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Can I Use Sheet Metal Screws in Wood? (Read This First!)

Are you doing some woodworking? Are you thinking of using sheet metal screws in your woodworking projects? However, are you not sure whether it is feasible to use these sheet metal screws in wood?

Can I use sheet metal screws in wood?

You can definitely use sheet metal screws in wood but it should not be your first option and you should only use them when you do not have wood screws available to you. Sheet metal screws are also primarily built for the usage of metalworking which proves the unfeasibility of its usage in wood.

Sheet metal screws which are originally meant to be used in sheet metals are not really matched to be used in the woods.

Although, you can use these sheet metal screws only as a last resort however, you should better equip yourself with using only wood screws.

In addition, the shallower threading and pitches of these sheet metal screws are not the ideal match for woods as these will not be fastened well enough. 

self-tapping sheet metal screws in wood:

You should be mindful of the fact that self-tapping sheet metal screws are especially meant for metals and should exclusively be used for that as they require to be used on hard materials like metals.

In addition, as wood is considered a soft material, therefore, it is not feasible to be used in wood. 

How will sheet metal screws hold in wood?

Although sheet metal screws can definitely be used in wood but as this is not the ideal thing to do, therefore, it should not come across as a surprise that sheet metal screws will not hold well in wood.

In addition, you need to have screws that have very finer threading for woodworking but due to the shallow typed threading of the sheet metal screws, they may not be proven to be long-lasting. 

Can sheet metal screws be used in pressure-treated wood?

It is better to not use sheet metal screws in pressure-treated woods. Even when these screws can be used in plain wood, these should not be the first option.

Therefore, when it comes to pressure-treated wood, the likelihood of using these become thinner as these screws tend to rust easily which is not needed in woodworking. 

Are these screws good for wood?

When it comes to using screws for woods, you should be able to choose some sturdy/strong ones and for that, you need to know about all the best screws applicable for woods. 

Drywall screws:

Drywall screws are not the best ones to be used for woodworking projects however, it should be noted that drywall screws can still do the job but using wood screws are still the better option to choose. 

Additionally, due to the material with which drywall screws are made, it can sometimes cause these screws to snap upon their installation.

Lag screws:

Lag screws are the most long-lasting screws to be inserted in wood. Additionally, these screws are remarkable heavy-duty screws. And, even if they are only half threaded, they are still very strong. 

Construction screws:

Construction screws are really good for wood and due to their longer size, they can very well be fastened up while doing any woodworking projects. 

What screw to use for wood? 

It is always better to be knowledgeable regarding which screws to use for woods to prevent any unwanted surprises. 

Steel Screws:

You can use steel screws on any wood very easily as they are affordable and they are very durable and strong too. They are also found in a vast array of sizes which can also come in handy. 

Production Screws:

These production screws are the best for using in any type of woodworking as they are very durable in their nature.

In addition, these screws also seem to have very sharped threads and pointy angles and they have the potentiality to penetrate any kind of wood with greater efficiency. 

Construction Screws:

These construction screws are also eligible to be used in woods and they are also well equipped to prevent corrosion from forming onto the screws. 

Sheet metal screws vs wood screws; what’s the difference?

Sheet metal screws and wood screws are very different in their applications and usages which is important to know if you are trying to use them. 


On the one hand, the wood screws are mainly for using them in different types of wood. 

Conversely, the sheet metal screws are used mainly in the metals and the reason being that they can easily be driven into metals. 

Sheet metal screws can also be used in plastics but this feature is missing in the wood screws. 


Sheet metal screws consist of more threading upon the entire body but, wood screws are only half threaded.

Design or Features:

Sheet metal screws tend to be longer (two inches) and seem to have more pitches. 

However, wood screws tend to be of one inch and relatively shorter than sheet metal screws. Wood screws also have fewer pitches.

What is the best way to hang a bike?

Owning a bike is a great thing but then comes the question of storing it.

Therefore, you need to know about this so that you can decide accordingly and save spaces in your house. 

Solo Bike Shelf: 

One of the creative ways of hanging your bike is by using a solo bike shelf that will be strongly mounted to the wall.

In addition, you do not only hang your bike in a convenient position but you also can have storage for storing your gears and helmet which make it even more usable and convenient. 

Bike Hooks:

Another good way of hanging your bike is by the usage of hooks and these will not only cost you little money but these will also help the bike float with the help of the bike hooks which have a neat and appealing look to it. 

Ceiling Mounted: 

Another very aesthetically pleasing way of hanging your bike is to hang it to the ceiling and this can help free up a lot of space. 

In addition, in this mounting process, there will be racks mounted on the ceiling onto which you can glide your bikes easily. 

How to hang a bike from the ceiling horizontally?

Hanging a bike from the ceiling horizontally is a great way of saving up some storage, however, you need to be aware of the steps for accurate installment. 

Select a Place: 

The first thing you need to do is to select an appropriate and safe place on the ceiling to horizontally hang your bike. 

Gather All the Tools:

For the installment of the bike to the ceiling horizontally, you need to choose sturdy and durable hooks and it is better to avoid metal ones as they can develop rust over time. 

Drill Out the Holes: 

You now need to take the measurements of the diameter of the hook and while using a drill bit, it should be smaller in its diameter when compared to the hook itself. 

Now, all you need to do is to drill a pilot hole onto the ceiling. After drilling, you need to screw the two hooks in.

Place the Bike Horizontally: 

The last thing left for you to do is to put the bike’s wheels carefully onto the hooks and these will be durable enough to hold the bike on its own. 

How to hang a bike on a car rack?

Hanging a bike onto your car is a very convenient thing to do, therefore, it is better to be aware of the ways of hanging a bike on a car rack for future use. 

Choose a Mounting Style: 

There are three types of mounting styles namely trunk-mounted rack, hitch-mounted rack, and roof-mounted rack and you first need to choose one of your preferences. 

Unpack the Rack System:

After choosing the mounting style, you will now need to unpack the whole thing and you also need to make sure that you have all the parts required for the installment. 

Attach the Straps:

In the case of a trunk-mounted rack, all you need to do is to attach the two straps of the rack inside the respective places of the trunk.

In the case of a roof-mounted one, you need to put the rack on the crossbars and you need to make sure that all the attachments are in the locked position. 

Additionally, hitch mounted rack installation is very easy to do and all you need to do is to slide the pole into the hitch and screw it afterward. 

Final thoughts

You need something very durable and something that is not prone to corrosion for doing the woodworking fastening and all these can’t be done effectively by sheet metal screws. Nevertheless, you can use sheet metal screws but the result may not be durable.