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Can Multiple Command Strips Hold More Weight? (Answered)

Decorating your house without the damage of drilling and nails is tough. But those who plan on not getting into this trouble know well about command strips. These strips help you hold stuff without the hassle of damaging your walls.

Can multiple command strips hold more weight?

Multiple command strips can hold some ounces of more weight than the instructed capacity. But it cannot hold a lot more weight than its actual capacity. One command strip has a specific weight-distribution function that comes along with the package. This capacity is definite. You cannot exceed this.

Multiple command strips cannot bear more or double weight because of some scientific reasons.

The center of gravity of every object pulls it towards the earth due to gravitational attraction. As such, command strips distribute the weight of objects to hold them in one position without falling.

You cannot put extra command strips arbitrarily and expect them to hold more weight. It might hold some extra grams owing to the application. But it will not be huge in amount.

Command strips are an alternative to the drilling and nailing process. But these strips have some conditions to function. You have to use it on a dry and smooth surface.

Command strips work on adhesive bonds. These chemicals need time to cure and bond. The working mechanisms of these chemicals are strong and unique.

But some environmental factors work behind the function of command strips. You cannot use it inward and humid areas or surfaces.

Moreover, the usage surface should be dry and level. The weight balance and distribution are two significant factors to use these strips.

You might think of combining command strips to hold more weight than its capacity. For example, the instruction of any command hook can say to use four strips. And you can use eight strips to make it twice the bearing capacity.

In this case, a few factors will decide whether it will hold more weight or not. First of all, the manufacturers write the weight distribution instruction after experimenting with these strips.

You may set the extra strips in the wrong spots to hold more weight. In that case, the hook will come off the wall.

Moreover, it might bear more than its capacity if you somehow manage to find the weight distribution spots. Even after that, it will not hold twice the weight. It may or may not carry a few extra ounces or pounds.

How much weight can command strips hold? 

You can use command strips to hold or hang objects of various weights and sizes. There is a range of command strips available in the market.

Small command strips:

These strips are small in size. It holds small objects and hangers to hang towels, small plants, pieces of jewelry, etc.

Small command strips can hold frames that are small as well. The maximum weight these strips can bear is four pounds.

Medium command strips:

Medium command strips are sturdier than small ones. It can hold more weight.

The weight-bearing capacity of these strips is around twelve pounds. So, you can easily hang or hold medium picture frames or wall mirrors in it.

Heavy-duty command strips:

You use these strips when you want to hang heavier objects, like wooden frames or hanging shelves, without using nails or drills.

Heavy-duty command strips can hold as much as 16 pounds of weight. So, you can easily use it to hang heavy objects.

You can also use it to install a hanging shelf. In that case, measure the weight of the objects you are keeping on that shelf so that it does not cross the weight-bearing capacity of the command strips.

How much weight can 2 Command Strips hold? Will 2 Command hooks hold twice the weight?

Various types of command strips can hold the weight of different loads. The small, large, and medium-size command strips hold weights ranging from four to sixteen pounds. 

The capacity of load command strips can carry is fixed. The instruction on the command hooks notifies about the number of strips it will need to hold the hook on the wall.

If a command hook needs two command strips, it will hold the weight in a balanced way. But if you plan on using two command hooks to hold twice the weight, it can either work or not work at all.

The mechanism of these strips works on weight distribution. The command strips provide support, and the hook stays in position. Double the holding capacity is not possible since there are many environmental factors around.

Maybe, two command hooks will bear more weight than usual, but not twice the weight.

Types of command strips and their weight capacity:

There are various kinds of command strip appliances depending on their weight-bearing capacity. Some can bear a lot of weight, and the tiniest can hold a weight of 225 grams. And the largest can bear up to 16 pounds of load.

The weight-bearing capacity of different kinds of command strips available in the market are:

Command strip hooks:

Command strip hooks comes in mini size as well. The mini-one can hold weight around 300 grams.

And the bearing capacity of the small, medium, big size ranges up from that weight. The highest bearing capacity of this stripped hook is up to 7.5 lbs.

Command poster strips:

Command poster strips hold posters. Posters are light in weight and made of paper-like objects. The highest weight capacity of these strips is 1lbs or 0.45kg.

Command decorating clips:

Decorating clips can hold more weight than poster strips. From the small to the large size of the command poster strip, these can hold weight from 5 pounds to 7.5 lbs.

Command ceiling hooks:

The effect of gravity works more in the case of command ceiling hooks.

These hooks can carry up to 0.5 pounds of weight. Moreover, you can use regular command strip hooks in the ceiling following proper instructions.

Command Velcro:

It is the most commonly used command strip. This strip can hold weights ranging from 4 to 16 pounds.

Command picture hanging strips:

4 pairs of command strips can hold around 16 pounds of weight. Command picture hanging strips fall under this category.

Black command strips hold:

The weight capacity of black command strips is a maximum of 12 pounds. It is available in different sizes. The small and middle ones can carry weights from 4-8 pounds.

How do you hang something heavy with command strips?

Command strips work on certain temperatures and surfaces. Hanging heavy objects with command strips is easy if you follow some steps to hang them securely.


Read the instructions and place the command strips in the instructed positions to get the best result.

Cleaning the wall:

The wall where you are sticking the command strips must be dry and clean. You can use rubbing alcohol to clean the surface of contact.

Using strips in the right spots:

You cannot place the strips arbitrarily. Accurate pressure in the right points will hold heavier weights firmly.

Giving it time to cure:

Give it enough time to dry and bond the adhesives in command strips. Otherwise, the strip may come off the wall and cause damage.

Nature of the surface:

Instructions in the command strips instruct to use these on smooth surfaces. Do not hang heavy objects on a rough surface.

Aligning the heavy object:

The strips and the heavy object must be in the same line and alignment. If it is not so, it can cause the command strip to come off.

Are Command Strips strong enough to hold a mirror or heavy pictures?

Command strips are strong enough to hold as much up to sixteen pounds of weight as. You have to use them in the proper way for them to work or function.

A mirror or heavy pictures can be hung on a wall using command strips. But they have to be under the bearing capacity of command strips in use.

Command strips are strong enough to hold a mirror or picture, ranging from twenty-four inches to thirty-six inches. And the weight should be less than sixteen pounds.

How much weight can the strongest command strips hold?

There are various categories of command strips. The strongest command strip is the heavy-duty command strip.

This command strip can hold more weight than the other kinds. Moreover, there is a claw drywall picture hanger that uses command strips as well. This hanger can hold around 25 pounds of weight.

And a heavy-duty command strip can hold up to 16 pounds of weight.

Final thoughts

The function of command strips limits to fix the capacity of weights. If you are using more strips than instructed, it will not facilitate holding a lot more extra weight. The working mechanism of command strips does not work this way. It might allow loading a few more ounces but not a lot of it.