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Can Coolaroo Shades Be Cut to Size? (All You Need to Know)

Coolaroo shades are popular among users for the way they filter light. Nevertheless, there are things to consider when installing them. The place you will position them or the amount of shade they will provide, and the aesthetic.

One important thing is when purchasing, you may not get the size you want. It may compel you to think twice about buying the shades.

So, here we have discussed whether Coolaroo shades can be cut to size. We also mentioned the process of cutting the shades perfectly. If you are interested, we suggest you go through the article.

Can coolaroo shades be cut to size?

It is possible to cut Coolaroo shades to the desired size. One could feel anxious when cutting the knitted shades. However, a little knowledge will help you figure this out. The cutting also does not create frays. In addition, with simple tools, one can achieve a satisfactory result instantly.

The Coolaroo manufacturer uses a uniquely knitted cloth for their shade. The reason to incorporate the knitted fabric is to appropriately filter the light. It lessens the hot glare of the sun, however, without darkening the area. 

The design of the shades also adds to the visual. You can raise and lower Coolaroo shades using the crank. The material used on Coolaroo shades will last for years besides cooling your house premises.

If you are wondering about the cutting difficulty well, it is one of the shades that allows the effortless cutting process. Therefore, it is simple to get the customizable size you desire. 

Here we have focused on Coolaroo outdoor/exterior shades. 

Coolaroo outdoor/exterior shades: 

Coolaroo exterior shades are crank-operated. It offers uniquely textured knitted fabric, ideal for outdoor settings. You can install it anywhere from decks to patios to pergolas.

Again, it is weather-resistant and does not fade quickly. Once again, the shade allows air to flow, thus reducing heat and improving privacy. 

The makers of Coolaroo shade claim it to block 90% of harmful UV rays. It also prevents mold and mildew from growing.

Once again, you can cut the shades to the size you require. One important thing to remember is to keep an extra eight inches in length while cutting.

You can ease the process using a shade cloth cutting tool. With little to no cutting knowledge, you can achieve a good result using it.  

Can you cut Coolaroo fabric? Can Coolaroo shades be cut to length?

Coolaroo shade cloth offers the perfect blend of flexibility and durability. As a result, you can suit it to various applications, protect your garden, reduce the heat of sunlight, perfectly balance shade and light, and avoid the harsh condition of the outdoors.

You can cut Coolaroo shade to whatever size you want. If you have a little knowledge about cutting and sewing, you can get it done with ease. Also, some tools could help simplify the task.

 If you want to put your creative output, you should have some extra knowledge of thread and sewing. When you cut the Coolaroo fabric, do not forget to keep additional eight inches on the length.

Coolaroo shades can also be cut to length. The process is simple as the other usual cutting procedures. Either use the cutting tool or a sharp scissor to get an effective result. Make sure you measure correctly and sew the cutting part afterward.

Will the coolaroo shade fabric fray when cut?

Luckily Coolaroo shades do not fray when you cut them. The knits in the shade cloth are done wonderfully, maintaining a specific design. It allows you to cut through without unraveling the other parts. The wearing won’t happen from the edge that you have just cut. 

Nevertheless, you need to make sure that you sew the edge as soon as you have cut the shades fabric. It is not okay to keep them unfasten without sewing. Maybe the parts will not wear away soon, but eventually, it may. 

Once again, cut the shades carefully using a sharp scissor or tool specific for shade cutting to get a good result. Otherwise, you may end up wearing the shade. 

However, it does not mean the cutting process is tough to achieve. You need to make sure you sew the edges afterward. Here, you may need little knowledge of sewing. 

3 reason why you can cut coolaroo shades to size

It is possible to cut Coolaroo shades according to the size you need. The cutting is relatively easy to do.

However, you may need to know some basic knowledge of cutting and sewing. Here will be discussing the reasons that allow us to cut Coolaroo shades to our desired size.


The Coolaroo shades designs allow you to cut them easily.  You will notice knits on the shade cloth. Simply draw cuts through them according to the size you want.

It is, however, essential to carry the task carefully instead of just haphazardly doing it. For instance, the recommendation for cutting shades tells you to the fabric eight inches longer than the usual size.

Knitted shades:

The knitting design in Coolaroo shades follows a specific pattern. It allows one to draw the scissor or shade cutting tool to cut effortlessly. One can drag the sharp tool along the knitted lines and can get the work done.

Again, the materials of the shades do not crack or discolor. Breakage could hamper the cutting process that fortunately does not happen here. It is, thus, easy to cut according to your customizable size.

Do not fray:

When cutting a Coolaroo shade, the fabric is not prone to wearing or unraveling. The knitting does not allow any frays from the cutting edge. It is one less thing to worry about.

If a fray occurs, your sewing may become difficult. Moreover, the shades may become vulnerable to tear or break.

How to trim coolaroo shades?

The cutting process of Coolaroo shade is easy. You can either use a scissor or a tool specially designed for cutting shades. Here we have explained step by step process for you to follow how-to trim Coolaroo shade. 

Decide measurement: 

You first need to decide on the exact measurement you want for your shades. For outdoor or exterior Coolaroo shades, make sure to keep extra 8 inches. The accurate calculation will help you guide through the process perfectly. 

Select tool:

You can cut the shades using scissors, which should be sharp. Otherwise, you may use a tool to cut through the shade fabric. In fact, this tool helps you complete the task with more ease. 


Using a ruler or tape scale, measure the parts you want to cut. Mark them with a pencil for future instruction. Take the measurement both from the length and the width if necessary.

Cutting process: 

With the tool, it becomes easy to achieve the task. Also, in order to produce an excellent result.

Hold the tool using your fingers. Now feed the shade fabric into the mouth of the cutter tool. Now pull the cutter along the cloth. Make sure to keep it taught. 

If you are using a scissor, ensure it is sharp enough. Now holding the shade, feed the part you want to cut on the scissor mouth. Go along the straight line. Do not make haphazard cuts and end up with a poor result. 


Once the cutting is over, sew the edges for protection from wearing off. 

Can you custom order coolaroo shades?

You may need a specific size of Coolaroo shades for your house premise. If you are wondering if you can custom order according to the size and fit you want, it is possible.

You can custom order as per the size of Coolaroo shade you need. You can do it through various retailers available.

According to the Coolaroo website, the maximum size of their shade is 120-inch wide x 144-inch long. It also depends on the type of fabric you choose. Another available maximum size is 96-inch wide x 144-inch long. 

Make sure to keep these measurements in mind when you order for the custom size. You cannot order going beyond this limit. Moreover, size restrictions do apply to various available Coolaroo shade fabrics.

If you want to be absolutely sure, check with the retailer for clear information. You may order through both online and offline.  

Final Thoughts

Coolaroo shades not only protect us from the hot sun rays but are used for aesthetic purposes as well. They are easy to use, allow an easy installation. Moreover, you are allowed to trim them to the size you require. Once again, you can order your Coolaroo shade custom-sized from the retailer.