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Can a Candle in a Jar Start a Fire? (Answered)

Candles are a great way to amp up the look of any room as well as give a homely and cozy feeling to it. It is also great because it is a subtle way to make your room smell lovely. 

However, many people are afraid to use it because of the fire element which is why it is important to be informed about how to use a candle safely.

Can a candle in a jar start a fire?

Candle jars can cause a fire if the jar is not made of strong and resistant material. Usually, glass jars are the best to keep the flame away from flammable objects, but there is a big risk of the glass jar cracking and fire spreading if the candle jar has not been made properly. 

There are a lot of skills attached to preparing as well as burning candles and if it is not done properly then it can be a fire risk. Fires starting from candle jars are not impossible occurrences to happen. 

It usually tends to happen if you are not using the right kind of jars which can cause the fire to come into contact with anything flammable around it and thus start a fire in your area. There are very specific jars to use when it comes to burning candles to avoid the risk of a fire.  

Are candles in glass jars safe?

Glass jars are popular options when it comes to candles. The glass is a good medium that avoids the candle flame from touching anything flammable around it and creating a fire risk. However, it is also possible for candles to start a fire despite being present in a glass jar

This is because there are certain techniques in making candles. If the candle is made inside the jar in a way that the heat is spreading unevenly and continuously touching one side of the jar then it can overheat and break. This can result in a big fire. 

Are candle jars fireproof?

Many candle jars are considered fireproof. This includes glass jars as well as enamel jars. These are popular choices because they tend to withstand very high levels of heat and none of them catch on fire. Therefore, they are inflammable. 

However, it is worth noting that if your candle is not made properly and the lightened wick continuously touches the sides of the jars then it can break and fire can spread if there is anything flammable around your candle. 

How many fires are started by candles?

It is estimated that every year around sixteen thousand fires in the house are started by candles. It causes thousands of injuries each year and even life losses. 

This is why it is important to be smart when buying candles as well as using them safely by carrying out all the proper safety precautions at all times. 

What causes candle jars to catch on fire?

There can be multiple reasons as to why candle jars tend to catch fire and you need to be aware of those. 


Cheap candles might have a lot of additional chemicals and contaminants present in the wax. This can cause the entire wax to light up in flames instead of just the wick. 

This often happens if you are burning a very old candle or if your candle has additional decorations such as petals or seeds. These usually trigger the whole wax and jar to catch on fire. 


Another common cause is if there are too many chemical fragrances added in it or even essential oils. This can trigger bigger flames and as a result, cause your candle jar to catch on fire. 

Burning the last bit of wax:

It is always recommended to never burn the last bit of wax present in your jar. The last one centimeter or so can get heated to very high temperatures and start a candle fire in your jar. 

Too many wicks:

There are candles present nowadays that contain three or more wicks. This is very dangerous because the amount of heat that is generated due to the fire can cause a candle fire to start in your jar. 

It is always best to use candles with one wick. 

Glass jar to blow-up:

Even though glass jars are fireproof, it does not mean that they cannot start a candle fire. Many cheap candles are not manufactured properly. 

Either cheap glass jars are used that overheat very easily or the candle wick is not made properly and the fire ends up touching the sides of the jar. This can cause the glass jar to overheat and blow-up and as a result, start a candle fire. 

How to prevent candle fires?

There are certain tips you must always follow to avoid dangerous candle fires.

Burn your candles at a safe spot:

This includes keeping your candle out of reach from children and pets. You must also burn your candle in a place where there are not any flammable elements around for extra precaution. 

Avoid fragrance and contaminants:

Always try to invest in your candles and buy all-natural ones. These include candles that have not been manufactured with too much fragrance and chemicals. 

Also avoid candles with unnecessary and risky decorations such as dried petals and seeds. 

Maintain the wick:

Always maintain your wick and ensure that it is trimmed because too tall of a wick can be risky. Also avoid candles with too many wicks. 


You should buy sustainers because it prevents the wick from burning if it is too short. 

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Use candle holders:

Invest in candle holders that are designed for candles. Make sure they are heat-resistant and strong. 

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Stay careful:

This is the most important tip. Never leave your candle unattended and always stay careful. Ensure that the flame is not touching the side of the jars and if you feel like the jar has gotten too heated then blow out your candle immediately. 

What kind of jars are good for candles?

Certain jars are suited better for candles that you should consider using. 

Metal jars:

Well-sealed Metal jars can be great for candles as it will prevent leaking and is also good at taking in all the heat without blowing them up. 

Glass & mason jars:

Not all glass jars are safe. You must look for ones that are very thick and smooth. They must also have to be fully resistant to heat. A mason jar is a good example of a glass jar that ticks all the boxes and is perfect for candles. 

They will not crack either. 


You must opt for ceramics that are microwave safe. This means that they will last you a long time and are highly heat resistant. It will not cause any leaking either which makes it a great choice. 


This is a very safe choice because it is sturdy and will not cause any leaking. It is also the most resistant against fire which makes it a very popular choice.

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This is also one of the best choices because not only is it highly resistant to heat and fire, it will not leak at all. It is very sturdy and will not crack under any circumstance. 

Is it safe to leave candles burning all night?

It is never safe to leave candles burning all night. One of the main causes of candles starting a fire in the house is due to people leaving it unattended for long periods. This can not only cause materials to go on but start huge fires inside the jar. 

It can also come into contact with flammable elements and be very dangerous. Always keep an eye on your burning candle for safety measures. 

Can you burn a candle in a broken jar?

You should not burn a candle in a broken jar. This is because there might be cracks and dents in the jar which might let the burning wax leak through those. 

When that happens and if that wax comes into contact with anything flammable it can end up triggering a dangerous fire inside your house. 

What happens if you let a candle burn all the way down?

You must never let a candle burn if there is only a little amount of wick left. This is because once the fire reaches the little bit of wax left at the bottom it can get way too heated

If that happens it can be a potential fire risk because the contaminants and fragrance present in the wax are likely to start burning at that temperature. 

Final thoughts:

Fires starting in a candle jar are more common than you might expect. It is one of the main reasons for fires starting inside a house. When burning candles, it is not only important to invest in good ones but it is also important to follow all instructions and burn them safely to avoid a fire.