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Can Duvet Covers Be Recycled? (All You Need to Know)

Duvet covers are designer covers for duvets that enhance the outlook of the duvet. Moreover, duvet covers protect the duvet and the comforter. Generally, duvet covers are easy to use and remove. Besides, washing them is also convenient.

But duvet covers are pretty expensive than regular covers. So, you might don’t want to through away the duvet cover without using it for other purposes. So, you might be confused about whether duvet covers can be recycled or not.

However, let’s see how you can make the duvet covers recycled.

Can duvet covers be recycled?

Duvet covers can be recycled in many ways. You can make different decorative and useful items from old duvet covers. You can make cushion covers from them. Moreover, you can make garment bags, decorative bags, bunting, etc. You can also recycle the duvet covers as mats and rugs.

Generally, duvet covers contain different and decorative prints on them. Sometimes, patterns are also created on the duvet cover to make it look gorgeous. So, when you don’t want to use the duvet cover on the duvet anymore, you can recycle it.

When it comes to recycling, you can use them in different places after cutting and sewing.

How to recycle duvet covers?

You might want to recycle your duvet covers. But if you don’t have ideas about how can you recycle the duvet covers, you can get an idea from the following list.

Cushion covers:

Cushion covers can be decorative if you add printed or patterned clothes on them. The cushions might already have covers to them, but applying different types of clothes will change the appearance.

So, you can cut the duvet cover according to the cushion cover sizes and apply them to the cushions. This will make the cushion covers look decorative and colorful.


You can make different types of bags from the duvet cover. For example, making garment bags are convenient from the duvet covers. You have to cut the duvet cover according to a bag’s size and sew it.

Generally, you can make five or more garment bags from a single duvet cover.

Moreover, you can make toy drawstring bags out of the duvet covers. These bags are so convenient to make your house neat and tidy.

You have to cut the bags in the same process of making garment bags. But you have to add strings to the bag.

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Mats and rugs:

You can also recycle the duvet cover and make mats and rugs from it. Mats and rugs are easy to make. You just have to keep a proper size. Moreover, you can take two or three layers of fabric to make the mats and rugs thick.

Table runners:

One of the best use of duvet covers is as table runners. Table runners are long fabrics that can be easy to make from duvet covers. Table runners can make your dining table look more decorative and smart.

Can a duvet cover go in the bin?

You can’t put a duvet cover in the bin. Generally, household clothes and fabrics are not accepted by waste collectors. These fabrics and clothes should not be decomposed with other waste materials. So, you can’t throw away a duvet cover in the bin.

You have to dispose of the duvet cover before throwing it in the bin. The best solution is to give away the duvet covers to the poor or recycle them. You might have already known how to recycle the duvet cover.

Besides, you can also donate the duvet covers for different purposes.

How to dispose of old duvet covers?

You should not throw away old duvet covers in the bin or any random place. So, you have to dispose of old duvet covers in a proper way. So, let’s see how you can dispose of old duvet covers.

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You can recycle old duvet covers by making cushion covers, mats, table runners, etc.


If your area has a local textile recycling authority, you can giveaway your duvet covers to them.


You can donate the duvet covers for the poor and homeless.

Charity Shops:

You can give away duvet covers to charity shops or clothes banks.

Animal Charities:

You can also give away duvet covers to animal charities.

Do charity shops take duvet covers?

Some charity shops take duvet covers if they are in good condition. Sometimes, duvet covers are so old and unusable that the charity shops deny taking them. Moreover, some charity shops don’t have enough space to keep old duvet covers.

If you find a charity shop that takes duvet covers, you can give away duvet covers to them. But the condition of the duvet covers has to be good and usable.

Do clothes banks take duvet covers?

Yes, clothes banks take duvet covers. Sometimes, duvets and pillows might not be taken for hygiene reasons, but duvets are often considered.

But clothes banks notice the condition of the duvet covers. If the duvet covers are too old or unusable, clothes banks might not take them. But if the condition is pretty good, you can give duvet covers to the clothes banks.

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Do animal charities take old duvet covers?

Yes, many small animal charities will take old duvet covers. Generally, duvets are not considered for hygiene reasons. But good condition duvet covers are preferred by the small animal charities.

Some large animal charities might not take the old duvet covers. But if you seek small charities, they will take the duvet covers for the animals.

How often should you get a new duvet cover?

You should get a new duvet covers every 5 years. Sometimes, the duvet covers can get dirty early. If you have kids in your house, the chance of getting dirty is more. So, you might need to get a new duvet cover every year.

Sometimes, duvet covers are used occasionally. So, the chance of getting dirty is low. So, you might not need to change the cover every year. With proper wash and care, the duvet cover can serve more than 5 years. So, you can get a new duvet cover after 5 years of use.

Final Thoughts:

You can recycle duvet covers in many ways. You can make many decorative and useful items from the duvet cover. For example, cushion covers, table runners, buntings, bags, etc., are easy to make from the duvet cover. Moreover, you can also dispose of the duvet cover by donating.