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Can Laminate Flooring Be Installed Over This? (Explained)

Laminate flooring can be installed over various types of floor surfaces. Therefore, before installing laminate flooring in your home, you surely will think over what floor coverings you can install laminate flooring. 

Therefore, this article will put an end to all your queries about what specific floor surfaces you can install laminate flooring. 

Can Laminate Flooring Be Installed Over Concrete?

Laminate flooring can be installed over concrete. But before installing laminate flooring, make sure to have a decent quality underlayment. So that it can ensure stability, evens out the underfloor flaws, and protect from the natural compression of laminate flooring.

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How Do I Prepare Concrete Floor For Laminate? 

Before installing laminate flooring, you must make sure that the concrete surface is moisture-free and dry. Also, install plastic sheets to avoid any water penetrating your laminate flooring

Then make sure to have an even surface because a bumpy or dipping surface can make the laminate flooring fall apart. So use patches for small spots and large chips, gouges for larger gaps, and self-leveling concrete for dips and cracks. 

Do sand down all bumps, remove imperfections and any portion of adhesives. 

How To Install Laminate Flooring On Concrete?

Step-by-step guidelines to install laminate flooring on concrete have been explained below.

Check evenness and add a moisture barrier

Use a pry bar and hammer to remove the baseboards. Then check the evenness of the concrete slab and crush down any high areas with a concrete grinder. Then fill up and level the low spots with leveling compound and allow them to dry fully. And finally, add a moisture barrier over it. 

Acclimate laminate flooring

Then place and leave the laminate flooring over the concrete slab for 3 days where you want to install it. So that the flooring can adjust to the room conditions and humidity. 

Keep extension gap

Keeping an extension gap according to the manufacturer’s direction, place the first layer of flooring keeping the tongue side facing the wall. 

Restraining away from the wall, place the first three layers of laminate flooring. Then slide the layers near to the wall, after assembling them. Chop off every end piece with a circular saw and chop the laminate as well to avoid chipping.

Tilt the junctions 12 inches from each other. Together press trench pieces and the tongue. Put the tongue in the groove at an arch. If you can’t insert it, use a tapping block. 

Install fully and deduct extension gap

Keep installing the laminate flooring until it is finished. And lastly, deduct the extension gap from the measured interval between the last layer of laminate and the wall. Cut the final shaft to give it a size, induct moldings and transition strips, and place the baseboards again.

Can Laminate Flooring Be Installed Over Linoleum?

Laminate flooring surely can be installed over the linoleum. But the provided linoleum surface should be clean and even. And can not have issues like moisture penetrating into the surface. As it can reduce the longevity of laminate flooring and damage the flooring.

Do You Have To Remove Old Linoleum Before Putting Down Laminate?

It’s better to remove it if you have old linoleum before putting down laminate over it. However, the adhesives used to put them together get stronger as time passes, so it takes much hard work to remove them.

Also, linoleum can have asbestos fiber that propels danger while removing without the help of professionals.

So, you can install laminate without removing the old linoleum if it’s in moderately good condition. 

How To Install Laminate Flooring Over Linoleum?

Steps to install laminate flooring over linoleum have been given below. Also, whether you want to remove the old linoleum or not, depends on you.

If you want to remove old linoleum, remove it through a professional. Otherwise, follow the steps to install laminate flooring.

Start placing the planks

Take a full piece of laminate plank and begin to place it in the back nook keeping 1/2  inches gap. 

Match to the corners

Making sure the groove is facing out because the tongue side will go into the groove. Then take half-sized pieces of a full piece of laminate plank. Match the corners of the half-sized pieces by ensuring the corners are straight. And then press and lock it into the groove of the first full-sized plank.

Keep locking one to other to install fully

Keep locking laminate planks with one other, following the same process until you are done. 

Can Laminate Flooring Be Installed Over Hardwood? 

Laminate flooring can be installed over hardwood directly without any kind of preparation taken before. Just make sure that the hardwood surface is perfectly even. And install underlayment before installing the laminate flooring if the new flooring doesn’t have one. 

Is It Cheaper To Refinish Hardwood Floors Or Replace With Laminate?

Replacing your hardwood flooring with laminate is cheaper and less time-consuming. As you will find many laminate flooring planks at a very cheaper price. Also, you can install the laminate flooring planks all by yourself without paying extra money to a professional. 

However, refinishing hardwood floors looks way better than laminate flooring but it takes more time and is expensive too. 

How To Install Laminate Over Hardwood? 

Follow these three simple step-by-step guidelines are provided below to install laminate over hardwood.

Add underlayment

If there is no built-in underlayer in the new flooring, then first you have to add an underlayment to the hardwood floor before installing the laminate flooring. Just roll out and attach the underlayment with tape. 

Pull out the nails and make the floor even

If there are any nails or fasteners on the surface, pull them out. If any hardwood board is angled up, you must sand those down. And if the hardwood surface is uneven, make it even before you install laminate flooring. 

Install the laminate flooring

After all of these things are done properly, just install the laminate flooring right over the hardwood floor. And, you are good to go. 

Can Laminate Flooring Be Installed Over Ceramic Tile? 

Laminate flooring can be installed over ceramic tile as well. But the ceramic tile surface has to be in a decent condition without having any cracks or loose. Also, a well-assembled and even surface is required before installing laminate flooring onto it. 

Do I need Underlayment For Laminate Flooring Over Tile?

Generally, a moisture barrier is already there underneath the tile layer. Even if there is not, the tiles work as a moisture barrier. Therefore, you don’t need underlayment for laminate flooring over tile. 

However, it would be a smart decision if you place an underlayment underneath the laminate flooring. Because it will give decent moisture protection and a warm underfoot. 

How To Install Laminate Flooring Over Ceramic Tile?

Start with an even tile area

Start with an even and good conditioned tile surface. If it’s not level, cracked, or chipped. You better curve off the old tiles and install laminate shafts on the bare subfloor. 

Determine the thickness

Now, determine the height or thickness you want to add by the laminate flooring. Because the new flooring will increase the floor level by 1/2 inches. So, if you have tall people at home, consider trimming the planks a little bit. 

Use leveling compound

Use leveling compound to level the tile surface and to avoid plank separation in the future. 

Add a vapor barrier

You better add an underlayment to work as a vapor barrier. Because old tiles can’t keep off moisture effectively. Also, it will offer warmth and cushioning. 

You can skip this step if there is already an underlayment material installed. 

Place the laminate planks

Now, place the laminate floor planks over the tile floor. And ensure to stagger them for extra foundational strength and appearance. 

Can Laminate Flooring Be Installed Over Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring possibly can be installed over old laminate flooring but it’s not recommended. Because both are gliding floors and will expand or move differently. And it can create problems when both the new and old laminate flooring will be contracting against each other. 

What Can You Put Over Laminate Flooring?

Technically, you can not put anything over laminate flooring because laminate flooring is not solid flooring. Also, can not even provide an even surface for another flooring to be installed over it. 

However, many of you may want to install vinyl flooring over laminate flooring. You shouldn’t do it because for vinyl flooring, laminate flooring will act like a substrate. 

How To Install Laminate Flooring On Laminate Floors?

It’s not suggested to install laminate flooring over old laminate flooring as both will be sliding and moving differently. So, it’s recommended to remove old laminate flooring first then install the new one. Here simple steps to install laminate flooring have been given. 

Remove the baseboards

Start with removing baseboards. Then clean the room thoroughly. 

Even the floors

Prepare the subfloor. As before installing an even, flat, clean, and smooth surface is needed. If the surface is uneven or damaged, remove it and add an underlayment of stiff yet thin plywood before installing laminate flooring. 

Add underlayment

Adding an underlayment is a wise choice because it will work as a sound and moisture barrier. Just roll out the underlayment sheets and tape them together securely. 

Trimm the tongues

Trim the tongues of the laminate planks and place them against the wall keeping 1/4 -3/8 inches space. And ensure that grooves are facing out. 

After installing the first row, lock the tongues of other planks with each other’s groove. And finish installing laminate flooring. 

Make sure to cut off the last piece of planks in each row making space for the next one. 

Can Laminate Flooring Be Installed Over Carpet Padding?

Laminate flooring can not be installed over carpet padding. Because the carpet padding is thick and the thickness will create a bouncy surface underneath the laminate flooring. As a result, the bounciness will strain the locking system of laminate flooring. And will be damaging the floor more. 

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What Kind Of Flooring Can You Put Over Carpet?

You can put both laminate and vinyl flooring over the carpet. Although it’s not recommended as carpets are plush and fluffy. So, neither vinyl nor laminate flooring will get the backing to keep the plank’s locking sturdy. 

However, if the carpet is a tight one with a low pile style and has a height of less than 1/4 inch, only then you can install vinyl or laminate flooring over it. 

Why Laminate Flooring Can Not Be Installed Over Carpet Padding?

Several reasons made laminate flooring incompatible to be installed over carpet padding. Below the reasons are explained. 

Carpet Padding Is Thick

Most of the carpet paddings are 8mm-10mm thick, whereas, laminate flooring needs an underlayment of 1mm-3mm thick only. Due to too much thickness, the carpet padding cannot be used as underlayment for laminate flooring. 

Carpet Padding Is Soft And Plush 

Carpet padding is very soft and plush, and bouncy. Therefore, the bounciness will make the laminate flooring planks float over the carpet padding surface. So, the laminate flooring planks won’t get enough support that it requires to keep the plank’s locking strong. 

As a result, the locking system of planks will be strained causing clamping to the floor and damaging it. Therefore, you can’t out laminate flooring over carpet padding. 

Carpet Padding Is Neither Flat Not Stable

Laminate flooring needs a stable and flat subfloor to be installed over. But as the carpet padding is neither flat nor stable due to its plushness, laminate flooring can not be installed over it. 

Can Laminate Flooring Be Installed Over Radiant Heat?

Laminate flooring is the perfect flooring solution that can be installed over radiant heated floors. But, before installing, it’s a must to prepare the room and the laminate flooring together for 2 days so that they can acclimate together. Precautions will make them work effectively in the long run. 

What Is The Best Flooring To Put Over Radiant Heat?

Laminate flooring is one of the best floorings to put over radiant heated floors. Because laminate planks are synthetic that offer a spot and smudge resistant flooring to be installed over radiant heat floors. Aslo, it prevents the laminate floor to get cold.

But a suitable underlayment is required. If the radiant heat floor already has an underlayment, you don’t have to install one. But if it doesn’t have then do research and purchase a suitable underlayment that goes perfectly along with the radiant heated floor. 

How To Install Laminate Flooring Over Radiant Heat?

Here are the steps to install laminate flooring over radiant heat.

Let it heat up

Let the floor’s heating system operate for 4 days at 64-72° F. 

Acclimate the planks

Keep the laminate flooring in that room for at least 2 days before installing. So that it can get acclimated with the room’s temperature. 

Install the flooring

Install the laminate flooring planks and don’t alter the radiant heat for another 2 days at least. If needed add an underlayment before installing the planks and follow the same process given in installing laminate flooring over the laminate flooring section. 

Do not raise the temperature

It’s not a step, just a reminder that you never should raise the temperature of the flooring surface by more than 82°F. 

Can Laminate Flooring Be Installed Over Vinyl Flooring?

Laminate flooring can be installed over vinyl flooring as long as the vinyl subfloor is even, in a decent condition, and it’s all clean and no residue is left. Also, before installing laminate flooring, adding an underlayment over the vinyl subfloor is necessary. 

Do You Have To Remove Old Vinyl Flooring Before Installing Laminate?

You need to remove old vinyl flooring before installing laminate flooring. Because laminate flooring requires a good-conditioned flat and even subfloor. 

If the vinyl flooring is glue-down and can’t be taken out, damaged, or have gaps then add an underlayment before installing, 

However, you directly can install laminate flooring if the vinyl subfloor’s condition is good enough. 

How To Install Laminate Over Vinyl?

Here are the step-by-step guidelines to install laminate over vinyl.

Remove baseboard and clean properly

Remove molding and baseboard and clean the floor thoroughly. 

Add underlayment

Add a foam underlayment over vinyl flooring. 

Install the planks using glue

Keeping 1/4 inches gap, install the first layer of laminate flooring by using glue and make the tongue facing the wall and groove facing out. And keep installing other rows until it’s finished. 

Tighten the planks

Tap the planks with a hammer to tighten the planks. Cut extra planks to fit well. And let the glue cure for half a day. And lastly, remove adhesives and painter’s tape from the flooring, reinstall the baseboard to fill up the gaps between the flooring and wall.  

Concrete, linoleum, hardwood, ceramic tile, radiant heat, and vinyl flooring are the surfaces over which you can install laminate flooring.