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Do Bathroom Vanities Come Assembled? (Explained!)

Assembling bathroom vanities is a hassle to most. Starting from cutting holes to drilling, it can be very time-consuming, which is why many people wish to buy assembled bathroom vanities. 

Do bathroom vanities come assembled?

Yes. There are plenty of bathroom vanities that come assembled. The price range for assembled bathroom vanities is within $500-$2000, and you can also buy them online. There are some popular brands such as Hardware Resources and Virtu USA that sell assembled bathroom vanities.

You may be tempted to customize your bathroom vanity, but assembled bathroom vanities have evolved a long way. Not only are they more affordable than custom ones, but they are also available in a variety of different sizes. 

Most of them are offered in standard sizes, but you can find ones from 24 inches to even 72 inches. 

If the one you prefer is still short in height, some manufacturers offer to add connector parts. The biggest advantage of all is that you don’t have to spend hours putting together all the parts. 

If you don’t prefer shopping online, then don’t worry because it is available in almost all home improvement stores. However, assembled bathroom vanities might not be suitable for you if you have a fixed vision in mind about how you want your bathroom to look.

This is because no matter the increase in styles, assembled bathroom vanities are still standardized compared to other types. 

Which bathroom vanity comes assembled?

  1. Virtu USA. 
  2. Hardware Resources
  3. Design Element
  4. James Martin Furniture
  5. Legion Furniture
  6. Eviva
  7. Water Creation
  8. Fresca
  9. Wyndham Collection

There are several other brands. You can look for quality assembled bathroom vanities in sites such as Home Depot, Lowe’s, Wayfair, Pottery Barn, and others. 

How much does an assembled bathroom vanity cost? 

Assembled bathroom vanities are most affordable compared to custom or semi-custom bathroom vanities. Costs can vary but they usually start from hundreds. You can get assembled bathroom vanities from $200 to $2000.

But the average price is $300 to $800. Higher quality ones are more expensive and can even go over $2000. Your overall cost can be much greater depending on the size, flooring, and installation. 

Note that although assembled bathroom vanities are cheap, the lowest ones are not of good quality and do not last as long as other models.  

Here’s a chart to help you. 

SizePrice Range
2.5′ Single$100-$400
4’ Single$400-$600
5’ Single$500-$1800
6’ Single$800-$2000
5’ Double$600-$2300
Large Double$1,500-$3000

This is a list of additional costs that you may need to plan for. 

  • Size. Size is a deciding factor when looking for bathroom vanities. Larger bathroom vanities have different prices. The larger your bathroom vanity is, the more expensive it will be.
  • Installation. The cost of buying a bathroom vanity and installing it fall into different categories. You will have to provide additional costs for replacing your bathroom vanity or plumbing. This can cost you more than a few hundred dollars. 
  • Flooring. Replacing your old bathroom vanity might cause damage to the flooring, which is why your flooring could have to be replaced for the new one. This will cost you extra. 

Overall you can expect to pay your contractors from $300 to even $1000 depending on how much work is needed. Here is more about why bathroom vanities are expensive and the cost in detail.

Benefits of having an assembled bathroom vanity.


The right assembled bathroom vanity can be of good quality and still not be as expensive as custom ones. 


They can be bought in almost every home improvement/furniture store. You don’t need to wait for months for it to be complete and just easily bring it home the same day you buy it. 

A broad range of sizes and configurations:

Assembled bathroom vanities come in several standard sizes starting from 24 inches and can go up to 72 inches. If this is still not what you prefer, you can find smaller sizes as well. 

If it is too small for you, you can also put together more vanities using connector parts. 

Variety of styles:

Starting from traditional to modern chic looks, you can find them all. 

Paired stone countertops:

Most assembled bathroom vanities are sold paired with stone countertops. This means you don’t have to purchase it separately, hence reducing the overall price, and it gives off a smooth touch to your vanity. 

Matching bathroom furnishings:

Many large vanity manufacturers sell matching bathroom furnishings along with their assembled bathroom vanity. You could find similar mirrors and cabinets.

Built-in shelf outlets and drawers:

Older assembled bathroom vanities didn’t come with built-in shelf outlets.

But now you can find them in assembled bathroom vanities as well. You will get the same hardware as a custom one and won’t have to get any specialized electrician to install it. 

Can you assemble a bathroom vanity yourself?

It might seem like a major construction project, but yes! You can assemble a bathroom vanity by yourself. You don’t require expensive tools nor long hours. If you have basic plumbing skills then you can do it.  

You should consider some factors before trying to assemble it yourself.

  • Do you have tiles on your bathroom walls? Then you need to hire a tile pro.
  • Is your flooring suitable for the new vanity?
  • Is your mirror too low for your new vanity?
  • Is your new vanity sink in the correct position to fit in the pipes?
  • Is your new vanity deeper than the old one? 

To do it yourself it may cost you $100 to $300. And how much time it takes is up to your ability and skill set.  

Caution: You might need an expert to install it for safety and accuracy for large or expensive bathroom vanities. It can be tough to know how to assemble it properly and to handle heavy tools. 

How to assemble a bathroom vanity? (Steps with explanation)

Here are some tools that you may need:

  • Power drill with screwdriver bits.
  • Stud Finder
  • Utility Knife
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Bucket or Towel
  • Tape measure
  • Jigsaw or Saw Kit

(You might need other equipment as well) 

Below are the steps to install a bathroom vanity. 

Remove the previous vanity sink:

Turn off the water to the bathroom faucet. Open the faucet to release any remaining pressure. Make sure that water is not coming out of it.

Wrap a towel or place a bucket under the P-trap on the drainpipe to prevent the water from spilling. Loosen the nut from the P-trap located at the top, and all water will come out from the fittings.

Stop the water supply lines from the shutoff valves:

Loosen the nuts used to connect the supply lines with an adjustable wrench. A utility knife can be used to cut the caulk. You can also use a crowbar. 

Disconnect the old bathroom vanity:

This usually takes less than an hour. If it’s placed using screws, use a drill or screwdriver to loosen it. If it’s placed using nails, then a pry bar is needed.

Take necessary measurements for placing the new vanity:

A stud finder can be used to locate and mark the studs. Use a pencil to mark the position of your new bathroom vanity.

Install the new vanity:

Put the vanity in position with your marks. Adjust the height using shims and check that it’s level. Make pilot holes using a drill through the cabinet that lines up with the studs. Place the cabinet to the wall using its screws.

Attach the countertop:

You will need a thin bead of caulk. Find the edge where the backsplash meets the wall and apply a bead of caulk on it. Push the caulk between the new vanity and your wall with the help of a caulk finishing tool.

Install the faucet and drain fittings:

You can find the manufacturer’s instructions for this with your new vanity. 

Connect the plumbing:

Attach your faucet with the water supply lines. Connect the sink drain line with the P-trap. Tighten all connections. Check the faucet and test for leaks.  

Basic plumbing and carpentry skills are required for this. 

How much does it cost to have bathroom vanity installed?

This is such an intricate job that installation costs might be the same as the price of the vanity. The typical range is between $346 to $527. This depends on the size of your bathroom vanity, number of sinks, cabinets, plumbing lines, and other jobs.

Some contractors charge by the hour around $100 to $150 per hour. Installing the sink alone will cost $300 on average due to plumbing lines and testing.  

Here is a chart to make it easier to calculate. 

TaskEstimated Cost
Remove existing vanity$100-$300
Replace plumbing lines(If required)$350-$1500
Install new vanity$200-$1000
Total cost$650-$2800

Note that this is just an estimate and can vary. 

Do you need a plumber to install bathroom vanity?

Yes unless your plumbing lines are set for sink and faucet hookups. You might need a plumber to replace sections of your plumbing lines as well or replace your plumbing line completely.

They charge about $45 to $200 per hour. Replacing plumbing lines can cost you as high as $1800. 

Do you install flooring before vanity?

Many prefer the flooring to be installed first to prevent dust and cutting from the flooring installation affecting the new vanity.  And flooring contractors want the cabinets to be installed first to avoid scratches from ruining the floor. 

You should install the vanity first if your bathroom floor is made of soft vinyl or wood. But if your floor installation might raise a lot of dust, install the flooring first then place the vanity. 

If your flooring is too low for the new vanity, finish the flooring first. 

If you’re planning on remodeling in the future, it’s best to do the flooring first unless you want to replace the floor along with the vanity. 

There are some advantages of placing the bathroom vanity before the flooring. Many people install a cheaper material and type of flooring beneath vanities to reduce costs.

This is because nobody is going to see the flooring below your vanity. You will also minimize the height of the flooring. 

Now you can decide if you want to buy an assembled bathroom vanity or prefer to DIY it at home. Happy Shopping!