Can Laminate Floors Be Buffed? (Complete Guide)

Who doesn’t like a shiny floor right? Laminated floors have a shine to them with their top layer. But with time the shine can fade and you need to work to get it back.

Buffing the floors is a good idea as it increases the shine and cleanliness of the floor. If you want a shiner look for your laminated floor try to buff it after you are done with the regular cleaning.

Can laminate floors be buffed?

To make your freshly cleaned floor super shiny and seem more clean it is a good idea to buff the floors after you clean it. Laminated floors can also be buffed but they need manual buffering. Buffing a laminated floor can remove the scratch marks but it can also remove layers of the floor.

After a good cleaning, buffing is good if you want that extra shine from your floor. Laminated floors also can be buffed when necessary.

Work part by part and clean in circles to give the floor a smooth finish. A buffed laminate floor does look classy and gives a more clean vibe than normal cleaning.

Can you use a buffer on laminate floors?

As much as it seems like a good idea, it is best not to use a buffer on a laminate floor. This creates more hassle than buffing the floor manually. Most of the experts advise against a buffer in a laminate floor.

Some people use a buffer attachment to avoid the scuff marks on the floor after buffing. But buffing the floor with a buffer will only give you more work and extra frustration. It is best to use a dry cloth and work in parts to get a perfectly buffed floor.

Can you buff out scratches from laminate flooring?

A good buffing session can clean out the scratch marks and make your scratched floor good and clean. Buffing works for minor and small scratches. If you have a moderate scratch or mark it is best to use a laminate floor repair kit.

Use a soft cleaning cloth and work in circles to make your floor more shiny and clean. Buffing is a good way to make your floor appear more clean. It takes out the scratches as well.

However, if the scratch is a deep one, it is best to use the laminate repair kit. This will get the scratch mark out properly and make your floor cleaner.

What happens when you buffer a laminate floor?

Most of the interior advisers advise against buffering a laminated floor. Laminating a floor means using the sanding method. It is harmful for the laminated floors. There are many things that could go wrong if you buff a floor-

Damaging the layers of the floor

If you use a sanding method to buff the laminated floors then you will have damaged the layers of your laminated floor. The laminated floors are made of many layers. Sanding is a very rough way to remove scratches. You should be careful about using the sanding method to buff your laminated floor.

Not getting the desired result

The reason to buff the laminated floor is to get a more shiner and cleaner appearance on the floor. But if you get rough with the cleaning and buffing you can add more scratches to your floor. Laminated floors are prone to scratches. It is best to manually buff the floor.

Exposing the flooring to UV rays

The more frequently you buff the more frequently your floor will get exposed to sunlight. Laminated floors are sensitive to sunlight as it causes more damage to the floor layers. They make crack. It can be a hassle to solve this particular problem.

Too much hassle

The buffer can be a huge head ache to use. Most of the times the attachment seems like an easy solution but in reality it is harder to maneuver. It does not buff equally and cause uneven facing in the laminated floors. It is best to use it wisely or avoid it all together.

Buffing a laminated floor is a good idea. How you buff it is a very important decision. Make sure to take the condition of your floor into consideration. 

How to buff a laminate floor? 

Buffing is a good way to make your floors shine after cleaning. A laminate floor should be buffed for a bit of an extra sparkle. Sometimes it becomes necessary to buff the floors to remove the scratch marks-


Sweep the dirt off the floor. You can use a sweeper or a vacuum cleaner for this. A vacuum is better as it collects more dust off the floor and is more efficient.

Use a laminate safe cleanser

Use a good cleanser. There are many good brands that are safe to be used on the laminated floors. But you can go for a homemade solution as well. Mix equal parts of water and vinegar and use that solution to clean the floor.

Work in small segments

Work in small segments and spray the solution direct onto the laminated floor.

Use a mop

Use a mop and soft fiber and swipe the solution off the floor. This should clean the floor properly.

Let it dry off

Let the floor dry and enjoy the shine.

This is a very easy and safe way to make your floor shine without a buffer. Using a buffing attachment is very harmful for the floor. There are other methods to buff a laminate floor that are less harmful and hassle free.

Why does my laminate floor look dull?

If there is too much dust built up, your laminated floor will appear dull and bland. This is why the laminated floor should be cleaned properly. But even then, if you use the wrong kind of cleaning product, the floor will lose its’ shine.

There are times when the cleaning residue is not cleaned properly. This makes the dust and dirt stick more and can make your floor dirty. These are the main reasons why your once shiny floor may seem dull.

Other than this, with time the layers of the laminated floor start to get a bit dusty and no amount of cleaning can solve it. Over exposure to the sun may also be a reason for laminate floor to appear dull.

How do I get the haze off my laminate floor?

Sometimes your laminated floor may appear a bit hazy and cloudy. This is not exactly dirt or scratch but it makes the floor look old and dull. There is a very easy way to solve this. And the solution is home made so you don’t have to worry about the cost as well.

Use one part water and one part vinegar and mix it well in a spraying bottle. Spray the solution to the part that seems dusty. Use a microfiber to clean the dust. This easy trick will help your floor to shine as good as new. 

Is there a Polish for laminate flooring?

Though the home made solution to use on the laminated floors are more popular, there are some renowned polishes to use on the laminated floors.

The polishes are used by people for a quick solution to the cloudiness on the laminated floors. There are many brands what have polishes for laminated floors.

How to remove buildup on laminate floors?

Sometimes you can find a thick layer of dust on your laminated floor. This can built if you forget to clean the floor for too long. Or if the residue of the cleanser was not removed properly. This buildup is easy to remove with a homemade solution.

In a big bucket mix half water and half parts vinegar. Use a mop this time. Soak the mop in the solution and use it on the places you see the buildups. Mop slowly and in circles. Make sure to get every inch and corner. This should make your floor all clean in no time.

How can I make my laminate floors look new again?

With time, your laminate floors may get dusty and dull. It may seem like an old flooring. But there are solutions to this problem, without you having to replace the whole floor lamination again-

  • Homemade solution: Use a homemade solution of water and vinegar to make the floors appear cleaner and shiner;
  • Polish: Use any polish to clean away the haziness and dust residue;
  • Clean properly: Properly clean away the cleanser residue as well to reduce chances of buildup.

All you need to do is take care of the cleaning routine of the floor and you can make your floor as good as new once again.

Laminated floors are the new trend and everyone is on board. Keeping the floors is not that hard. There is not much that is needed to do to keep the floors shiny. Just make sure to clean the floors and buff them when needed.

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