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Can I Put Fabric Softener in My Wax Warmer? (Answered)

Wax warmers are a great way to make your room smell pleasant. A lot of people might prefer the smell of fabric softeners over wax as the smell is more gentle and comforting. However, you must do your proper research before attempting to put your fabric softener in your wax warmer. 

Can I put fabric softener in my wax warmer?

Even though it might seem harmless, it is not a good idea to put fabric softener in your wax warmer. It might not be dangerous, but there are toxins present that can be harmful. It will also be a pain to clean off from your wax warmer and it might harm your wax warmer too. 

You have to keep in mind that wax warmers are manufactured in a way that works well with wax only. Unless you are using something in place that is a direct alternative to wax, it is never the best idea to use it. There can be many things going wrong even if it is not necessarily dangerous. 

If you put something like fabric softener which is technically a liquid chemical it can be very difficult to clean off from your wax warmer. Since your wax warmer is not designed to tolerate or work well with fabric softeners it can end up reducing the lifetime of your wax warmer.

This can also potentially cancel the warranty that you might be getting with your wax warmer. Not only might it hurt your perfectly fine wax warmer, but you might also not end up getting a refund or exchange on it either. 

It is also worth noting that the toxins and chemicals present in the wax warmer are not ideal for you to be inhaling directly like that. Even if the smell is pleasant and comforting, keeping it in your wax warmer for a long period of time can be harmful to you. 

The same applies to fabric softener beads. However, these beads will not ruin the way your wax warmer works. It will also not be difficult to remove from your wax warmer. On those notes, it is better to use compared to liquid fabric softeners. However, it is worth keeping in mind that the toxins present in it may still be harmful just like liquid fabric softeners. 

Can you burn fabric softener in a wax warmer? 

You should never burn fabric softener in your wax warmer. Burning it can potentially be dangerous. Not only will it get heated up a lot, but it can also end up hurting you if you accidentally spill it. It can also cause the wax warmer to overheat and as a result, be risky especially if your wax warmer is made of plastic. Overheating can cause the wax warmer to burst. 

Other than that, you must also keep in mind that fabric softener contains very harmful toxins, and burning it can spread the toxins around your house. Not only can that be dangerous for your health if you are breathing it in for long periods of time, but it can also cause eyes and skin irritation. 

Wax warmers are made to burn wax in it and it is best if you stick to that since it is functioned to work well with wax. Putting anything else in it can be dangerous and it can also ruin the lifespan of your wax warmer.

Is it safe to put fabric softener in a wax warmer?

It is mostly safe if you keep your fabric softener in your wax warmer as it is not that harmful element as long as you do not burn it. However, do keep in mind that the fabric softener will, later on, be a pain to remove from your wax warmer. This as a result can hurt your wax warmer and it may not work as well as before. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that even though fabric softeners are not necessarily harmful, anyone around who is smelling them for a long period of time may be affected by them. This is because these fabric softeners contain toxins that should not be breathed in for a long period of time. The smell is also very pungent and as a result, causes dizziness. 

Even though certain waxes also contain harmful toxins, there are also soy-based and all-natural waxes present in the market that are more friendly for human health. 

What happens when you put fabric softener in a wax warmer? 

There are some things to look out for if you are considering putting your fabric softener in a wax warmer. 

Difficult to remove:

Since wax warmers are mainly made to work properly with wax, it is worth noting that they will not work as well with fabric cleaner. Since it is highly soapy it will be really difficult to completely remove from your wax warmer. It contains a different variety of chemicals that will be hard to properly remove from your wax warmer. You must also keep in mind that some fabric softeners might also make your wax warmer stain like crazy. 

Toxic chemicals:

Even though wax itself might not be the best to breathe around, there are many natural waxes that you can find online or in the market now. These make it super safe to be around the wax and breathe it in. If you look at the back of any fabric softeners you will notice that many precautionary labels ask you to not ingest it or touch it with your skin.

There are a lot of toxic chemicals present in your fabric softener that should make you think twice before breathing it in for prolonged periods of time. It can be highly dangerous for your health and for others too, especially if you have the elderly or children around.

Warranty issues:

If you read the guidelines or instructions that come with your wax warmer you will notice that your warranty will be invalid if you put in anything other than wax in your wax warmer. Since wax warmers are not made to be functional with fabric softeners, putting them inside your wax warmer can cause many problems with it. 

If you face any problems you will not get a refund, an exchange and to get it fixed you will have to pay. It is best to avoid putting anything else inside your wax warmer unless you want it ruined or decrease its life expectancy. 

How to make fabric softener wax melts?

You can very easily make your fabric softener wax melt safely by following a few steps. 

  • Get all the materials you will need: You can melt your fabric softener wax in your wax warmer in a very convenient and easy way, however that can be quite harmful and might hurt your wax warmer as well. Instead, it is better to follow more steps and do it more safely. For that, you will need a large metal bowl, your fabric softener wax, and bicarbonate soda. 
  • Mixing everything: Take a quarter cup of fabric softener wax and put it inside your large metal bowl. Add in two tablespoons of baking soda inside that and mix it properly. 
  • Add in water: Add in one cup of boiling water. Be careful since it fizzes up a lot. Stir it until everything dissolves properly. This can take up to thirty minutes for it to dissolve completely. Leave the mixture until it is cool and then transfer it to a plastic container. 

What can I put in my wax warmer? 

You might be wondering what is safe to put inside your wax warmer other than wax. 

Essential oils:

This might be a no-go but essential oils are great alternatives to put in your wax warmer. There are many health-related benefits of essential oils. You can just add water and put in a few drops of essential oil. Just be careful because once the water evaporates there is a risk of your wax warmer overheating so keep an eye out for that.

Vanilla extract:

Vanilla extract is also very similar to essential oils. It is super safe to use and will keep your house smelling divine like a bakery. Just keep in mind to also put it alongside water and keep an eye out to avoid any unwanted scenarios. 

Liquid potpourri:

Liquid potpourri is a mixture of different scented oils alongside a carrier oil such as jojoba. Similar to the others mentioned above, it is safe to use. Just add a few drops to some water in your wax warmer and add in more water as needed if the smell is too pungent. 

Final Thoughts

It is best to not put something hard to clean and toxic such as fabric cleaners in your wax warmer. If you do not have wax around there are many better alternatives such as essential oils, vanilla extract, and even liquid potpourri. It is safe and will not harm your wax warmer either.