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Are Laminate Floors Slippery? (Explained!)

Laminate floors are available and popular floor covering nowadays. Many people like to laminate floors for their durability and reasonable cost.

Moreover, the laminate floor creates an aesthetic and wood-like appearance. Many people like this wood-like appearance on the floor.

But some people have the belief that laminate floors are slippery. Though this traditional floor covering has improved over time, there is still confusion. If you are confused about whether the laminate floors are slippery or not, check out this article to know about the laminate floor.

Are laminate floors slippery?

Laminated floors are relatively slippery. They become more slippery when there is water on them. Traditionally, laminate floors were much more slippery. Though these floor coverings have been improved over time, laminate floors still have some static electricity that makes the floor more slippery.

One of the disadvantages of laminate floors is that they can be slippery. Most developers use one type of hard coating over the laminates while manufacturing. This makes the laminate floor slippery.

Moreover, if you regularly polish the laminate floor, it can be more slippery. Laminate floors tend to have static electricity on them; that is another reason for being slippery. So, usually, laminate floors are slippery.

Are all laminate floors slippery?

Not all laminate floors, but most laminate floors are slippery. Some laminates are furnished with oil or gloss-type coating while manufacturing.

These coatings make the laminates more slippery. For example, satin finish laminates, oiled wood finish laminates, high gloss or piano finish laminates, etc., are more slippery.

Over time, the developers discovered many types of laminates that are not so slippery. These laminates are more like woods and have a wood finish. For example, matte finish laminates, natural wood finish laminates, stone finish laminates, etc., are not slippery laminate floors.

Is gloss laminate flooring slippery?

Gloss laminate flooring is highly slippery. Generally, laminate flooring is slippery. But among the different types of laminate flooring, gloss laminate flooring is the most slippery.

Gloss laminate flooring has a smooth surface and slick. So, gloss and high gloss laminate flooring become pretty slippery. Slippery is one of the disadvantages of gloss laminate flooring. When the floor is wet, it becomes highly slippery.

Is laminate flooring slippery when wet?

Laminate flooring can be slippery when it is wet or dirty. Laminate flooring also gets swelled and damped if it is wet for a long time. Laminate flooring has been slippery from the very beginning. But a damp floor can make the laminates more slippery.

Other things like dirt, oil, or slimy things can make the laminate flooring more slippery. So, always try to keep the laminate flooring clean and dry.

Is laminate too slippery for stairs?

Laminate can be slippery for stairs. Laminate floorings are comparatively slippery than other floorings. So, laminate isn’t safe for stairs.

Generally, we should be careful while climbing up or going down the stairs. But if the stairs are slippery, sudden accidents can occur. Moreover, laminate stairs are too slippery.

Is it safe to put laminate on stairs?

It’s not entirely safe to put laminate on stairs. Though the laminate will look good on stairs, it can be too slippery. Stairs are sensitive places where you have a fear of slipping. If the laminates are already slippery, the fear of falling off will be more.

Moreover, if you have a baby or older person in your home, you shouldn’t use the laminate on the stairs. You can use laminate on the floor but on stairs isn’t the right choice.

Is laminate floor too slippery for dogs?

A laminate floor can be slippery for the dogs. Laminate floors become more slippery when they are wet. Sometimes, the dog returns home after walking, and the dog’s wet paws can slip over the laminate floor.

When the laminate floor is wiped or cleaned, it gets slippery. If the dog comes over the wiped floor, he can slip on the floor. So, laminate floors aren’t dangerous for dogs, but the floor can be slippery for them.

Why is my laminate floor so slippery?

Laminate floors are considered slippery traditionally. Laminates have such a finish or coating that is pretty smooth for flooring. So, while walking, the floor creates a static force.

Sometimes, the floor is wet or dirty that can make the laminate floor slippery. Some other reasons can also be responsible for making your laminate floor slippery. Let’s see what the reasons for the slippery laminate floor are.

5 reasons why my laminate floor is so slippery

Water and dirt:

Water and dirt can make the laminate floor slippery. Water and dirt also make the floor swelled and damaged quickly. Moreover, using too much water, using random cleaner, improper use of vacuum, etc., can make the laminate floor more slippery.

Using wrong footwear:

If you know that the laminate floor is relatively slippery, you can’t use any random footwear on the laminate floor. Dirty and wet footwear can also lead you to slip or slide over the floor.

Damped furniture:

If you have damped furniture in your room, it might leakage damped material from it. The floor around the furniture also gets damped and slippery. So, if you have damped furniture, it can cause the laminate floor to become more slippery.

Dirt from pets and plants:

If you have pets in your home, they can make the floor dirty and slippery. For example, you have a dog or a cat, and he returns from a walk in wet and muddy paws. From the pet’s paws, the laminated floor can be damp and slippery.

The same reason goes for the plants. Sometimes, the water leakage from the plant’s pot might wet the laminated floor and make it slippery.

Avoiding anti-slip spray:

You can find different types of anti-slip spray for the floor. It can solve the slippery floor problem quickly. If you avoid this helpful spray, the laminate floor will remain slippery.

How do laminate floors get slippery?

Laminate floors can get slippery in many ways. A little bit of unconsciousness can make your laminate floor more slippery. Let’s see how the laminate floors get slippery.

  • If the laminate floors get dirty, they can be slippery.
  • If the laminate is wet, it can become slippery.
  • If the floor gets damped or damaged by excessive sunlight, it can be slippery.
  • If your pet gets dirty paws or wet paws, he can make the laminate floor slippery.
  • If you don’t use an anti-slip spray regularly, the floors become slippery.
  • If you don’t clean the laminate surface properly, it can be slippery. 

How do I make my laminate floor less slippery?

Slipping or sliding on the floor can be so dangerous. Though laminate floors are likely to be slippery, you can take steps to make the floor less slippery. Let’s see some techniques for how you can make your laminate floor less slippery.

Use anti-slip spray:

For making your laminate floor less slippery, you can use anti-slip spray. Various brands and types of sprays are available. Choose the spray which is suitable for the floor and use it regularly.

Keep the floor clean:

Always keep the laminate floor clean from dirt and water. Dirt and water can make the laminate floor more slippery. While wiping or cleaning the floor, make sure the floor dries quickly.

Put on suitable footwear:

Random or slippery footwear might be responsible for the floor to become slippery. Use suitable footwear that can be worn on smooth floors.

Keep your pet’s paws clean and dry:

Your pet can get dirty and make the laminate floor also dirty or wet. When your pet returns at home, clean his paws and dry them.

Keep away damaged furniture:

Your laminate floor can get slippery from the leakage of damaged furniture. So, whenever you notice any damaged furniture, keep it away from the laminate floor.

How to keep laminate floors from being slippery?

To keep laminate floors from being slippery, you have to maintain some regular processes. Let’s see how you can keep your laminate floors from being slippery.

  • Always keep the laminate floor clean from dirt and oil.
  • Keep the laminate floor dry from water and liquid.
  • Use anti-slip spray regularly on the laminate floor.
  • Keep the laminate floor clean from the plant and pet’s dirt.
  • Keep away the damaged furniture from the laminate floor.
  • Use suitable footwear for a smooth floor, like a laminate floor.

What is the least slippery flooring?

Ceramic or porcelain is the least slippery flooring. Ceramic or porcelain flooring is one of the best floorings to avoid slip. Though the ceramic tile is smooth, it is durable also. If you have children or an older person in your home, you can use ceramic or porcelain flooring.

Moreover, glass flooring, non-slip vinyl flooring, bamboo flooring, carpet flooring, rubber flooring, etc., are also less slippery flooring.

Laminate floors are one of the most durable and cost-effective floorings. It can provide a smooth wood-like surface on the floor. But laminate floors can be slippery most times.

The manufacturing process, slippery coating, water, oil, etc., are responsible for making the laminate floors slippery. If you have a laminate floor, you can make the floor less slippery following some techniques mentioned in this article.