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Do Bathroom Vanities Come with Faucets?

Bathroom vanities are often an underrated piece of bathroom fittings we don’t often think about. However, a good vanity set can make your bathroom visuals and experience much, much better. 

The vanity usually contains a sink, a countertop, and cabinets underneath.

Do bathroom vanities come with faucets?

Bathroom vanities have a sink and storage built-in, but when it comes to preinstalled faucets, it depends on the manufacturer and model. Usually, vanities do not come with a preinstalled faucet. This is because they want you to have the freedom to choose the finish or model.  

Bathroom vanities come with a hole so you can put in a 1-piece center set or even a widespread 3 faucet that is 3 pieces.

They also give you the option to have storage underneath whilst having a sink on top. The manufacturers leave the option of faucet up to you so you can choose accordingly.

How much do bathroom vanities with faucets cost?

There are multiple types of vanities available for you to choose from. It goes without saying that some models will be pricier than the others. They also vary from how much you can customize it. So, when it comes to costs, it is explained below:

Premade vanities:

It depends on the size mostly, when it comes to the price of premade bathroom vanities. A 2.5 feet single vanity can be around 100 to 500 dollars, whereas a 5 feet single vanity could start from 500 dollars to 1800. 

On the other hand, a 5 feet double premade vanity can cost 550 to 1900 dollars where a larger double will set you back 1500 to 2600 US dollars.

By premade, we mean the different kinds of vanities that are already pretty much assembled which come in the shape of free-standing, floating, corner vanities with under-mount, self-rimming, and vessel sinks and countertops. 

Custom vanity:

A custom vanity is, as the name suggests, something you come up with on your own so everything is built from the ground up. It can be designed by yourself or by commissioning a cabinet maker. It can range from a lowly $500 to about $3000 approx.

You should keep in mind that when installing a vanity, you might need the help of a professional or for someone to deliver the materials, so it is smart to set some money aside for it, just in case.

Are expensive bathroom faucets worth it?

The market is saturated with fittings and fixtures that are cheap and disposable. The industry provides options for both cases, whether you want to go for cheap or expensive.

You can easily go for those on the cheaper side if aesthetics and durability are not a priority. Expensive bathroom faucets have a hefty price tag on them for a reason.

While you are paying for a brand, yes- but with the brand comes the promise of durability and class. Cheap faucets that “look expensive” show their true color sooner than later, for the finish will wilt and rust, and you will see why it was cheap for a reason.

Expensive faucets tend to be more durable for they are made of a material that lasts longer, stays in trend more, remains functional longer, and requires lesser maintenance. Keeping that in mind, yes, expensive bathroom faucets are worth it.

What is the most popular finish for bathroom faucets?

Bathroom faucets have expanded their material and finish range for which the market is exposed to different finishes. However, some finishes are clearly more popular than their counterparts and for good reason as well.

A few of the common finishes are brushed and polished nickel, polished and satin brass as well as oil-rubbed bronze. Nevertheless, the most popular finish of them all continues to be chrome, with copper being a close second.

This is because faucets with chrome and copper finishes make it very easy to match with existing bathroom vanity fixtures whilst remaining effortless to clean and maintain.

How much does it cost to install a vanity faucet?

The cost of vanity faucets depends on the zip code you live in. For example, those living in zip code 1000 will need to pay around $300 to $450 for installing a vanity project.

The price depends on the size of the job, the condition the bathroom and materials are in, the finish you choose, and so on. They will also depend on the hourly rate of your plumber, should you opt to do so, which will be around 120 to 300 dollars.

It should be noted that if you are confident with your plumbing skills, making it a DIY might save you a significant amount of money, going up to 60 percent of the projected cost.

Do bathroom vanities come with countertops?

Yes, bathroom vanities come with countertops. At least, that is the usual combo. When thinking about vanity for bathrooms, the combo is cabinetry and countertops. That means you get a sink, some storage, and a little space for things to keep.

If it’s a double vanity, you get more space, storage, and two sinks.

What is the best material for a bathroom vanity top?

Just like faucet finishes, bathroom vanity tops are made of different materials as well. If you ask professionals what the best material the answers may vary for different materials provide different functionalities.

To start with, laminate, quartz. Travertine, marble, and concrete are solid choices for vanity tops. They provide style, resilience whilst needing a varying amount of upkeep.

But, without a doubt, granite is the most popular and desired material for bathroom countertops. For good reason as well, since this natural stone is available in forms and colors. They are also durable, resistant to heat and humidity whilst remaining distinctively different with each hue and pattern.

Since granite provides beauty, desirability, functionality, and durability, they tend to be a little pricey as well, but the trade-off is well worth it, all things considered.

Here’s more about what bathroom vanities are made of, explained in details!

Bathroom vanities can often make or break the functionality of your bathroom and how you use it. By providing a countertop sink space, underneath storage, and sometimes overhang shelves- a vanity becomes a must-have that can make life so much easier. 

The faucet you pick to go with your vanity can help make the whole fixtures of the bathroom come together, changing the whole vibe and visuals of the room- a fact that is often unfortunately overlooked.