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Are Laminate Floors Good for Dogs? (All You Need to Know)

Generally, laminate floors are strong and scratch-resistant. Many people install laminate floorings in their houses and offices for laminate floor’s durability. Laminate floors are unique but have some excellent features.

When you have pets in your home, you have to think about the accessories of your house. Moreover, when you have wood furniture or laminate flooring, you might have a fear of scratch marks from your dogs or cats.

This article will tell you about whether the laminate floor is suitable for dogs or not.

Are laminate floors good for dogs?

Laminate floors are good for dogs because most laminate floors are scratch-resistant. Laminate floors are durable to stand up against the scratches of dogs. Moreover, laminate floors are easily cleanable from the dirt of dogs’ paws. Laminate floors also prevent the floor from getting stains.

When you have a dog in your house, it’s typical that the dog will scratch the floor. Active dogs are likely to scratch the floor often. Most laminate flooring manufacturer companies give a warranty that the floors are scratch-resistant.

If the dog scratches with pressure, there might be minor scratch marks on the floor. You can repair it with a repairing kit on your own. Even the laminate floors are not so difficult to clean. If the floor gets dirty from the dog’s paws, you can clean the floor easily.

Is laminate flooring suitable for dogs?

Laminate flooring is suitable for dogs. Even laminate flooring is one of the perfect choices for houses that have dogs and other pets. Because laminate flooring is scratch-resistant. Laminate flooring also stands up against the dog’s scratch and pressure.

You can clean the flooring easily when the laminate floor gets dirty with the dogs. Sometimes, dogs create stains on the floor. These stains are also removable from the laminate flooring. So, if you have dogs in your house, you can install laminate flooring without hesitation.

Why laminate flooring with dogs can be a great option?

Laminate flooring can be an excellent option for houses with dogs. Several advantages and features make the laminate flooring suitable for dogs. Let’s see the reason why laminate flooring with dogs can be a great option.


Most laminate floorings have scratch resistance. Even the manufacturing companies give a guarantee about the resistance. The laminate floor can stand up against the dogs’ scratches.

Protective top layer:

Laminate flooring has a protective top layer over it. This layer is designed in such a way that it can prevent damage and scratches. Even if any minor scratches occur, you can easily repair or color the upper layer of the laminate.


Laminate floors are strong and durable. They can withstand the pressure and scratches that are from dogs. So, laminate flooring is suitable flooring for dogs.


Sometimes, the laminate floors get dirty when the dog returns home after a walk. You can easily wipe the floor and prevent any stains from the floor.

What type of laminate flooring is best for dogs?

Laminate floorings are available in many types. Generally, laminate flooring is suitable for dogs. But some laminate floorings can be slippery for the dogs. So, you have to choose the perfect laminate if you have a dog in your house.

Scraped or textured laminate can be the best option for dogs. Because textured laminates provide most grips for scampering paws. Active and large dogs are likely to run on the laminate floor. So, you have to choose the laminates which are not slippery.

Moreover, textured laminated is not noticeable if there is any minor scratch on the floor. So, textured type laminate flooring is the best for dogs.

How to keep laminate floors clean with dogs? – Maintaining tips

If you have a dog in your house and a laminate floor, sometimes the floor can be dirty because of your dog. So, it would help if you kept the laminate floors clean with dogs. Let’s see how you can keep your laminate floor clean.

Clean with vinegar:

Vinegar is a suitable cleaner for cleaning the laminate floor. If you use white vinegar mixing with water, the laminate floor will be clean from stickiness and dirt. So, when you wash the laminate floor, use vinegar with the water.

Wipe the floor often:

When your dog comes home after a walk, dirt and dust might stick to his paws. You have to wipe either his paws or the floor immediately to prevent any stain. If the laminate floor gets stained, clean the floor with a gentle cleanser.

Sometimes, the dog can pee on the laminate floor. You have to wipe or clean the floor immediately. Otherwise, the pee can damage or damp the laminate floor.

Don’t use excessive cleaners:

When you use an excessive amount of cleaners on the floor, the floor might not dry properly and get sticky.

When the dog walks on this floor, the floor might get dirty, or the dog can get slipped on the floor. So, avoid too many amounts of cleaners on the laminate floor.

Train the dog:

Place a mat or rug on the floor for the dog to relax after sweating and returning home after a walk. Train your dog to use the mat or rug. This mat will prevent the floor from getting dirty. 

Will dogs ruin laminate flooring?

Generally, dogs will not ruin or damage the laminate flooring. Laminate floorings are durable enough to stand up against scratches. Moreover, most laminate floorings are scratch-resistant.

Sometimes, much pressure and aggressiveness of the dogs can make some minor scratches on the laminate floor.

These scratches are not noticeable most times. Even if any minor scratches are noticeable, you can fix them with color. So, dogs can’t ruin the laminate floorings.

Will dog pee ruin laminate floors?

Dog pee can damage the laminate floors. Usually, laminate floors are suitable for dogs. But dog pee can ruin the floor if not cleaned immediately. Dog pee contains some elements that can damage the laminate floors.

Laminate floors are some joints of laminate planks. So, if there is a little bit of gap between the planks and the dog’s pee get into the flooring, the floor will get damaged.

Laminate floors are floating floors. So, dog pee can get into the laminate floors and damp the floor. So, when your dog pees on the floor, clean the floor immediately or train your dog not to pee on the laminate floor.

What is the best flooring for dog pee?

When you have a dog, you have to think that your dog might pee on the floor. Cleaning the floor immediately might not always be possible. So, you have to choose a suitable floor if you have a dog in your house.

The bamboo floor is one of the best floorings for dog pee. The bamboo floor is so strong and stain-resistant. It also doesn’t get damped when the dog pee on the floor. Moreover, the bamboo floor is easy to clean.

Cork Floors, Stone Floors, Tile Floors, Vinyl Floors, and Laminate Floors are also suitable for houses with dogs. But when it comes to dog pee, bamboo flooring is the best.

Is all laminate flooring scratch resistant?

Most laminate floorings are scratch-resistant. Laminate floors are so robust that they don’t get scratches or stains so easily. Most manufacturer companies ensure that the laminate floors are scratch-resistant.

But sometimes, some cheap and low-quality laminate floorings can get scratches. These scratches are also not noticeable. You can easily fix the scratches with a repairing kit or coloring.

Which is more scratch resistant laminate or vinyl?

The vinyl floor is more scratch-resistant than the laminate floor. Vinyl floor has such strength and durability that the floor doesn’t need a special cleaning element to clean.

But laminate floors need suitable cleaners to clean. It proves that the vinyl floors are more scratch-resistant.

The planks of the vinyl floors are highly scratch-resistant. Though laminate floors are scratch-resistant, some laminate floors can still get scratched if they are low-quality. So, the vinyl floors are more scratch-resistant.

What is the best scratch resistant laminate flooring?

Textured laminate flooring is the best scratch-resistant flooring among the laminate flooring. Textured laminate has an upper layer that prevents scratching. Even if minor scratches are present on the floor, the scratches won’t be noticeable.

Textured laminate flooring also is more sustainable than other laminate floorings. Moreover, this floor is easy to clean and gives the appearance of natural wood. The upper wear layer is beneficial to have scratch-resistant laminate flooring.

Laminate floors are suitable for dogs and other pets. Active dogs can roam around the house with a laminate floor. The floor will not get scratch marks easily as the laminate floor is scratch-resistant. Moreover, laminate floors are easy to clean and sustainable.

But if the dog pee on the laminate floor, the floor might get damped and damaged. So, try to ensure that your dog might not pee on the laminate floor. Otherwise, laminate floors can be an excellent option for dogs.