Can Bathroom Sinks be Reglazed? (Read This First!)

Bathroom sinks are the first thing that catches the eyes of any interior enthusiast. Sinks are important and should not be neglected. It gives the entire bathroom the desired look. And is used regularly. 

Depending on the usage and size of the sink, it is common for it to turn a bit dull. There are other ways you can solve this problem without having to buy a new sink.

Can bathroom sinks be reglazed?

When your sink starts to look dull it is best to reglaze it and make it look brand new. Reglazing the bathroom sink will save you a lot of money by not having to buy a new one. The reglazing works for the porcelain sinks as well. Get a professional to make your sinks looking shiny and bright again.

If you feel the sink in your bathroom has started to look dull after years of being used, you can always get it reglazed. This will save you money as you won’t have to buy a new one. And it will make your sink and the entire bathroom shine again.

Can bathroom sinks be refinished?

Bathroom sinks can start to look dull after a few years of use. To make the sink look new and shiny you can always refinish the sinks. This not only makes the sinks look brand new but refinishing the bathroom sinks will make them last longer too.

Refinishing the bathroom sinks is known to work amazingly well. It’s budget-friendly compared to getting an entirely new bathroom sink to replace the old one. This method is indeed a miracle for the interiors.

You can add things too when you are refinishing your bathroom sink.

Can you reglaze a sink yourself?

With the right equipments, proper instructions, and a bit of hard work you can easily reglaze your bathroom sink all by yourself. For the most part it, it may seem difficult as it isn’t exactly a regular house chore.

However, if you are guided properly you can reglaze your own bathroom sink.

Most homeowners prefer this as they can save a significant amount of money by doing it by themselves. Doing it by yourself will also give you a specific amount of freedom to do it however you prefer.

Reglazing the bathroom sink is not that hard so once you get the hang of it, just like most homeowners, you will prefer to do it yourself as well.

How much does it cost to reglaze a bathroom sink?

The pricing and cost of reglazing a bathroom sink depend on a lot of things like the location of the sink, the type, size, and condition of the sink. But the average price range of the total cost is somewhere between 450 dollars to 1000 dollars, including the labor and the material cost.

The materials do not usually cost much. On average the price range is between $24.58 to $27.96. The labor cost of the process is relatively high. The price range of the labor alone starts from $417.39 and can go up to $952.67.

How do you resurface a bathroom sink?

An easy way to expand the lifetime of your bathroom sink is to resurface it or reglaze it. It will give the bathroom a new shine. The best part of it is you can do it all by yourself. You will need the right tools and equipments. And for the instructions, just follow the steps below-


Prepare the sink for the reglazing process by cleaning the sink and removing the silicone caulking. Use the acid paste to clean the sink and all its’ debris.


Use cover tape to cover up any part that you do not want to reglaze.


Layer your sink with epoxy primer. A small brush is perfect to apply this. 


With a small roller apply the glaze with an even finish.


After getting the preferred coverage from the glaze you can seal it with a polyurethane topcoat.


Seal any gap with the silicone caulking.


Paint the reglazed sink with any paint of your choice.

With these easy steps, you can reglaze your bathroom sink in less than an hour. Be sure to maintain the accuracy of the layers so they look even. And get the paint you are used to working with for the perfect coverage.

What can I paint my bathroom sink with to reglaze?

It can be difficult to find the appropriate paint to reglaze the sink of your bathroom. Not like there is an abundance of choices. But to find the most durable paint can be difficult. Some of the common choices of paints are –

  • Epoxy spray paint
  • Sink & Tile brush-on epoxy
  • Appliance epoxy paint
  • Acrylic latex paint
  • Rust-Oleum’s easy-to-use aerosol can
  • Epoxy resins
  • Rustoleum Speciality Tub and Tile paint

These are some of the types of paint and some popular brands you can choose from to reglaze your bathroom sink. Any one of the paint is good to resurface your bathroom sink. You can choose based on budget or simply based on the color choice.

Can I spray paint my bathroom sink?

Spray paints are perfect for bathroom sinks. If you want to get the job done with more coverage and accuracy you should definitely go for spray paint. There are many good spray paints. But for the bathroom sink, the best product is epoxy spray paint.

Even though this type of paint is very much appropriate for the bathroom sink, it should be used by professionals. The spray paints require much precision and can take a lot of time to master. Keep trying your hand at it so you can easily use the paint on your bathroom sink.

Is it worth Reglazing a sink?

More often than others, when your bathroom sink starts to look dull you think of reglazing it. And reglazing the sink is absolutely worth it. It will give your bathroom a new look and can even make it look new again.

A lot of the time this worth depends on the money and your budget. And this part depends mostly on the size of your sink. If it is a big sink, you should reglaze it yourself as the cost of reglazing a large sink is way too much.

How long does sink Reglazing last?

The lifespan of your reglazed sink depends on how you care for it and how you use it after you are done with the reglazing. If you are careful enough, the sink can last for about 10 to 15 years.

But if you leave it at that and do not take proper care, the sink can get back to its previous state within only 3 or 4 years.

Taking care of the reglazed sink will determine how long your bathroom sink will last. If you want to keep your newly glazed sink as good as new for around 10 to 15 years that is possible with proper care.

How many times can you Reglaze a sink?

While it is true that the reglazing method works like a miracle. But it cannot and should not be used more than once. This will not make the sink more durable. In fact, the second time around will do no good at all.

Take proper care of your sink after reglazing it so it can last for a much longer time. And when the time comes, change the sink. Reglazing an already reglazed sink will do you no good.

After you have reglazed your bathroom sink once, it is best to change it when you feel it needs a new touch of reglazing again.

Can a cast iron sink be reglazed?

Reglazing and resurfacing are good for any kind of sink including an iron sink. It may take more effort to reglaze an iron sink and it can be more difficult compared to the other sinks. But it is not impossible.

The hardest part about reglazing an iron sink is cleaning it and finding the right products. If you are getting it done by professionals, it can cost more as well. But that does not mean you should not reglaze your iron sink. Changing it entirely can cost a lot more. So go for reglazing it.

Should I paint before or after refinishing my sink?

Paints take a good amount of time to completely dry out. This is why it is best to paint the sink after you have finished refinishing your bathroom sink. This way the job is done and the only thing left to finish off is the paint. This gives the paint to dry off properly.

If you try to apply paint before the refinishing job, that will also work. But as paint takes time to dry it can slow down your refinishing job. And if by any chance you start the reglazing job before the paint dries entirely you will get dents and bumps on the surface of the sink.

To avoid this it is best to paint the sink after you are done with the refinishing.

Final thoughts:

Reglazing the bathroom sink gives a new life to the interior of your bathroom. Not only does the sink shines, but the entire bathroom can look as good as new after you are done reglazing the sink. Reglazing the sink is worth your effort. Reglazing saves the cost of having to buy a new sink as well.

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