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Can a Headboard Stand Alone? (Quick Answers)

The headboard is a piece of both beauty and comfort of the bed. For maintaining this beauty and comfort, a headboard can stand alone. Headboards have to be stable enough to stand alone.

However, various types of headboards are available depending on the purpose—both stand-alone and non-standalone. Still not satisfied with the answer? Let’s know more about it.

Can a headboard stand alone?

A headboard can stand alone. These types of headboards are also called freestanding headboards. They are placed at the back of the bed. If designed accordingly, headboards are stand-alone. In fact, there are fewer headboards that are without don’t stand alone property since they have extra benefits.

Do all headboards have to be against a wall?

All headboards have to be against a wall to make sure they bring out the best out of them. Even the best headboards are placed with walls against them. These walls work as a support for the headboards. Thus, the walls ensure the longevity of the headboards.

Without a wall against it, the headboards are at risk of breaking or damaging. After all, you put half of your body’s weight on that. Suppose the wall is behind the headboard, which prevents the headboard from breaking.

That’s why the most suitable location for the headboard is against a concrete wall.

A headboard opposite of a wall is also a good setting. Such a setting increases the beauty of your living room. For safety and look, the headboards should be against walls.

How to make a stand-alone headboard?

Making a stand-alone headboard is easier than you think. You will probably have to adjust the headboard in particular circumstances. And once you are done with that, you can get started with the actual building procedure.

You can follow the steps below for making a stand-alone headboard:

Check the headboard’s fit:

Before actually attaching the headboard, check its size and weight, whether it goes with the dimensions and structure of the bed. You should also check, as a trial, how it looks when you fit the headboard in the bed.

For example, if the headboard is too heavy compared to the bed’s weight, you won’t be able to make the headboard freestanding by any means. And you may have to collapse the whole structure.

Christopher Knight Home 303588 Silas Velvet Headboard, Queen / Full, Black / Black

Christopher Knight Home 303588 Silas Velvet Headboard, Queen / Full, Black / Black

Attach the headboard with the bed:

Once you figure out the headboard’s fit, get ready to attach it to the bed. You will need sufficient bolts, glue, and pieces of wood for doing this. While holding the headboard with the bed, you need to peg the pins.

You may need two or more people for this job. Moreover, using glue appends an extra layer of protection so that the headboard doesn’t break easily. 

Use additional support or bolts if needed:

After you attach the headboard with the bed, jerk the headboard firmly. Then, if you find it loose or slightly unattached, use additional bolts at those loosey-connected places.

Unless the headboard is light enough, you will need extra pieces of wood so that the headboard doesn’t fall. Thus, you can use the wood pieces as support for the headboard. It is also a good idea to lay on the headboard for the final checking.

What does a free-standing headboard mean?

A freestanding headboard means the headboard which doesn’t need any support for standing alone. It usually stands against a wall or on a bed frame. Free-standing headboards don’t also require any additional hardware or drill holes to stand appropriately.

Rosevera Givanna Upholstered Panel Headboard, Queen, Cream

Freestanding headboards are also referred to as floor standing headboards. These headboards have characteristics such as sturdy or solid. They are also not clumsy since you can easily manage them. Additionally, there are portable headboards available.

Besides, these headboards are positioned behind you, at the back of your bed. The freestanding headboards should be located against the walls. It is the perfect place for them.

The freestanding position makes it easier for you to lie on the bed freely. That’s because these headboards are more stable than the ones with struts. And so, the freestanding headboards don’t move when you lean on them.

Do freestanding headboards work?

Freestanding headboards work without staying against the wall, although that is an option. Thus these headboards come with a variety of flexibilities. Additionally, they are a separate part from the bed, and so you can buy them from anywhere you want.

Additionally, you can use your bed frame with or without since they are separable. Because freestanding headboards are separate from the bed, you can mount them however you want based on your comfort.

So, freestanding headboards also work by comforting your life and offering you flexibility.

ZINUS Trina Upholstered Headboard / Button Tufted Upholstery / Adjustable Height / Easy Assembly, Taupe, Queen

However, fitting the freestanding headboards with the bed frame and the room’s look can be a challenging task. It will be especially tough since they are not sold as a set with the bed. That’s why freestanding headboards work well if you can set them accordingly.

How do you secure a free-standing headboard?

You can secure a freestanding headboard, but you have to follow some steps. It is even essential to secure freestanding headboards. Otherwise, a luxurious headboard will turn into a squeaky and unstable one for you. Thus, it can become annoying, let alone give you comfort.

Follow the steps below thoroughly to secure your freestanding headboard:

Figure out the loose part if there is any:

Firstly, you need to identify the spot where the headboard is loosely attached to the bed. There may not be any such spot. However, if you find any loose areas, save your bolts for them.

That’s because you will need to put enough bolts to attach it tightly later. Additionally, mark those locations so that you don’t miss them. 

Put the bolts in the gaps:

Whether you did or did not figure out gaps, you know that your headboard was loose. That’s why you need the bolts in the gaps. The bolts will attach the headboard accurately with the bed frame.

Put the bolts in the gaps and tighten them with a screwdriver. Tighten the bolts enough so that they hold the frame with the board. 

Classic Brands Coventry Upholstered Platform Bed | Headboard and Metal Frame with Wood Slat Support, King, Grey

Check whether it worked:

Shake the headboard with your full might to check whether it moves. If it still does, use more bolts for fastening. Kudos to you if it worked.

 Place it against a wall:

If you want another layer of security, place the freestanding headboard against a wall, an ideal place for headboards. This will keep your headboard from moving or falling.

The disclaimer about the steps above is that you will need a partner or friends to attach the headboard with the bed frame. So, you can’t do this task all alone.

What is a floor-standing headboard?

A floor standing headboard is a headboard that is placed behind your bed and screwed with the legs of the bed. Moreover, it is almost the same as a freestanding headboard. As a result, this headboard also should be put with a wall.

While other headboards are attached to the upper part of the bed, floor-standing headboards get connected with the lower part—the base. That’s because they stand on the floor.

Prepac District Headboard, King, Washed Black

The floor-standing headboards add to the beauty and strength of the bed. When you attach floor-standing headboards replacing the strut ones in your old bed, this headboard’s stability makes the whole feel strong. Moreover, these headboards look fantastic with the bed frames.

Freestanding headboard vs floor standing headboard – What are the difference

Though freestanding and floor standing headboards are almost the same, they have some slight differences between them. These two headboards are varied in structure, use, and other properties.

 The differences between these two headboards are:

  • Floor standing headboards are attached to the bed, whereas free standing headboards don’t need any attachments.
  • Floor standing ones come with pre-drilled holes, whereas the other one doesn’t.
  • Floor standing headboards are sold with the bed frame, but freestanding headboards are sold separately.
  • Two or three-dimensional floor standing headboards are available, while those kinds of freestanding are in plenty.

Are floor standing headboards better?

Floor standing headboards are better than the other ones in a lot of ways. First of all, the floor-standing headboards give a bedstead look in your room. Thus, it adds a special touch.

Secondly, these headboards are heftier structured because they don’t move. On the other hand, the strut headboards can be movable at times. Being stable, you can lay on the freestanding headboards tension freely.

Thirdly, you get floor-standing headboards as a set with the bed frame, so there is no trouble with matching. But you have to buy a freestanding headboard differently from the bed frame. 

How do floor standing headboards work?

Prepac King Bookcase Headboard, White

Floor standing headboards work similarly to the regular headboards—from buying to the setting. Though it comes with the bed frame, you will need to purchase the bolts and other support separately.

The process of setting is straightforward. That’s because you just need to attach the legs of the bed frames with the board.

Screwing these types of headboards properly is essential. Otherwise, it will be very loose, and you may feel exasperated. However, once set correctly, it will last longer giving you the best outcome.

Now that you have gained enough information, you can say phew to the tension of setting or buying the headboard. Stand-alone headboards are great if you are looking for various options.

With that in mind, you should also take proper care of the setting if you end up buying a stand-alone headboard or already have one.