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Are Headboards Universal or Interchangeable? (Answered)

Headboards can add definition and the much-needed personal touch in cooperation with your home décor. Apart from the outlook of the headboard, it also has genuine functionalities like keeping the cold wall hidden away.

You may have a headboard that you adore but can’t find any beds to go with it.

So, the question you naturally ask yourself is whether headboards are universal or interchangeable. Let us answer that question for you.

Are headboards universal or interchangeable?

Wall-mounted headboards are somewhat universal because you can use them with different size beds or mattresses without having to worry about the fitting points. The other types of headboards need to match the width of the bed and also the fixing points in order to be interchangeable.

Are all headboards universal?

Not all headboards are universal because the fitting mechanism is different in each of the headboard categories. Whether a headboard is universal or not, depends on the type of headboard you have.

If it’s a wall-mounted headboard then you can use it with different bed sizes.

Wall-mounted headboards come in different materials and designs. All you need to do is mount your headboard to the wall and then place the bed in front of it and you’ll be all set. Even if the sizes don’t match, your headboard won’t look out of place.

As for the other types of headboards namely, the bed-mounted headboard isn’t universal because your bed needs to fit the headboard. The free-standing headboard however can be used interchangeably if you wish to.

Are all headboards the same size?

Typically the headboard size depends on the mattress and bed size. The headboards are normally a few inches wider than the mattress so that you can coordinate the other furniture of your room with the headboard. You will find a variety of sizes in the market.

The size of the headboard also depends on how the headboard is meant to be mounted. A bed-mounted headboard must fit with the bed.

For a twin bed, the headboard width should be approximately 41 inches. As for the queen and king-sized beds, the headboards should be 62 inches and 80 inches in width respectively.

When it comes to the height of the headboard, a general rule of thumb is to not have a headboard taller than the bed.

The height is measured from where the headboard is visible just above the mattress. Depending on the size of the bed you can go for a 14 inch, 28 inches or even a 58-inch headboard.

Are Ikea headboards interchangeable?

Ikea produces a variety of headboards and they also sell headboards of different brands. While some headboards of the same sizes are interchangeable, most of the Ikea headboards aren’t interchangeable. That’s because Ikea makes specific headboards for specific models of bed.

Ikea has headboards with bookshelf, chic upholstery, and even wood and leather combination. So you have multiple options to choose from. Typically they make these headboards with a specific bed model in mind.

Recently Tom Dixon collaborated with Ikea to design a modular bed that you can customize with different furniture including headboards, side tables, and other accessories.

You have the option to choose from two different headboards as you please. In the future, they may introduce newer options of headboards which you will be able to use interchangeably.

Can you attach any headboard to a platform bed frame

If the size and the fitting measurements match with the platform bed frame then you can attach that specific headboard.

Other headboards like the free-standing headboard or the wall-mounted headboard can be used with the platform bed frame as well but require additional support.

Free-standing headboards can be placed in-between the platform bed frame and the wall. But these sorts of headboards might not be entirely secured. As for the wall-mounted headboards, you will need to measure out the holes and attach them accordingly to the wall.

The normal headboards are attached to the platform bed frame using screws and bolts. So if your headboard matches your bed frame size, you won’t have to go through much of a hassle. Just simply adjust it with the frame and screw it in place. 

How do I fit a headboard to my bed?

Headboards not only ensure your comfort or enhance the beauty of your room but also provide safety to your bed from scratching against the wall. You can easily fit a headboard into your bed.

Let’s find out, how –

Attaching the struts:

Firstly, you will need to attach the struts (also known as legs) to the headboard. Locate the holes in the headboard and then align them with the holes in the struts.

Then screw them in place using a screwdriver or a screw machine depending on what you have at hand.

Locating the holes in the bed:

Your bed should have designated holes for attaching the struts of the headboard. You will need to locate them as they might be hidden in the fabric.

But most manufacturers provide a sign or sticker on the holes to make it easier to find for the customers. Your bed base will have pre-drilled holes on both the head side and foot side for extra attachments.

Piercing the bed frame:

Once you locate the holes in the bed frame, you will have to pierce the fabric on the bed frame to get access to the holes. But not every bed frame has the same built, so this step will depend on the type of bed frame you have.

You can pierce the bed frame fabric using a screwdriver or any other sharp tool.

Screwing the bolts:

After you piercing the holes, you will need to screw the bolts tightly into the bed base. Don’t screw the bolts completely into the frame as you won’t have space to insert the headboard struts.

You should leave about four centimeters of bolt outside and repeat the process with the other bolt.

Placing the struts onto the bolts:

As mentioned earlier, you will now have to position the struts of the headboard on the bolt on both sides. The struts should slide onto the open four centimeters of the bolt.

When the pronged ends of the strut are in the correct place, tighten the bolt to secure the headboard in place.

Adjust the headboard height:

Before adjusting the height of the headboard, place the mattress on the bed to better understand what height you want. You can loosen the strut’s bolts to lower or higher the headboard easily.

Once you identify your desired height use a level to place both ends of the headboard at the same height.

Can a queen-size headboard fit a full-size bed?

A full-size bed has a frame of 54 inches by 75 inches and a queen-size bed has a frame of 60 inches by 80 inches. So you’ll easily be able to fit a queen-sized headboard with a full-sized bed. The extra space on each side can be used for different accessories.

Using a full-sized bed with a queen-size headboard won’t look out of place. The remaining inches of the headboard on the sides can be covered up with pillows, mattresses, and different other layers.

You can also use furniture accessories like a side table to accompany your headboard. In short, no matter how you style your bed, you can use a queen-size headboard with your full-sized bed.

Do Ikea headboards fit all beds?

To put it simply, Ikea produces a variety of beds and headboards and they are assigned for combining with specific models. That’s why Ikea headboards won’t fit all beds.

Some of the latest bed designs from Ikea have incorporated attachable frames. You can use different headboards interchangeably with these sorts of beds but the options are limited.

So, when you get an Ikea headboard make sure it fits with your existing bed otherwise you might have to do a lot of drilling and cutting.

Can a headboard be smaller than the bed?

Headboards that are smaller than the bed doesn’t look nice and it can stick out like a sore thumb. But one way to make up for it is by using artworks, lighting, or other accessories to make up for the headboard size.

You can use artworks of the same color palette on both sides of the headboard parallelly. Another option is to add headlamps to cover up the free space.

Use the empty space as your canvas rather than a shortcoming and you will be able to brainstorm new ways to make your décor pop even more.

Are headboard fittings universal?

Because there are different sizes, shapes, and functionalities, headboard fittings aren’t universal. While the same sized headboards may have similar sort of fittings, even then the size of the screws and bolts may differ according to each brand’s production.

The headboards generally come with struts to attach them to the bed. However, the latest models are now being produced without struts.

With so many options in the market, hopefully they will introduce universal fittings soon.

Can you buy a separate headboard?

A lot of the headboards are sold separately so you won’t face any trouble buying a separate headboard. If you want to buy a separate headboard, you will need to ensure the size and fitting of the headboard goes with the bed frame.

Bed-mounted headboards require you to find the right match but the wall-mounted headboards and the free-standing headboards are much easier to buy.

In the case of the latter two, you can buy any headboard of your choice as long as the size fits your bed size.

To sum things up, headboards are slowly becoming an integral part of the bedroom décor. You have the freedom to choose your desired headboard as long as it fits the bed.