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Can a Rocking Chair Fit in a Car? (Quick Answers)

A rocking chair can help you relax by swaying back and forth. You may have a rocking chair in your house and want to move it, or you may have purchased a rocking chair and need to bring it to your home; in either case, you will require a vehicle to transport it. 

If you had a van or a pickup truck, it would be quite simple to carry a rocking chair. But, if you have a four-seater car, can you fit the rocking chair in it? Will it fit in an average size car dicky or the back seat? Let’s have a look at the dimensions and how to fit a rocking chair in a car.

Can a rocking chair fit in a car?

A full-size pre-assembled rocking chair may not fit in the car; it will not fit through the rear door or in the dicky. Trying to put a full-size fixed rocking chair in the car is certain to fail. However, a folding or collapsible rocking chair can easily fit through both the rear door and the dicky.

When you are trying to fit a rocking chair or any other object, first you need to think about the measurement. The dimensions of the object should be smaller than the dimensions of the car.

If you look at the dimensions of a fixed structure rocking chair, its height is between 42 to 44 inches, length from front to back is in the range of 30 to 39 inches, and the distance between the two parallel legs is 25 to 29 inches. 

Now let’s have a look at the car’s dimensions, starting with the dicky, Its average height is kept at 17 to 18 inches, length measured from the seat ends to car end is 24 to 25 inches and overall width is 35 to 40 inches. When you look at the back door it’s around 37 inches in height and the car door opening will provide you with 15 to 20 inches. 

Now you can see the rocking chair dimensions are quite bigger than the average car dimensions. A fixed rocking chair will not fit in the back seat nor the dicky. You can look for a foldable rocking chair if you are planning for a long journey, you can fold or disassemble it and keep it anywhere you like. 

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Will a rocking chair fit in my car?

Fitting a rocking chair in the car completely depends on what type of vehicle you are driving and how much space it has to offer. A fixed rocking chair dimensions are pretty big to fit in a 4 seater car, you can always go for a foldable or collapsible rocking chair. 

The pre-assembled rocking chair will have quite a length, height, and weight that won’t fit in the average 4 seater vehicle trunk or through the back door.

What cars can a rocking chair fit in?

When you hear the word car, the picture you might have in mind is an average 2 or 4 seater vehicle, anything bigger than that is a microbus or van. 

Now the dilemma is what kind of car will be suitable to fit and transport a rocking chair, because the average car dimensions the typical height of the trunk is between 17 and 18 inches, the length from the seat ends to the automobile end is between 24 and 25 inches and the total width is between 35 and 40 inches. If you look at the back door, the height is around 37 inches, and the automobile doors open 15 to 20 inches. 

So you can’t fit a fixed rocking chair in that. Because a pre-assembled rocking chair has a height of between 42 and 44 inches, a length between the front and back of 30 to 39 inches, and a gap between the parallel two legs between 25 and 29 inches. You would need a minibus, van, or a pickup truck to transport a rocking chair safely.

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Pick-up truck:

A pick-up truck will have 44 to 48 inches wide and 87 to 90 inches long space to fit a rocking chair. You can easily transport a pre-assembled rocking without any worries. 


A van has storage space of 70 to 80 inches in height, 52 to 68 inches in width, and almost 106 inches in length.  without any doubt, you can fit a pre-assembled fixed structure rocking chair and many more things in a van.

How much space do you need for a rocking chair in a car?

You would need a car with a bigger space and adequate dimensions to fit a pre-assembled fixed structure rocking chair.  A car with 30 inches width,  40 to 45 inches in length, and at least 45 to 50 inches of height, are the minimum requirements to fit a rocking chair in your car.  

A rocking chair has a height of 42 to 44 inches, width 25 to 29 inches, and length 30 to 39 inches, so you would need a car with a bigger tank size to fit it in. However, if your rocking chair is foldable or collapsible you don’t have to worry about fitting it in an average size car trunk or through a back door. 

How to fit a rocking chair in a car?

Buying a foldable rocking chair: 

A foldable rocking chair will fit in anywhere, it will provide you portability and comfort. 

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Custom-made rocking chair: 

Instead of buying a ready-made rocking chair, you can order a custom-made one. You can provide a suitable dimension for the chair that will fit easily in your car’s back seat or dicky.

Disassemble the chair or Buy a DIY rocking chair:

If you have no other option to transport a rocking chair then disassembling it into smaller pieces will solve the problem. Although it’s gonna be pretty tough to disassemble it because most of the time carpenters use nails and glue to build a rocking chair.  You can also look for DIY or take-home to assemble type chairs. It will be quite easier to fit different parts of the chair in the car.

Will rocking chairs harm my car?

If you try to fit a rocking chair with a bigger height, width, and length compared to your car, it will surely end up damaging the car. 

Most of the pre-assembled rocking chairs available in the market are made to fit in a van or pick up truck, when a person tries to fit it in a 4 seater car it might cause damage to the doors and seats, it might cause deformation in the car’s dicky but it won’t fit in no matter how much you try. If you are using an average 4 seater car then going for a foldable rocking chair is your best bet.

How do you transport a rocking chair?

To transport a rocking chair you will need a van or pick-up truck at your disposal. You will have to make sure that the chair isn’t moving while the vehicle is on the go. You can use ropes to secure the rocking chair in place.  

You should also provide proper cushioning between the vehicle surface and the chair, it will ensure safety for both the vehicle and chair. Don’t use the back of the chair while pulling it in or pushing it out of the vehicle, either lift it or use the seat frame to pull or push. 

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How do you wrap a rocking chair for moving?

To wrap a rocking chair for moving, you can use bubble wrap or any other materials that can tolerate a satisfactory amount of impact. Wrapping will ensure that the delicate legs and framework of the chair won’t sustain a large amount of damage if there is a mishap. 

You can use a generous amount of bubble wrap and use newspaper and duct tape to secure and create a compact cushion of the bubble wrap around your rocking chair. It will surely come in handy.

Final Thoughts: 

An average four-seater car doesn’t have the required height, weight, and length to fit a pre-assembled rocking chair. It won’t fit in the car’s dicky let alone the back seat. It would be easier to transport it in a van or a pick-up truck. However, The foldable rocking chair can easily fit in a car.