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Can Bathroom Wall Panels Be Fitted Over Tiles? (Explained)

Wall panels has emerged as a more stylish alternative to tiles and are longer-lasting than paint. But if you already have tiled walls in your bathroom, it will take a lot of man-power and a pretty penny to switch it to wall panels. But what if you could just fit the wall panels right over them?!

Can bathroom wall panels be fitted over tiles?

Bathroom wall panels can easily be fitted over the existing tiles. It isn’t even necessary to get rid of the tiles underneath. The method is also quite straightforward but it is important that the tiled area should be measured accurately before installing the wall panels over them to avoid problems.

Can you put bathroom wall panels over tiles?

It is possible to put bathroom wall panels over tiles by yourself. It usually doesn’t require professional help since it can be applied with adhesive instead of cement and is much quicker and easier to install as opposed to applying tiles.

Wall panels need to be cut perfectly to fit over the tiled walls and when they are sealed accurately, the tiles will be fully concealed and your new wall will be completely waterproof as well.

Also, with wall panels you won’t have to replace grout when it gets worn or cracked and it needs lower maintenance than tiles.

How to fit bathroom wall panels over tiles?

Even though it isn’t complex or difficult to fit wall panels over tiles, it is best to perform all the steps with precision keeping in mind to use the right product, tools and give it the required time between steps that is needed for everything to set securely.

Clean the wall:

Begin by cleaning all the dirt and debris from the tiled wall with the help of a microfiber cloth and all-purpose cleaner. A sponge will work fine too. The goal here is to make it clean for the wall panel’s adhesive to bond properly to the tiles.

Measure the area:

Measure the entire length of the wall where you want the wall panels to go to make sure there is enough room for it to fit properly. This will help you determine where the top edge of the wall panel will go over the tiles.

Mark the area:

You need to mark where you want the wall panels to fit on the tiles.

A dry erase marker would help to mark the area on the tile where the top edge of the panel will go, be sure to hold your wall panel against the tiled walls during this step to make it more precise.

Apply adhesive:

Now that you have marked where you want the panel to go, start applying adhesive in a zigzag manner to the tiled wall and make sure no spots are left uncovered with the adhesive.  

Also, be extra vigilant when covering the wall’s edges since water can seep in through these spaces. You can use a trowel or a caulking machine for this part.

Place the panels:

After the adhesive has been applied, you can now place your wall panels over the tile. Apply firm pressure on the wall panels as you start from the top and slide your hands down the length of it. This will ensure a solid and secure bond.

After the adhesive has dried and set, your new paneled walls are ready without having to remove the tiles beneath.

How do you fit PVC wall panels to a bathroom?

PVC wall panels can be fitted in the bathroom walls by first making sure the current tiled wall is good to use as a base, then clean and degrease the surface of the tiled walls.

You can use Eco Prim Grip to prepare the wall for the PVC wall panels to be applied. This will act as a bonding plaster which is needed to level the walls prior to applying the wall panel.

PVC wall panels work so well over tiled walls because of their lightweight and hollow, corrugated core.

Can shower wall panels be fitted over tiles?

Wall panels can work well on shower walls over tiles. As wall panels are waterproof and they don’t even have grouts like tiles which tend to crack and get chipped over time letting moisture in and wall panels also help prevent the growth of mold on the shower walls.

The process and result are similar to installing the wall panels over bathroom walls on top of tiles.

Are bathroom wall panels better than tiles?

Bathroom wall panels are a better option than tiles even though well maintained tiles can last longer than wall panels.

This is due to the fact that wall panels don’t need constant maintenance like tiles do as they don’t harbor mildew or mold. And are much easier and cheaper to replace than tiles and require less effort to install.

Ultimately, making it easier to change and update the look of your bathroom all by yourself.

Why are bathroom wall panels better than tiles?

Bathroom wall panels are better than tiles even though tiles can seem like the ultimate choice when making a statement shower.


High-end tiles can be brilliant but they might not be in agreement with our set budget. Whereas, you are bound to get a variety of good quality wall panels at a cheaper price.

Easy installation:

Wall panels take less time to install than tiles and you can do it yourself whereas for tiles 9 times out of 10 professional help is required which again costs a lot.

A few things like the tongue and groove system which means the wall panels come in large sheets that can be slotted together to form a perfect finish, reduced installation time and the fact that you can install wall panels over tiles make it a better deal than tiles.

No grout or cement needed:

Grout or cement won’t be required to install the wall panels. Adhesive will do the trick.


Wall panels are waterproof which adds to make it more durable. They are also low fire risk which keeps them safe in small accidental fires.

Easy-to-clean and hygienic:

Wall panels are effortless to clean because of their flat surface. This makes it easier to keep everything hygienic in the bathroom and also avoid caked up dirt, mold or bacteria since there aren’t grooves for them to collect in.

Variety to choose from:

No matter what aesthetic you are going for, you will most definitely find a wall panel to choose from.

Their wide variety gives you a freedom of choice as they carry wall panels in effects like tile, wood, marble, sparkle, brink and many more.

As you can see, wall panels are a better option from both a practical and financial standpoint.

Can you fit a wet wall on top of tiles?

Wet walls can be fitted on top of tiles. But first it is important to determine the condition of the tiled wall over which you want to install the wet wall to check if it is suitable.

If it is, then a high-quality installation will leave you with a waterproof and not to mention incredibly stylish bathroom or shower wall. And also the omission of grout makes it easier to keep it hygienically clean.

How do you cover bathroom wall tiles cheaply?

If you are bored with the look of your wall tiles or tired with the effort needed to keep it clean, you can easily change it by covering it up without having to get rid of the tiles first.

  • You can paint over the tiles with a waterproof paint such as epoxy.
  • You can cover them up using wall stickers that can be used in an environment with high-humidity.
  • Beadboard panels can be attached if you finish it off with a waterproof paint after installing.
  • Wood and liquid nails can give a rustic look while also insulating the wall.
  • Wall papers are a good way to conceal tiled walls underneath.

Are shower wall panels cheaper than tiles?

Shower wall panels tend to be much more affordable in comparison to tiles. You can get high-quality wall panels at a fraction of the cost of tiles. However, keep in mind some tiles do tend to come in a lower price but they are usually unappealing and lack durability.

Also, we cannot forget the installation cost. Wall panels can be installed without professional help if you know the correct way and steps to do it whereas tiling walls need to be done by a professional with the use of grout and cement.

Similarly, maintaining tiles can be more costly as the grout needs separate cleaner than the one used all over the tile wall but wall panels can be easily wiped down.

Wall panels can be a better option than tiled walls depending on what benefits you are looking for. But if you already have tiled walls, it won’t be difficult to update it with wall panels which come in an array of different styles and textures to choose from.