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Can Throw Pillows Go in the Dryer? (Quick Answers)

Throw pillows are quite worn, particularly for households with children or animals. They are utilized as television snack trays on movie nights, swords for your fun pillow fights, and whatnot.

Today we’ll tell you about the cleaning patterns of throw pillows. So can throw pillows be dried in a dryer? Let’s find out the best way to clean throw pillows after it gets dirty and how you can dry them later on.

Can throw pillows go in the dryer?

You can dry your throw pillow in the dryer by following the appropriate measures. However, you must use low heat or no heat on the dryer. The material of the throw pillow should also be considered as some high-end decorative throw pillows are better off drying air than drying in the dryer.

Cleaning the pillows, beddings and other regularly used house items is an important part of home life. Throw pillows made of delicate materials, such as silk or wool, as well as throw pillows filled with down or feathers, will need to be dry cleaned to preserve their appearance.

Throw pillows packed with foam that have cotton coverings or other washable materials, on the other hand, can be cleaned — some even in the washing machine combined with the dryer.

While some throw pillows seem to be washable, always check the label before trying to wash one. If not, you may be in for a sad surprise once the pillow has been washed and tumble-dried in the dryer.

The majority of regular washable pillows are safe to insert into the dryer. Ensure that you’re utilizing a low or no-heat setting and that you’re adding dry balls to prevent clotting.

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Can throw pillows be washed and dried?

Yes, throw pillows can be washed and dried. But the way the pillows are cleaned is dependent on what kind of throw pillows you have.

While some may be thrown into a washing machine for the front loading, others need that they are only cleaned or washed by hand in order to avoid damage.

Firstly identify the proper method for cleaning your specific version of throw pillows. Look for the care label of a manufacturer on your pillow.

Some people would suggest dry clean and others will state that they have a light detergent to wash the pillows by hand. Others will advise you to spot just clean.

If there is no care label, identify the fabric type. Typically, silks and velvets need the application of a dry cleaning solvent. Other materials, such as polyester, cotton, or something similar may be washed in warm water without harm.

Can I dry couch pillows in the dryer?

Couch cushions made of delicate materials, such as silk, should be dry cleaned by a specialist to ensure their longevity. Most other couch pillows, even those without detachable coverings, may be washed in the washing machine or cleaned by hand with a mild detergent.

Couch pillows, particularly those that are used daily, collect dirt, germs, dust, mildew, and mites. Even ornamental throw pillows are vulnerable to mold growth, and as a result, they must be washed on a regular basis.

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What happens if you put decorative pillows in the dryer?

Decorative pillows that are generally made from silk, wool, down, or feather can get damaged in the dryer if not used according to the instructions. Let’s take a look at what happens when you put decorative pillows in the dryer.


Dryers can cause shrinking, tightening elasticity, and is very harsh. The ideal method to dry your clothes is to place all clothing (excluding line-dried) at low temperatures in the dryer.

If the wash is not dried in a single drying cycle at low temperatures, drain or place the remainder on a drying rack.


Drying imparts tiny harm to the textile every time you put your decorative pillows through it. Microscopic damage is by definition undetectable to the human eye, but aggregate harm is simple to see by checking the dryer’s lint pan.

Lint occurs in little rips in the fibers of the fabric and the total of these tears cause the wear to collapse over time.

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Dryers can save you valuable time, but you have to shoulder your clothing at a cost. Dryers shrink clothing and, in particular, heat-drying takes a toll on the material.

If you want to balance comfort and preserve your pillows, you must keep to low heat and short cycle durations, limiting mechanical activity and exposure to heat.

Decreasing the lifespan:  

No matter what type of fabric your decorative pillow is made of, you need to take into consideration the long-term effect of dryers on the material.

The microscopic damage slowly builds up to damage delicate segments of the pillow because of heat and lengthy cycles 

How do you clean throw pillows?

The first task is to determine the labels and materials to clean your pillows. You can find it on your pillow. Some advise dry clean only, while others say to hand wash with mild detergent. Others will advise just spot cleaning.

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If there is no care label, identify the cloth. Silks and velvets usually need dry cleaning. Cotton and polyester may be washed gently with water.

Some throw pillows can be sponge cleaned. Good upholstery wash and a decent sponge will clean them. If dry cleaning is required, apply the same rotational movement to clean the fabric, working it into the stitching, creases, and folds of the cushion. Blot it again with white cloths.

How do you dry throw pillows in the dryer?

By following this step-by-step guide you’ll be able to dry your throw pillows in the dryer.

Tossing it into the dryer:

After washing your pillows, carefully press excess water into a washtub or sink. Dry the pillows but don’t overload the dryer. Remember that your pillows will dry out.

Setting the temperature:

Set your dryer’s heat to low or no heat. Pillow fibers may degrade under high heat. To dry your pillows safely, use a low temperature or air dry option on your dryer.

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Use tennis or dryer balls: 

The balls will prevent the filler from clumping when drying the pillows. Your cushions will get fluffy as they dry, allowing the stuffing to spread out and dry quicker. To prevent tennis ball fur on your pillows, place them inside clean socks.

Adjusting the cycles:

Dry for 45-60 minutes. Because you’re using little or no heating, the pillows may require many cycles to dry fully. After each cycle, take the pillows from the dryer and shake them well.

Taking the cushions out: 

Squeeze your pillow to dry all sides, particularly the corners. Check the pillow to check for odors that indicate it isn’t fully dry.

Removing the washing smell:

Set the cushion in the sun. Allow the dryer to chill your cushion. This will help eliminate any laundry musty odors and dry the cushion.

Make sure your pillows are dry:

A heated cushion may make your cushion feel dry while still being wet. Make sure your pillow is completely dry before putting it back in its cover or using it. Check for wet areas on both sides.

If the cushion is still wet, re-dry it as required.

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Can you dry throw pillows on high heat?

No, most material used in the throw pillows will get damaged if you use high heat. So it’s better to dry your throw pillow on a low to no heat setting.

How long does it take for a throw pillow to dry?

A pillow takes about one hour to dry in a dryer and several hours to air dry. Whichever technique of drying your pillow needs, you must ensure that it is fully dry before reusing it. Leaving your pillow wet promotes mold and microbial development.

How to clean throw pillows with no zipper?

Use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of any hair, fur, or debris that has accumulated. Perform a comprehensive spot test on the pillows. Then wash your throw pillow with no zipper by hand.

You can also steam clean such throw pillows.

Can decorative throw pillows be dry cleaned?

Dry-cleaning is usually required for decorative throw pillows made of delicate materials such as wool and silk, as well as those filled with down feathers. However, those constructed of foam or other machine-washable materials may be readily cleaned by machine or by hand.

Can dry cleaners clean throw/couch or decorative pillows?

Dry cleaners can clean both throw and couch decorative pillows. If money isn’t an issue it’s better to get it done by an expert.

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Can you heat press a throw pillow?

You can heat press the throw pillow cover. But you should also take into consideration what type of fabric is used in your throw pillow.

Final Thought:

To sum it all up, by taking necessary precautions, you can dry your throw pillow in the dryer. But you have to use low heat or no heat setting on the dryer. You should consider the material of the throw pillow as certain decorative throw pillows are better off air drying than drying in the dryer.