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Are Mason Jars Dishwashers Safe? (Quick Answers)

Let’s face it. We do not like doing dishes and the blessing of having a dishwasher to do all the hard work is unmatched. If you’ve been using one, you’d also know how abrasive dishwashers can be.

If you are someone who has the urge to put your mason jars into the dishwasher, you’d first have to know whether these jars will come out in one piece.

Are mason jars dishwasher safe?

Most modern mason jars are designed to be 100% dishwasher safe. These glass jars can endure both high temperatures, as well as, jet pressure. The older models of mason jars are prone to damage inside the dishwasher. Mason jars should be put in the top rack of the dishwasher for cleaning.

Are all types of mason jars dishwashers safe?

For all the mason jar lovers out there, who want to wash their mason jars in the dishwasher, we’ve got good news. All types of mason jars are dishwasher safe, particularly new ones. However, you may want to avoid putting plastic ones into the heat.

However, you may want to take note of the fact that modern mason jars are particularly made to endure the harshness and abrasion of the jets of the dishwasher. As with any mason jars, the lids are not dishwasher safe in all the jars and are encouraged to be washed by hand.

The biggest benefit of mason jars is that they are made of glass, hence even the older ones can go into the dishwasher. One question most people especially ask is that whether major jars from Ball or Ken are dishwasher safe since they are so widely used.

With Ball mason jars, modern ones are all made to be dishwasher safe. Older Ball mason jars on the other hand are heatproof and can come out damage-free if blew-up with high heat, however, these get damaged if faced with the harsh jets of dishwasher.

As for Ken mason jars, it’s quite similar. Older models will get damaged over time but newer models of mason jars are dishwasher safe.

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Are plastic mason jars dishwasher safe?

Many manufactures claim that plastic mason jars are dishwasher safe. However, it is most suitable if plastic mason jars are washed with hands.

The problem with dishwashers is the heat it uses. Too much high temperatures are known to cause the release of toxic chemicals from plastic which can be harmful in the long run.

How to wash mason jars in a dishwasher?

Suppose you have one of Ball’s modern mason jars and you know it is dishwasher safe. This does not mean that you’d just throw that jar into the dishwasher without care and precaution.

If you simply do that, it is possible that your mason jar will get damaged before you know it. Here is how you can wash your mason jars in a dishwasher, the right way.

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Wash them with hands lightly:

At first, if you notice that your mason jar is too dirty, and has solid junk attached to it, it’s best to first wash them with your hands lightly. Rinsing them beforehand makes sure your jars come out squeaky clean.

Place the mason jars:

Be sure to place the mason jars, or even if you have one, on the top shelf of the dishwasher. This would prevent the collision of the mason jar with other utensils inside the washer.

Separate the lid:

You would want to separate the lid, as well as rings from the mason jar. If you want to put the lid into the dishwasher, first make sure it’s dishwasher safe.

Then you should only put the lids and ring into the smaller holder when you usually put spoons and forks.

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Put in some mild detergent:

Last you would want to put in some mild detergent. It is best to use a detergent that is made for glass wear so that the detergent is not too harsh for your jars.

Where do mason jars go in the dishwasher?

Most manufacturers like the Ball and Ken companies make the latest mason jars along with their lids to be safe to go into the dishwasher without trouble.

However, you might have noticed how there is much talk about how there is a certain way that these jars should be washed in the dishwasher, and more so where they should be placed.

The glass jar should always be placed on the top rack of your dishwasher. This will make sure the glass jar is safe from damage and does not particularly in contact with other kitchenware that you might have inside the dishwasher.

As for the lids, which are mostly also dishwasher safe, should be put into the dishwasher separately. You should always put them into the smaller compartments in the dishwasher. This is the compartment where you would put your silverware spoons.

The reason that the lid should be washed separately is that the jet and heat could damage the lid if the same pressure is applied as the jars.

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Do mason jars break easily?

It would not be correct to say that mason jars break easily or as easily as normal glass. However, you can assume that mason jars are quite sensitive for the same reason that they are made of glass.

The fact with mason jars is that, no matter how safe they are for use in the dishwasher, there always remains a chance of damage. If you forget to use glass-specific detergents and use more harsh ones, you’ll run the risk of damaging the jar.

Older Mason jars are much more prone to breaking inside the dishwasher due to jet pressure.

Other than that, mason jars will break more easily if they are already cracked or other fragments of rapture, it is likely that putting the mason jar into the dishwasher or dropping it off from smaller heights can completely break the jar.

Are plastic mason jar lids dishwasher safe?

If the lid of the mason jar you want to put into the dishwasher is made of plastic, it is best to think twice before putting it into the appliance. Although these plastic lids are completely dishwasher safe, usually most people prefer hand washing them.

As they are made of plastic and require no ring, you would be saving the problem of rusting. Plastic mason jar lids are so much more convenient and easier to clean by hand. With mild detergent and not too much heat, you can put them into the dishwasher as well.

Yet, there is much debate about how the high temperature in the dishwasher could release chemicals from any plastic. These chemicals are said to be toxic in the long run. Hence, it is best to be safer in the case of plastic lids.

If you still want to wash it in the dishwasher, you’d need to put it in the smaller compartment to save it from any damage.

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How do you clean mason jar lids?

Unless mason jar lids are plastic, the heated water will not harm the mason jar lid. Like mason jars, the lids are also made to be dishwasher safe. When putting the lids, all you have to do is make sure to put them into the utensil section instead of the regular one.

However, like many, we also advise you to wash the mason jar lids manually so that you can avoid the chance of early rusting. Additionally, it is a breeze to clean and wash mason jar lids by hand.

First, separate the lid from the mason jar and if you have many, take all the lids out. Next, fill a big container or bowl with distilled vinegar and soak all the lids into the vinegar.

Use a timer to soak the lids for half an hour. At this stage, you can scrub off the junk dirt if there is any. After that rinse with fresh water.

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How do you sterilize mason jars in the dishwasher?

Sterilizing mason jars can be done by first washing the mason jars in the process we have already mentioned. Once thoroughly cleaned, you can boil the jar in boiling water for about 5 to 7 minutes.

If you don’t want to put in extra effort, you can use the heating cycle in your dishwasher. Just turn that cycle on for about the same time to sterilize the mason jars.

Final Thoughts:

Depending on how old or new the mason jar is, it will be more dishwasher safe. All new ones, along with their lids are safe to be cleaned in the dishwasher. Ones made with plastic and their lids, however, should be washed by hand. You can also sterilize glass mason jars with a high blow-up of heat.