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Can Headboards Have Bed Bugs? (All You Need to Know)

The right headboard can make or break not only the look of your bed but your entire bedroom. However, bed bugs can prove to be a major problem as headboards are one of the first places that they tend to infest. And nothing about that experience is pleasant.

Can headboards have bed bugs?

Headboards get easily infested by bed bugs. They can enter the headboard of the bed through the seams and other small openings and settle into the tiny cracks and crevices. This makes it difficult to reach them. But when left untreated, it will only fester and become harder to completely eliminate.

Can bed bugs live in headboards?

Bed bugs live in headboards. They penetrate the headboards and burrow deep, to be able to stay hidden while living in the headboards.

Also, this allows them to be close to the host who they are feeding on. It is more likely for them to live in headboards or beds that are being used on a daily by inhabitants.

bed bugs in upholstered headboard:

Bed bugs are able to penetrate deep into the upholstered headboard. As the tiny crevices in the upholstered headboards are the perfect places for them to hide and also it is warm enough for them to take up permanent residence there.

This makes it very hard to get rid of them even with rigorous vacuuming.

bed bugs in wooden headboard:

Bed bugs can live in wooden headboards, as long as there are sufficient hiding places for them like gaps, cracks, and crevices. This way they will stay out of sight and build their colony inside your wooden headboard.

bed bugs in tufted headboards:

Similar to the upholstered headboards, tufted headboards can be a convenient place for bed bugs to live in. All those hiding places make it the perfect place for them to stay with their companions.

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bed bugs behind headboard:

In the absence of any hiding places or ways to penetrate the headboard, bed bugs will begin to live behind your headboard. This is made possible when your headboard is pushed against the wall. It provides the perfect hiding space.

As long as they are close to their food source and warm, they will be able to survive.

How do I know if my headboard has bed bugs?

If you suspect bed bugs are infesting your headboard or any part of your bed. You need to start paying attention to a few things to see if your suspicion is correct and also if you are lucky you might find their exact hiding spot by paying attention to these signs.

Identify them:

First, you need to know how bed bugs look to be able to identify them, they come in a reddish-brown color and are almost translucent. Their shape is oval and flat.

If you happen to find any in your headboard, that means they might have taken residence there.

Spot blood smears:

Blood can be an indication of bed bug infestation. You might spot small smears of fresh or dried blood on or near your headboards.

Locate bed bug eggs:

Bed bug eggs can also be an indication that a colony of bed bugs is living nearby. They are milky white and smaller than a grain of rice. But it is rare to find eggs because bed bugs tend to hide them in dark gaps or cracks to keep them protected.

Presence of bed bug skin:

Bed bugs also shed skin a lot, at least five times during their lifespan. That can also notify you of their presence.

Presence of black spots:

They also leave behind thin black streaks or spots which are their excrements when they live somewhere.

Check the seams to trace them out:

You can also check the seams and nooks and crannies around the button if your headboard is upholstered or look for signs in the etches or carving designs in wooden headboards.

You will surely find some traces of bed bugs if they are playing house in your headboards.

How to get rid of bed bugs in a headboard?

After you have successfully located the bed bugs in your headboard, it is now time to get rid of them. Sometimes they hide in places that are hard to reach but a few tricky methods can help completely eradicate them from your headboards.

Use a stiff brush:

If the bed bugs are on the surface of the headboard, they can be removed along with their eggs using a stiff brush before vacuuming. Vacuum the area and immediately deposit the vacuum cleaner bag in a different plastic bag, seal it tightly and get rid of it.

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Use a steamer:

You can use a steamer to get rid of bed bugs living inside an upholstered headboard as high heat can repel bed bugs effectively.

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Wrap the bed with plastic:

Bed bugs will lose their life if they can’t feed on blood. So, if you wrap your headboard completely in plastic for a year with no way of getting in or out, the bed bugs will end up losing life.

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Use bed bug repelling chemicals:

You can also use products containing chemicals like pyrethrins, chlorfenapyr or neonicotinoids to repel bed bugs from your headboards.

How do I keep bed bugs off my bed?

It is more troublesome to get rid of bed bugs than to prevent them from infesting your bed. A few cautious steps can keep your bed free of them.

Keep the area clutter free:

Clutter provides more hiding and breeding ground for bed bugs. Therefore, it is essential to keep the area surrounding your bed clutter-free. This will also make it easier for you to identify the first signs of bed bugs infestation.

Cover the electrical outlets:

It is best to cover electrical outlets that are close to the bed as that can be a good hiding place for bed bugs. And if it is close to your bed, it will make it easier for them to take root in your bed.

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Check bed seams before getting second hand one:

Before getting second-hand furniture, look for signs of bed bugs.

Put a cover with pesticides:

Protect your bed by putting a cover on your mattress and box spring with a cover that has been pretreated with pesticide.

Seal the opening of the mattress:

Caulk, seal, and sew any openings in your bed’s mattress, headboard, or footboard.

Use fragrant chemicals:

One of the greatest and most used ways to keep bed bugs away is by using certain fragrances on your bed which they can’t tolerate.

Such as peppermint, lavender, blood orange, lemon, cinnamon, neem, and many more scents can keep bed bugs away while making your bed smell great at the same time.

Rub alcohol or tea tree oil on wooden frames:

You can also rub alcohol or tea tree oil on your wooden or metal headboards and footboards. This will keep them away as these tend to dry out the bed bugs and repel them.

This makes bed bugs stay far away when they smell rubbing alcohol or tea tree oil as they work as disinfectants.

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Sprinkle powdered pepper:

Powdered pepper can keep bed bugs away. Sprinkling it on the mattress can protect it from bed bugs.

Is there a bed bug interceptor just for headboards?

A bed bug interceptor aims to protect the bed as a whole and isn’t just focused on one part like the headboard. It takes advantage of the fact that bed bugs can’t climb slippery, vertical surfaces.

The shape, size, and the outer “moat” of the device all work together to keep bed bugs from being able to climb the bed’s mattress, headboard, or footboard.

Can bed bug spray terminate bed bugs in wicker headboard?

It is possible to terminate bed bugs from wicker headboards by using a spray. The bed bugs would hide in the crevices present in the design of a wicker headboard.

Spraying the headboard by being particularly thorough with those tiny hiding places will successfully repel those bed bugs and their eggs.

What will remove bed bugs that are not alive from bed head headboards?

After terminating the bed bugs, they will not magically disappear. You will need to get rid of the bed bugs that are not alive. Some ways to help clear out the bed bugs would be:

  • Vacuum
  • Small brush with stiff bristles
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Baking soda

What terminates bed bug eggs instantly?

One of the best and most effective ways to destroy a bed bug infestation is by terminating not just the bed bugs but terminating their eggs along with them.

Before they get a chance to hatch and cause more problems. Some items which you might even find around your house to terminate bed bug egg instantly are:

  • High temperature of a steamer
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Ortho home defense bed bug terminater
  • Hot water
  • Black walnut tea

Bed bugs can take a lot of effort and time to get rid of. But the right treatment will surely help in eradicating them. But preventing them would be the wiser choice.

Therefore, contribute extra effort to keep your beds free of them and take measures to get rid of them at the earliest sign.