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Can Clogged Gutters Cause Leaks? (Answered)

Gutters are an essential part of every house. It plays a vital role in removing rainwater from a roof’s bottom edge.

It’s a small, shallow trough that collects rainwater and drains it away from your roof to preserve it from damage. It is critical to keep your gutters clean in order for them to function properly.

Let’s discuss whether or not a clogged gutter can leak, as well as some handy tips for gutter maintenance.

Can clogged gutters cause leaks?

A clogged gutter will almost certainly result in leaks. It occurs when the gutters become blocked, preventing rainwater from draining properly after the gutter gathers it from the roof. Therefore, the excess weight of the rainwater exerts strain on the gutter, causing it to tear down and leak. 

A clogged gutter can damage your roof in a variety of ways. One of the most severe outcomes of a clogged gutter is leaks.

By damaging the roof’s walls, clogged gutters might even cause leaks inside your home. Because the rainwater gathered by the gutter has nowhere to go, it slowly clogs up the foundation of your roof, destroying the roof walls.

This type of circumstance makes wooden roof walls more vulnerable. Clogged gutters, however, can cause significant damage to any type of roof, other than the wooden ones.

Clogged gutters causing roof leaks: 

As a matter of fact, if you notice that your roof is leaking, it is almost certainly due to a clogged gutter. A leaking roof can cause a slew of issues.

For example, a leaking roof indicates that your roof walls have already been compromised to a significant degree, resulting in the leakage in the first place. 

Furthermore, blocked gutters can create ceiling leaks, weakening the foundation of your home and increasing the risk of collapse.

Clogged gutters causing basement leaks:

When a gutter becomes clogged, it almost always affects a home’s basement as well. The excess water accumulated in the roof begins to overflow.

Because it has nowhere else to go, the water flows down into the basement, resulting in a basement flood. As a result, clogged gutters can also result in basement flooding.

If the extra rainfall in the basement is not removed quickly enough, it begins to harm the porous walls. As a result of the blocked gutters and the increased water accumulating in the basement, basement leaks are a distinct possibility.

Clogged gutters causing window leaks:

The rainwater that has accumulated on the roof cannot move through the gutters if they get clogged with debris and other particles.

As a result, when your locality experiences significant rainfall, the gutters fail to evacuate the excess water, allowing it to enter your home through the windows.

As a possible consequence, when it rains, clogged gutters might cause window leaks.

What kind of damage can clogged gutters cause?

The kinds of damage that the clogged gutters can cause are as follows:

Leakage in the roof:

One of the major reasons behind the leakage in the roof walls can be clogged gutters. 

As previously said, the excess water that has accumulated on the roof surface is unable to pass down the gutter because it is clogged with dirt and other particles.

As a result, rainwater begins to clog the roof, causing damage to the roof walls and resulting in leakage.

Slumping ceilings:

Rainwater that has gathered in your roof because of a clogged gutter may produce small cavities in your ceiling. As a result of the cavities, your ceiling may slump and sag, putting it at risk of collapsing. 

Damage to the foundation: 

Clogged gutters can potentially cause serious harm to a home’s foundation and infrastructure. 

Because gutters are unable to accomplish their essential function of removing excess water from the roof, the water begins to soak the foundation walls and infiltrate beneath the building.

Severe rainfall causes the clogged gutter to overflow once more. As a result, rainwater reaches the basement, causing an unwelcome flood. As a result of clogged gutters, damage to a house’s foundation occurs.

Insect pestilence: 

Another worrying hazard induced by clogged gutters is insect pestilence. Because of the various filth and debris, the gutters become clogged. The primary component that draws the bug to begin breeding is dirt and detritus.

Termites, wasps, cockroaches, and other insects find a very favorable setting to start breeding in, such as a clogged gutter. As a result, clogged gutters attract a variety of insects, resulting in insect pestilence. 

Leakage in basements: 

When a gutter becomes clogged, the basement of a home is usually always affected. The roof begins to overflow with the surplus water that has gathered. 

The water runs down into the basement because it has nowhere else to go, resulting in a basement flood. As a result of blocked gutters, basement flooding is a possibility.

Moreover, basement leaks are a distinct possibility as a result of blocked gutters and increased water accumulation in the basement.

Landscape damage:

The excess water that has accumulated due to clogged gutters can overflow and cause landscape damage by pooling beneath the plants, washing away the soil and key nutrients that are normally required for plant health.

How to clean out clogged gutter downspouts?

It is very important to clean out the clogged gutter downspouts as soon as possible because these can cause some serious inconveniences in your day-to-day life. Now, let us look into the steps to clean out clogged gutter downspouts.

Those are as follows:

Take a drum auger and push it through the downspout:

Get a drum auger and put it through the bottom of the downspout. Push it in as much as possible. The cylinder end of the auger will help to capture all the dry leaves and everything that is clogging the downspout.

Keep pushing the auger till you find the clog:

You have to keep pushing the auger in the downspout. Extend the auger if required using an extender kit that either comes with it or adds it externally. Continue feeding the metal line in the pipe until you feel that you have reached the clogged area.

Get a hold on the auger handle and rotate it clockwise:

When you feel that you have reached the clog, you will have to clear it now. Rotate the handle of the auger handles clockwise. This will pull out all the debris inside the clogged downspout. 

Pull in and out in a sequential motion so that the leaves and derbies that are blocking the downspout, get out of the pipe.

You may also use a drill machine. Some auger comes with a kit for that.

Turn it anti-clockwise to get the clogs out from the gutter:

Do the same thing again but this time anti-clockwise. You do it both using the handle or drill machine. After doing that, get the auger out of the downspout and pour water into it. This will clear out all the blockages.

How to keep gutter downspouts from clogging?

There are various ways to keep gutter downspouts from clogging. Here are some popular ways that you can use to keep your gutter downspouts from clogging: 

Conduct half-yearly maintenance of gutters:

Conducting half-yearly maintenance of your gutter is very important. You can clear the leaves and derbies that start to accumulate at the top of the gutter.

Clearing these will ensure that nothing gets into the gutter and can help prevent any kind of blockage.

Use gutter screens to remove debris from the downspouts:

Gutter screens are an effective way to prevent derbies from getting in the downspouts. They can prevent leaves and other debris from getting in the pipe. This can reduce a lot of hassle.

Use gutter covers:

Another option to keep debris out of the gutter downspout is to use gutter covers. 

Take kin dimensions of your gutter and select a gutter cover based on those measurements. However, you must remember to remove it whenever you need to utilize the gutter downspout.

Final thoughts

A clogged gutter can cause leaks. Gutters carry water from the roof to the drain of your house. If all of this water cannot go anywhere, it will cause the gutter to fail. Thus, all these waters will cause the gutter to leak from various spots and cause a huge problem for you.