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Can You Clean Leather Sofa with Dove Soap? (Explained)

Nowadays, you can see leather sofas in almost every home and commercial space. Although they are expensive, they are spacious and comfortable, making them worth the price. 

However, leather sofas attract a lot of dust and need to be cleaned frequently to keep them looking shiny and new.

Can you clean a leather sofa with dove soap?

You can clean leather sofas with Dove soap. Dove soaps have a mild pH, making them compatible with leather sofas. You can mix a Dove bar soap with warm water and create a dilute soapy solution. Then, you can use a rag and soak it in the water and use it to clean the leather sofa.

Leather is a sensitive material and needs care while cleaning. Sofas made of leather attract a lot of dust. Therefore, they need to be cleaned frequently.

Since leather sofas need to be cleaned frequently, most people came up with countable techniques for cleaning leather sofas. Most leather sofa owners clean their leather sofas with soaps. One popular soap that is often used to clean leather sofas is Dove soap.

Dove soaps have a neutral pH of seven. This significant property of Dove soaps makes them compatible to be used to clean leather sofas. Since leather is sensitive material, the neutral pH of Dove soaps does not mess up the leather material.

Moreover, some people also use white vinegar to clean leather sofas. White vinegar is widely available among household items and has an alkaline nature. Baking soda is too alkaline and, therefore, can affect the leather.

Most people suggest the use of Dove soaps to clean leather sofas. These soaps are widely available as bars and liquids and can be easily applied. Therefore, Dove soaps are an excellent choice for cleaning leather sofas because of their alkaline nature.

Is dove soap good for cleaning leather? Will dove soap mess up leather?

Yes, dove soaps are great for cleaning leather. They can be used in different methods and do not affect the leather.

Dove soaps have an alkaline nature. Their alkaline nature makes them compatible for use with leather products. So, Dove soaps can be used for cleaning leather sofas and other products made of leather without any worries.

As dove soaps are alkaline, they do not mess up leather. Although leather is sensitive material, it is not affected by Dove soaps since it is alkaline. Acidic elements tend to mess up leather products.

4 reasons why dove soap is good for cleaning leather sofa

There are numerous reasons why Dove soap is excellent for cleaning leather sofas. Some of the reasons are provided below:

Mild pH:

Dove soaps are pH balanced. These soaps are specifically made for use on the skin. Therefore, Dove soaps are neutral as they have a pH of seven. Since Dove soaps have a neutral pH, they can be safely used on the leather without any worries. 

The neutral nature of Dove soaps will not mess up the leather quality of any leather product.

Do not leave stains or toxic residue:

Dove soaps are safe for cleaning leather products. Usually, when leather is cleaned with soaps that are either too alkaline or too acidic, stains are left behind. When Dove soaps are used, it leaves no stains on the leather product. 

Additionally, no toxic residue is formed on the leather product after being cleaned with a Dove soap.


Most leather cleaning agents are expensive. Some leather products can only be dry washed which, is a costly process. However, Dove soaps are comparatively inexpensive and can be found in most shops and malls. 

Therefore, Dove soaps can be used as a cheap alternative for cleaning leather.

Can be used on all colors:

Dove soaps have a neutral pH and do not leave any stains or toxic residue behind. For that reason, Dove soaps can be used to clean leather products of any color. 

As the leather and color are not affected, Dove soaps are excellent for cleaning leather products.

These are some of the pros of using Dove soaps for cleaning leather products. You can use Dove soaps to clean leather products without any worries.

How to clean leather sofa/couch with dove soap?

You can effortlessly clean a leather sofa or couch with Dove soap. Follow the steps below to do so:


You need to prepare the cleaning materials before you start the process. If you have a Dove bar soap, rub the soap on a microfiber cloth and make it lather. You will be using this microfiber cloth to clean the leather sofa.

If you have liquid Dove soap, which is more common, you can add two to three drops to warm water to prepare the cleaning solution. Then you can use a microfiber cloth dipped into the solution to clean.


Before you start to clean the entire leather sofa, you need to check if the solution is harmful to the couch. To check, lightly apply the cleaning solution or rub with the microfiber cloth on a single part of the sofa. 

If you see no stains left behind and the leather is not affected, you can proceed forward.


Use the microfiber cloth and rub it on the leather sofa you want to clean. You do not have to press hard. Press sufficiently and rub the microfiber cloth over the dirty area.

If you have prepared a cleaning solution with liquid Dove soap, dip the microfiber cloth slightly into the solution. Make sure that the fabric is not too wet. Then, rub the microfiber cloth over the leather sofa to clean.


After you have cleaned the leather sofa with the microfiber cloth, you will have to rinse the leather sofa. Lightly wet a rag with water and rub it over the clean leather sofa. Ensure that the rag is not too wet, or you will damage the leather.


Finally, you will have to dry the cleaned area so that the leather does not absorb too much water. You can let the leather sofa sit as usual and let the water evaporate. Do not direct heat towards the couch using a dryer or equivalent as that may affect the texture of the leather.

By following the listed steps, you can clean your leather sofa. Check if the solution is safe for the leather to avoid damaging the leather sofa.

What soap to use to clean the leather couch?

You can use any mild soaps or handwashes to clean your leather couch. Below are some examples of mild soaps:


Dove soaps are pH balanced. They are specifically designed for use on skin. As a result, they are made to be neutral. As Dove soaps have a neutral nature, they are compatible with leather products. So, you can clean leather products with Dove soaps.


Nivea soaps are also neutral. They are neither too alkaline nor too acidic. Their alkaline nature makes them perfect for use on leather surfaces. Additionally, Nivea soaps do not have a strong fragrance to them. So, it does not leave any stain or strong smell after its usage.


Similar to mild soaps, Pears is another pH-balanced soap. You can use this soap to clean leather products without any worries as it is a neutral soap. Also, it has a mild fragrance. So, it will not leave back a strong smell after usage.

These are some examples of mild soaps that you can use to clean your leather couch.

Final Thoughts

You can clean leather sofas with any mild soap or handwash. You can use Dove, Nivea, or Pears soaps to clean your leather couch as they have a neutral nature. Remember to check if the soap is harmful to the leather by trial before cleaning the leather sofa with the soap.