluttering your home without removing any furniture. Is it possible to hang cabinets on drywall? Here’s what we found out.

Hanging cabinets on drywall

Cabinets can be mounted on drywall using drywall mounts and screws. A drywall mount is a bracket designed specifically to attach cabinets to the wall. Screw them into grooves in the drywall and secure them with screws. It can be a little difficult to mount upper cabinets securely to the drywall.

A drywall mount has the advantage of allowing you to rearrange your cabinets easily. As an example, if you decide you no longer need a cabinet in the corner, you can simply relocate it to another location on the wall.

The walls do not need to be damaged or furniture removed.

Kitchen cabinets:

There are a few types of kitchen cabinets that you may be able to install on drywall, depending on the type of cabinet you are installing.

Before you can install the cabinets in your kitchen, you may need to use a stud finder and drill holes in the wall if the cabinets are made of wood or more rigid material.

Ensure that you use proper fasteners and anchors so that they do not pull away from the wall over time when you are attaching them to the wall.

Wall cabinets:

Wall cabinets are typically made from a more flexible material, such as plastic or metal. You can install them on drywall using drywall mounts, but you will need to use extra care.

Ensure that the brackets that hold the cabinet to the wall are large enough so that the cabinet does not touch any other parts of the wall.

You should also make sure that you mount the cabinet at an angle from one side of the room to the other so that it looks nice and proportioned from one side to the other.

Ikea cabinets:

Ikea cabinets are not typically a good option for installing on the wall. A typical cabinet door frame is made of lightweight materials, and the doors of the cabinet are rarely fixed securely to the frames since the frames are usually made from light materials.

Over time, this may result in your Ikea cabinets starting to loosen from the wall, which could lead to them finally falling off the wall.

Can you hang cabinets with drywall anchors on drywall?

While it is possible to hang cabinets with drywall anchors on drywall, this may not be the best solution for your needs.

In most cases, drywall anchors can only hold sheets of sheetrock in place and are not suitable for supporting heavy objects due to their design.

Additionally, if you do use them, make sure that you properly pre-drill holes before inserting the anchor into the wall so that it doesn’t deform or pull out the underlying Sheetrock.

It is important to read the instructions carefully and follow them closely if you decide to make use of drywall anchors. It is also important that you make sure that any screws that have become loose over time are replaced as soon as possible.

Can you hang cabinets with drywall screws on drywall?

When it comes to hanging cabinets with drywall screws, the answer is yes. It is necessary, however, to use a drill and masonry bit to drill the holes for the screws in the wall.

Taking this approach will ensure that you will not damage your drywall or framers during the process of installing your cabinet.

It is also important to keep in mind that cabinet doors must be hung on an even surface when they are hung so that they look symmetrical from all angles when the doors are viewed from the inside.

Nevertheless, if all of this sounds like too much trouble, there are plenty of pre-hung cabinet options on the market that take care of most of the installation process for you.

Can you hang cabinets without studs on drywall?

It is possible to hang cabinets without studs on drywall, but it is not the safest option. Not only are there increased chances of damage from falling cabinets, but you also run the risk of tearing your drywall if the screws pull through too far.

Use a mounting system that anchors the cabinet firmly in place and prevents it from moving if you decide to go ahead with this project.

The same techniques used for hanging wood cabinets can also be used for hanging cabinets on drywall without studs. Mounting brackets for the cabinets must first be attached to the wall before they can be screwed in.

During the process of hanging cabinets without studs on drywall, one final consideration should be taken into account. Ensure that the screws are long enough not to poke through the Sheetrock and into the wall.

5 things to consider for hanging cabinets on drywall

There are a few things to keep in mind when hanging cabinets on drywall. Make sure the doors of your cabinet fit inside the opening of the drywall mounting hole. When hanging cabinets on drywall, you need to consider the following tips.

Make sure you properly drill the holes before installing screws:

The first thing you should do is drill the holes before you install the screws. The screws will likely strip out if the holes are not properly drilled, making it difficult to secure the cabinets to the wall.

Ensure that doors fit snugly in mounting brackets:

Secondly, ensure that the doors of your cabinet fit snugly in mounting brackets so they don’t wobble or rattle while hanging on drywall.

To ensure minimal movement when opening and closing the door, make sure your hinges match the screw holes on the bracket.

Check for levelness before installation:

Lastly, make sure the installation is level before proceeding. The screws can pull through the drywall if your cabinets are not perfectly level. Your cabinet may face damage and become unstable as a result.

Mount brackets at least 2′-3′ from the wall:

Make sure brackets are mounted at least 2′-3′ away from the wall so bolts and screws can be installed easily.

Use a mounting system that anchors cabinets firmly in place:

Anchor cabinets are firmly in place by using a mounting system. Hanging them on drywall will prevent them from moving or wobbling.

Before installing your cabinets, test hanging them. To ensure that everything is level and fits snugly, test out the cabinets on a hanger for the door frame before installing them.

How to hang cabinets on drywall?

Hanging cabinets on drywall is a relatively simple task that almost anyone can perform. Make sure you follow the steps below.

Things you will need:

  • Drywall anchors
  • Tape measure
  • Cabinet screws (8 or 10)
  • Circular saw or hand saw
  • (Optional) Jigsaw

Take the measurement:

To measure the distance between the top of the cabinet and the joists or beams that support the ceiling, start at the top of the cabinet. You can use this measurement to determine how high off the ground your cabinet should be.

Choose mounting hardware:

Once you’ve chosen the mounting hardware, you’ll need to install it. The brackets and screws are included in this category. Use a drill to install the screws firmly into the joists or beams using screws that are the correct size for your drywall.

Mark the location of your brackets:

Now that you have marked the locations of your brackets on the wall, it is time to hang them. The best way to make sure that the brackets are perfectly vertical is to use a level to ensure that you have made a small hole in each bracket with a pencil or drill bit.

Attach the brackets to the wall:

Once you’ve marked the locations of your brackets, it’s time to attach them to the wall. First, remove the screws that are already in place with a screwdriver.

Once the mounting brackets are inserted into each hole, tighten them with a wrench. Don’t over-tighten or you might damage your drywall.

Drill additional holes for screws:

The next step is to drill additional holes and install new screws if you wish to add more anchors for additional stability (or if your bracket does not have enough threads).

Final Thoughts

Briefly, cabinets can be hung on drywall. For a secure attachment, you will probably need to use studs. In most cases, it is possible to save time and money by hanging cabinets on drywall. The best method for hanging cabinets on drywall is to use screws.