Can You Add a Trundle to a Daybed? (Complete Guide)

A daybed is a good sitting arrangement along with sleeping space for a small and compact room. It serves both as a sofa and a bed. And if you want even more space, you can add a trundle with the daybed. That will double the sleeping space of your daybed.

Can you add a trundle to a daybed?

You can add a trundle to a daybed. However, there must be adequate space under the daybed. For easily sliding your trundle in and out, you must have at least around 18 inches of space below your daybed. Make sure the daybed and the trundle size match correctly.

Can you add a trundle to any daybed?

Trundle is usually stored under a bed or a daybed. So, technically you can add a trundle to any daybed. However, there are certain conditions that you will need to add a trundle to your daybed.

Most commonly, trundle frames measure around 6 inches. With a mattress on it, a trundle height can reach around 15 to 18 inches. So, if your daybed does not have a minimum of 18 inches of space below it, you cannot add a trundle to it.

Some daybeds come with a drawer setup below them. If your daybed has drawers like this, you cannot add a trundle to it.

Besides, there are various sizes of trundles. If your daybed is twin size, you cannot add a full-size trundle to it. That is why you need to check your daybed size before buying a trundle for it.

How do I connect trundle to daybed?

Trundle beds can be a great addition to your child’s room or your guest room if you are running low on space.

You can connect the trundle with your daybed and get extra room for sleeping. However, you can only connect your trundle with your daybed if it is a pop-up trundle.

Here’s how you can connect a trundle with a daybed:

Buy a bed connector:

At first, you need to buy a twin bed connector. You can buy it both online and in bedding stores. It will connect both the mattresses and hold them together.

Pull out the trundle and adjust height:

Now, you need to pull out the trundle from underneath your daybed. Clean it if there is any dust over it. And then pull up the trundle and adjust its height with your daybed.

Place bed connector:

Now, remove the blankets and sheets from both the mattresses. And place the twin bed connector between both the mattresses. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for this process.

Install mattress padding:

After this, place a mattress padding over both the mattresses, followed by a big sheet.

Zip tie the legs:

Finally, use a zip tie or a rope on the legs of your trundle and the daybed. It will tighten them up even better.

And, this is how you can connect a trundle with a daybed.

How much room do you need under a daybed for a trundle?

Trundles save space and provide an extra bedding solution for your living room or guest room. It usually slides under the daybed. So, there must be sufficient space for your trundle under your daybed.

The space under your daybed must be sufficient enough to fit in a trundle along with a mattress. Based on brands, trundles can be of various heights. There are trundles as low as 6 inches in the market.

The minimum thickness for a comfortable mattress is 6 inches. So, the trundle frame height and the minimum height of the mattress together make 12 inches. In addition, it will need some extra inches to move properly.

So, there must be around 15 to 18 inches of room under your daybed for a trundle.

What size is a daybed with a trundle?

Daybeds act both as a sofa and a bed. They can be a good addition to your living room. A daybed with a trundle can be used in your studio apartment or a guest room.

The main goal of a daybed and a trundle setup is to save space. These are usually very compact. The size of an average daybed is usually around 35 inches by 75 inches. The trundle underneath usually is a twin-size trundle.

A full-size daybed with a twin mattress trundle can measure around 56 inches by 78 inches by 42 inches. However, there are other sizes of daybed with trundle. So, check them properly before buying one.

How to make a daybed with a trundle?

You can make a daybed with trundle yourself. That way, you can customize it and design it according to your likings. Here’s how you can make a daybed with a trundle:

Note down the measurements:

The first step is to make plans. Note down all the measurements. Also, prepare a list of materials and tools that you will need for the project.

Arrange the materials:

The second step is to shop for all the necessary tools and materials. Once you bought all the materials, you are ready to start building the daybed.

Cut down wooden planks:

Now, you need to cut down all the wooden planks according to the measurement that you’ve already made. Double-check the measurements before cutting the woods.

Assemble all the planks:

In this step, you have to assemble all the wooden cuts that you have made. Use epoxy glue and a nail machine to add all the parts. After that, your daybed and trundle frame is ready.

Paint the daybed:

Now, you need to paint your daybed and trundle frames. Choose good quality wood paint of your choice for this.

Attach caster wheel:

In this step, after the paints have dried out, attach the caster wheels under your trundle frame. It will allow the trundle to slide in and out easily.

Place mattress:

In the last step, you need to put in some mattresses. Make sure the paints have dried before putting the mattresses on the frames.

How to hide a trundle bed in a daybed?

Trundles usually stay under your daybed. In most cases, they remain well hidden. However, you can take some extra steps to hide your trundle bed in your daybed. Here are a few tips:

Use bed skirts:

Use bed skirts to cover your bed and hide the trundle below. It will add color to your bed and make it look fancy. They will also hide the trundle underneath.

Put a coffee table In Front:

As daybeds serve as a sofa too, you can put a coffee table in front of it. This table will hide your trundle below and make the daybed look like a couch.

Make it like a drawer:

Another great way to hide your trundle is to make it like a drawer. This way, it will be well hidden and give your daybed a sophisticated look.

Use long bed sheets:

Use long bed sheets. Long bed sheets will fall on the side of your daybed and cover the trundle below. It is an easy and clever way to hide your trundle.

These are few ways that you can follow to hide your trundle. But when it comes to decorating your rooms, there are no boundaries. So, let your imagination flow and be creative.

Do all trundle beds pop up?

No, not all trundles pop up when you bring them out. Based on their designs, there are two different types of trundles. Only one of them pops up when brought out.

Pop-up trundles are the ones that pop up when brought out. The other type is a pull-out trundle. The pop-up trundles pop up and become the same height as the main bed.

The main goal of a trundle bed is to save space and provide an extra bedding solution. Both the pop-up and pullout trundle serve this purpose.

However, if you want your trundle bed to be the same height as your main bed, buy a pop-up trundle. So, the conclusion here is that only pop-up type trundles pop up.

How to make a daybed with a pop-up trundle?

If you are low on budget and want a daybed with a trundle, you can make a DIY one. It is an easy and fun project. However, you will need some level of carpentering skills for this project.

Firstly, you will need separate schematics for your daybed and the trundle. You can either make one or get one from the internet. Then buy the required materials and tools for the project.

Now, cut the wooden planks for your daybed and trundle frame according to your measurements. Then join the planks using epoxy glue and a nail machine. After that, you need to paint the frames.

Then attach the wheels below the trundle frame. Attach the pop-up mechanism on top of the frame. You need to attach a wooden board over the pop-up mechanism. It is where you will put the mattress.

Can you buy a trundle bed?

Yes, you can buy a trundle bed. You can buy a trundle bed separately or along with a regular bed or a daybed. Many manufacturers make trundles and sell them separately.

You can buy a trundle in bedding or furniture stores. You can get them in super shops like Walmart and IKEA. Online platforms like eBay and Amazon also sell them. Brands sell various variations of trundles like trundles with wheels or sliding mechanisms.

A trundle with a daybed is a good combination for a smaller room. It provides you with extra sleeping space while taking half the area needed to store. So, if you are short of space, go for a daybed with a trundle.

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