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Can Wax Warmers Catch on Fire? (Read This First!)

Wax warmers are a great alternative for scented candles because wax warmers create a warm and odoriferous space.

Usually, wax warmers are mostly used for bringing warmth to a space as well as creating a different ambiance with its scent. In fact, the use of candles has seen a significant fall due to the usage of wax warmers.

However, many people get confused about whether to use wax warmers or not since they catch on fire or not. Well, in this article we are about to clear your confusion.

Can wax warmers catch on fire? 

Well, wax warmers can release odor without any help from fire. Although they will need a heat source to melt and they can get it from electric bulbs or lights. Thus, there is no risk of catching fire when it comes to wax warmers but it will be best if you don’t leave the wax warmers on overnight.

Wax warmers are almost similar to candles but in one aspect they are completely different. In the case of candles, it will need fire to burn and the wax warmers will just need a heat source that can be an electric bulb or light to melt.

In addition, the wax melt that is used on wax warmers is not flammable rather they are inflammable. Therefore, there are no chances for the wax warmers to catch fire.

However, since the wax melts on the wax warmer releases the fragrance only when they receive heat from an electrical source, therefore, they can get overheated and can cause small accidents.

There is a minimal chance that they catch as there is no flame coming from the burning of the wax melts.

Though you should be careful while using the wax warmers and try to not leave them on overnight or in case you are not staying in your home.

Although the manufacturers assured us that the wax warmers will not catch fire, it’s better to be on the safe side. Above all, the wax warmers are a great alternative to the candles in both the case of fragrance as well as safety issues.

Are wax warmers safe to use?

Obviously, wax warmers are safe to use. Because the wax warmers operate by receiving heat from an electrical source. Also, they won’t produce flames like the candles, therefore, they are completely safe to use.

The wax melts that are used on the wax warmers are combustible, therefore, there are no chances for the wax warmers to catch fire or create any fire risk.

However, to be more on the safer side, it will be best if you turn off the power source of the wax warmers. Because sometimes the wax warmers can be overheated and can create any small threats.

But these small accidents can even lead to bigger accidents, therefore, whenever you are going to sleep or leaving the room make sure you have turned off the power source of the wax warmers.

Are wax warmers safer than candles?

Yes, wax warmers are definitely safer than candles as candles require flames, therefore, there is always a high risk of an accident if it catches the surrounding fabrics on fire. Since the wax warmers have no open flame, therefore, it is completely safe.

Again, the most manufacturer makes candles using paraffin wax. This paraffin wax is not safe for our health as it might contain benzene. Thus, getting in contact with benzene grows the risk of cancer and other blood disorders.

Safety tips for wax warmers:

Wax warmers are safe to use but still, it’s not completely free from risk. Therefore, we have written some safety tips so that you can use your wax warmer safely:

Take a note from the manual:

After buying a wax warmer, do not forget to read the instruction manual. By reading the instruction manual you will be familiar with how it operates.

Set up the voltage:

Make sure the voltage specification of your wax warmer matches with the power socket.

Hence, if you plug the wax warmer into the power source, it will not cause any damage to the device or harm you and your partner.

Turn off the wax warmer:

Do not forget to unplug your device before going somewhere. Though the wax warmer does not produce flame, there is always a chance of accident due to the presence of heat.

Place the wax warmer in a safe place:

Place your wax warmer out of reach of pets as well as children. Make sure, it is kept away from burnable materials. It will reduce the risk of danger.

It is to be noted that your wax warmer should be placed in an open and safe place.

Be careful with wet hands:

Do not touch the wax warmer with wet hands. Remember that, it is an electric device, therefore, if it comes in contact with water, it will produce a revolting shock. If water gets inside your wax warmer, avoid using it until it’s fully dry.

Do not let it operate if it’s producing smoke:

Don’t use the wax warmer if it’s producing smoke or an unwanted smell. This may cause due to overheating or the melting point of your wax is lower.

Before removing used wax, make sure the wax warmer is cool and the wax is hard.

Avoid using Paraffin:

Do not use Paraffin wax melt. Paraffin is dangerous for human health. It may cause several health problems if inhaled. So, it is recommended not to use paraffin wax.

Use the alternative wax:

Try to use Soy wax instead of paraffin wax. But it may not be the best choice because nowadays it is tough to find 100% natural soy wax. Try to find wax melts of essential oil. It is always safe.

What happens if you accidentally leave a wax warmer on?

It depends on the type of wax warmer you are using. If you leave an electric wax warmer accidentally on for a longer period, it may overheat.

Overheating may cause a burning smell or produce smoke. On the other hand, in case if you have a tea light wax warmer, it will extinguish itself after 5 to 9 hours by using all of its wax.

Nowadays new models of wax warmers are found in the market in which the auto-off feature is included.

How long can you leave a plug-in wax warmer on?

Wax warmers are of two types. The period you can leave a plug-in wax warmer on depends on the type of warmer you are using.

If you have a tea light wax warmer, you may leave it plug-in for five to nine hours. In this time, it will use all of its wax. After that, you should turn it off.

If you have an electric wax warmer, you can leave it plug-in for about ten to twelve hours. In this time, it will finish giving off all its fragrance and will stop producing a good smell.

Electric wax warmers overheat after using it for too long and may cause danger. So, it is better to turn it off after 9-12 hours of use.

Do electric wax warmers turn off automatically?

No, electric wax warmers do not turn off automatically. Since it doesn’t require a flame to function, it can be left on for the whole day. However, to remain safe, you should not leave it on unnecessarily as it may overheat. You can turn it off after 9-12 hours of use.

However, now there are different models of electric wax warmers came into the market. Some models have timers included with them. With timers, you can set the time according to your need. After that, your electric wax warmer will turn off according to the time you have set it.

Do wax warmers smoke?

No, wax warmers do not smoke. They emit vapors which is completely fine. Through vapors, the wax warmers eliminate the scents. But, if your wax warmer is producing smoke, it may occur due to overheating or the melting point of your wax does not match with the device.

Why is my wax warmer smoking?

Wax warmers don’t produce smoke unless it overheats. So, you should immediately turn it off if it is producing smoke or an unwanted smell. Try to place your warmer in an open area where there is enough airflow. Overheating may also cause because of lack of airflow.

The wax warmer emits fragrance oil which provides beautiful scents. The fragrance oil evaporates when the wax melts. Overheating is the main reason for which your wax warmer smokes.

Final Thoughts:

Wax warmers don’t catch fire as it gets heat from an electrical source and also, the wax melts in wax warmers creates zero flames. However, to be on the safer side, it will be better if you turn off the power source of the wax warmer before sleeping and also do not let them operate overnight.