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Can Blackout Curtains Be Used Outdoors? (Quick Answers)

Blackout curtains are pretty helpful for providing darkness in the room. Generally, people use them in their bedrooms to ensure better sleep and preventing daylight. Blackout curtains have many other benefits also.

But you might be thinking about whether blackout curtains can be used outdoors or not. Well, you can use any curtain outside, but you have to know whether it is appropriate and beneficial or not.

Can blackout curtains be used outdoors?

Blackout curtains can be used outdoors perfectly. Blackout curtains are good for blocking sunlight. Even they can block up to 99% of sunlight. So, you can use blackout curtains penal for making a separate and private area outside. Blackout curtains will also protect from heat and noise outside. 

Sometimes, you need to use the outside area for camping, outdoor activities, and separating the inside area. You might need darkness for relaxation or sleeping. But regular curtains don’t provide darkness or privacy. So, you can use blackout curtains.

Blackout curtains are made of thick fabric that makes the area separated and private. They give you complete darkness and prevent noises. So, you can sleep comfortably. So, using blackout curtains outside can be pretty beneficial.

3 reasons why blackout curtains can be used outdoors

Blackout curtains can be used outdoors easily. They provide some benefits that make them perfect for hanging outside. Let’s see the reasons why blackout curtains can be used outdoors.

Prevent sunlight:

The most common problem with regular curtains that they can’t prevent sunlight. So, relaxing or sleeping inside an area with regular curtains can be disturbing. If you use blackout curtains for camping or separating the inside area, they will make the area completely dark and help to relax comfortably.

Prevent noise:

Blackout curtains are made of thick fabrics. These fabrics also help to prevent noise from outside. So, you can use blackout curtains outdoors to prevent noise and create a separate area.

Prevent UV ray:

When you are outdoors and using regular curtains, the curtains might block some sunlight but can’t block harmful UV rays. But blackout curtains are thick enough to prevent UV rays and keep you protected.

How do you hang blackout curtains outside without drilling holes?

You might want to hang blackout curtains outside. But you don’t want to drill holes. Well, you can also hang blackout curtains outside without drilling holes. Let’s see how you can do it.

  • Buy two or three command hooks according to the size of your window.
  • Mark on the window wall where you want to put the hooks after measuring.
  • Apply the command hook strips to stick them on the wall.
  • Stick the hooks on the wall and press them for at least 30 minutes to adhere them properly.
  • Wait at least half an hour before hanging the curtains on it.
  • Hang the curtains and check whether the hooks are sticking properly or not.

How far off the ground should outdoor blackout curtains be?

Outdoor blackout curtains should be long enough to cover the whole area where sunlight comes. But they should not be so long that they can get dirt from the ground. So, a distance is necessary between the blackout curtains and the ground.

Blackout curtains should be half an inch far off the ground. This distance is the lowest distance from the ground. The distance also depends on where you are using the blackout curtains.

For example, if you are using blackout curtains in the café, kitchen, or bathroom, ½ inches distance is enough from the ground. But if you are using the curtains somewhere else, you can keep the distance from four to six inches. However, too high blackout curtains don’t look good, so try to keep the distance minimum.

Do you really need blackout curtains?

Yes, you need blackout curtains if you want to sleep better. If you have babies in your house, you should use blackout curtains. These curtains help to prevent sunlight from coming inside the room. So, the babies can sleep deeply like the nighttime.

If you prefer relaxing in the complete darkness, blackout curtains are perfect for you. Moreover, these curtains prevent noises. So, you can sleep in comfort.

Blackout curtains are also easily cleanable and durable. You can use them both indoors and outdoors. Besides, they save energy as they prevent heat and sunlight from entering the room. So, you need blackout curtains to avail these benefits.

Are blackout curtains worth it?

Yes, blackout curtains worth it. They provide some vital benefits you need for better sleep. For people who want to relax or sleep in a noiseless and lightless environment, blackout curtains are perfect.

Blackout curtains are comparatively expensive. But they provide darkness and a soundless vibe in the room. If you look for other alternatives, they are electric or automated. So, these alternatives can be unsafe for you and the babies in the house.

Contrarily, blackout curtains are safe and convenient. They are made of expensive and high-quality fabrics. So, blackout curtains can be expensive, but they are worth it.

Do blackout curtains block out heat?

Yes, blackout curtains help to block out the heat. A lot of heat comes from the sunlight. So, if you can block out the sunlight somehow, heat will also be blocked out. That is the job of blackout curtains.

Blackout curtains can block out 99% of sunlight. They create total darkness in a specific area. So, the area will also be blocked from heat. However, heat can enter the room with other mediums. But the heat will be less than before.

So, the blackout curtains prevent sunlight from entering the room. Thus they block out heat also.

Blackout curtains are suitable for both inside and outside. Sometimes, you might need to use curtains outdoors, and you want to prevent light and sound too. So, you can use blackout curtains. These curtains will block sunlight and noise.

So, you can create a separate and private area with the blackout curtain panels. Blackout curtains are convenient and helpful to be used outdoors.