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Can Bunk Beds Collapse? Are Bunk Beds Safe?

Bunk beds are pretty common nowadays. Generally, people use bunk beds for extra sleeping space. Moreover, many hospitals, nurseries, and day-care centres use bunk beds for the children.

But whenever it comes to children, you might think about their safety while sleeping on bunk beds. So, you might be confused about whether bunk beds can collapse or not. Let’s see details about bunk beds and their disabilities.

Can bunk beds collapse?

Bunk beds can collapse if the bunk beds can’t withstand sufficient weight. Moreover, defective components of bunk beds can make the beds collapse. A lot of bunk bed collapsing records are available. So, bunk beds can collapse and several reasons are responsible for collapsing.

Bunk beds are made of different materials. For example, wood, metal, board, etc., are used to make bunk beds. Most bunk beds are strong enough to hold the weight of babies and children. But there are a lot of incidents of collapsing bunk beds.

Do bunk beds collapse?

Yes, bunk beds do collapse for certain reasons. Many people even know bunk beds for their collapsing incidents. Moreover, many babies and children got injured because of the bunk bed collapsing incident.

If the bunk beds are made with strong material, the joints are tightened strongly, and the weight limit is maintained, there is no chance of collapsing the bunk bed.

But some bunk beds have defective joints. These beds are risky for children and babies. Even if the weight limit is exceeded, the bunk bed can collapse.

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How often do bunk beds collapse?

Bunk beds don’t collapse so often. But an average of 36000 bunk bed-related injuries occur every year in the United States. That means the number is not so small.

That’s why parents are often confused about buying bunk beds for their children. If one of the 100 bunk bed users faces collapsing the bed, you don’t know who will face the unlucky one. Because you can’t be sure whether the bed is durable or not.

Why do bunk beds collapse?

Now that everyone knows about bunk bed’s collapsing incidents, you might be thinking about why these beds collapse. Several reasons might be responsible for this. So, let’s see the reasons why bunk beds collapse.

Manufacturing material:

Bunk beds are made of different materials like wood, metal, boards, etc. Sometimes, these manufacturing materials are not processed well to make them durable and strong. So, the bunk beds made of weak materials can collapse.

Defective elements:

While making bunk beds, frames, bolts, screws, etc., are joined. Sometimes, these elements have defects or are not joined well. So, the loose joints or defective elements might be the reason for collapsing the bunk bed.

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Every piece of furniture has a weight limit. The reason may be the overweight on the upper bed of the bunk bed. When the bunk bed can’t withstand the weight, it can collapse.

Other reasons:

Many other minor reasons might be responsible for collapsing the bunk bed. For example, sometimes the mattress height is more than the rail. Moreover, the ladder might be loosely joined.

How do you stop a bunk bed from falling?

Bunk bed injuries might be severe sometimes. So, you must secure the bunk bed before using it. If the bunk bed is used for babies or toddlers, you need to be more careful. So, let’s see how you can stop a bunk bed from falling.

  • Don’t let more than one person sleep on the upper bed of the bunk bed.
  • Don’t let the children hang anything from the bunk bed.
  • Inspect the bunk bed and its parts well while buying it.
  • Confirm the manufacturing materials and their durability before buying the bunk bed.
  • Confirm the guardrails on the top bed of the bunk bed.
  • Make sure the guardrail is some inches higher than the height of the mattress over it.
  • Make sure the ladder of the bunk bed is sturdy enough.
  • Don’t place the bunk bed near the ceiling or the ceiling fan.

Are bunk beds safe?

Bunk beds are safe most of the time. But sometimes, the bunk bed can be dangerous for children because children are likely to play there and use the bed randomly.

When it comes to children under the age of six, bunk beds might not be safe. Let’s see whether bunk beds are safe for all people or not.


Bunk beds are pretty safe for adults. Generally, adults are more careful than children. So, they can manage sleeping safely on the bunk beds. But the bed must have a safe weight withstanding ability for adults.

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Toddlers can sleep on the bunk beds. But don’t let them sleep on the upper bunk. Also, you can add safety braces on the sides of the bed.

2 year olds:

Bunk beds are not safe for 2 years olds. You should not let 2 year olds sleep on the lower bunk as it doesn’t have any safety brace.

3 year olds:

3 year olds should only sleep on the lower bunk of the bunk beds. The upper bunk is not safe for them.

4 year olds:

Bunk beds are safe for 4 year olds if they sleep on the lower bunks. If you let them sleep on the upper bunk, they can fall from there.

5 year olds:

5 year olds can sleep on the bunk beds. But they should use the lower bunk. If you let them sleep on the upper bunk, they might fall while sleeping or playing.

How safe are metal bunk beds?

Metal bunk beds are pretty safe if the manufacturing is done well. But sometimes, the metal bunk beds have weld defects and cracks that might be responsible for collapsing the bunk beds.

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You can’t inspect the inside of the metal while buying. So, you should make sure to buy a branded one to ensure safety. Moreover, metal bunk beds are a bit less sturdy than wood bunk beds. So, metal bunk beds are safe but not the safest.

Can bunk beds tip over?

Yes, bunk beds can tip over. Though the chance is pretty low, it can be possible. The main reason for tipping over a bunk bed is a lack of support. When the bunk bed doesn’t have enough support, it can tip over.

So, you can secure the bunk bed adding more support to it. Moreover, you can secure the joints and frame to make it sturdy. Otherwise, if you have children sleeping on the bunk bed, the bed can tip over and cause serious injury.

Can bunk beds fall or break?

Bunk beds can fall or break. Generally, modern bunk beds have enough support and sturdiness to hold the bunk beds from falling. But bunk beds are known to fall or break. If the bunk bed is less sturdy, it has a chance to break while sleeping on it.

Most bunk beds injuries are caused while children are sleeping or playing on them. So, overload or random use can also cause bunk beds to fall. Moreover, if the bunk bed is made of wood, there is a chance of breaking different parts of the bunk bed.

Will I fall off my bunk bed?

You can fall off your bunk bed for different reasons. Sometimes, you can fall off your upper bunk bed while sleeping if the upper bunk doesn’t have any safety brace. Moreover, if the upper bunk doesn’t have a higher rail than the mattress, you can fall off.

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Besides, many people have the problem of sleepwalking or sleeping disorder. This might be a reason for falling off the bunk bed.

What are the chances of falling out of a bunk bed?

The chances of falling out of a bunk bed are different for each person. Children are more likely to fall out of a bunk bed than adults.

Toddlers have a higher chance of falling out of a bunk bed since they use the upper bunk for playing and sleeping more than babies and adults.

Are bunk beds dangerous?

Bunk beds are not dangerous for all people. Adults can easily manage sleeping on bunk beds. But babies and toddlers should not use the upper bunk beds.

Sometimes, bunk beds collapse when they have defects or loose joints. So, bunk beds can be dangerous for babies and toddlers.

Are bunk beds safe in an earthquake?

Bunk beds are safe in an earthquake if the bunk bed is made of durable materials. Bunk beds are not dangerous in an earthquake. But if the bunk bed is an old one, you should avoid it.

Moreover, if the bunk bed is placed beside the window or near the ceiling, it is not safe. Because you can fall out of a bunk bed in an earthquake and injure yourself with the ceiling or window.

What to do in an earthquake in a bunk bed?

If you are already in a bunk bed in an earthquake, you should stay on it. Don’t panic and use the ladder during an earthquake. If you feel unsafe on the upper bunk, you can seek space under the lower bunk.

We know we should remain in the free spaces under tables, beds, etc., during an earthquake. So, you should keep free space under the lower bunk so you can go there during an earthquake.

Bunk beds are convenient in many ways. But they can collapse also. You might have known that every year a lot of babies and children face injuries with bunk beds.

So, if you want to use bunk beds, you should modify the beds with safety equipment before letting your children sleep on them.