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Are Headboards Adjustable? (Complete Height Guide)

If you are thinking about buying headboards, then you might be wondering if they are adjustable. In that case, you will be able to adjust accordingly to your bed and get your money’s worth. Proper knowledge can help you do so.

So, we have done that part of the job to make it easier for you to know better about headboards. Let’s dig into it.  

Are headboards adjustable?

Headboards are adjustable. They can be adjusted according to your bed and requirements if they are size compatible. It is a type of furniture that can be adjusted to the head of almost all kinds of beds. If you have a problem with the height, it can easily be adjusted with simple steps.

Although headboards are nowadays used more for aesthetic purposes than functionality, they can help you give more comfort. If you buy a mattress that has different dimensions than the one you owned previously, then do not worry.

There are a few ways in which you can adjust your headboard to match the dimensions of your bed better and to help make you feel more comfortable. It can be attached to mostly all types of beds and then adjusted further to cater to your needs. 

How do you adjust the height of your headboard?

You need to know more about how headboards work to help you adjust them according to your needs. It is important that you check out the size chart before buying one. However, do not worry, as you can increase or decrease the height with a few simple steps. 

How do I make my headboard higher?

You can simply raise your headboard using the bed risers. So, let’s know more about the process.

Measure the headboard legs properly:

You must measure the freestanding legs of your headboard with accuracy so that you are aware as to how much height you want to increase. This will also further assist you in choosing a bed riser with accurate dimensions.

If you do not do this step properly, the bed riser will not end up fitting your headboard or give you the height you want. 

Select a bed riser:

With the measurements taken from the previous step, select a suitable bed riser. Depending on how much height you want, choose a bed riser offering you the same height. 

Place the bed riser under the legs of headboards:

You need to make sure to adjust your bed riser properly so that the headboard legs sit properly on top of its innermost surface. If you find that it is not adjusting properly then you might need to find another bed riser that fits properly.

Secure it with screws:

If you notice that the bed riser is not fully firm with your headboard then you must use screws to fasten them even tighter. This is for the purpose of extra safety.

How do you make a headboard shorter?

Making the headboard short isn’t that kind of hard of a job. Just making sure that you do the steps properly can help you do it perfectly.

Remove exterior moldings:

If there are any exterior moldings, you can either remove them or remove them altogether when you are shortening the bed frame.

If there are posts, then you should first use a hammer to tap them off and attach them again when you are done shortening them.  

Measure accurately:

It is very important that you measure how much you want to shorten your headboard. Accurate measurements are a must as this is a permanent change, and you will not be able to revert it back. 

Use a table saw:

If the headboard has legs, you can just easily cut that part off and decrease the overall height. If there are not any legs present, use a table saw to cut the headboard.

Steady the headboard and run a saw over one side, rotate it, and run the other side too. This will give your headboard a clean cut. 

How to raise a wooden headboard or an upholstered headboard?

Raising different mounting system headboards can be done easily with the following steps.


Change position of the brackets:

If your headboard is mounted to the wall with brackets, then you can simply change the positioning.

Measure accurately as to how high you want it, and then change the location of the wall brackets accordingly to adjust the position. Additionally, you can also purchase wall brackets that are adjustable to make it more simple for you.

Remove screws:

If your headboard is bolted to the wall with screws, then you will need to remove them.

Then secure your headboard higher up on the wall according to your wants. However, do keep in mind that this will end up damaging your walls and leave behind holes. If you end up switching the position of your bed, later on, these holes will be very visible. 

Bed frame-mounted:

Change the position of the holes behind your bed:

When you find the holes behind your bed, line them up with holes that are present in your headboard’s legs.

When you are doing so, you must keep in mind to put the headboard against your bed so that the holes can easily line up.

Push the bolts into the mounting holes:

Once you are done aligning, ask someone to hold it for you and push the bolts into the holes on the bed frame. Slide a washer into the bolt and screw on a nut onto it tightly. 


Repeat step 3 for the other leg, and once you are happy with the height using a plier to tighten the bolts and secure it into the bed frame. 

How do you brace a bed headboard?

You can use a thread-locking adhesive to brace your bed’s headboard. You need to take off the mattress and the box spring first to access the bolts.

This will help you to get a closer look at the bolts that connect the headboard to the frame. Check for any loose bolts and if there are, use a plier to help tighten them. 

You should then apply a few drops of the adhesive to the bolts present. Be sure to use one that is made particularly for house-fitting bolts. In case you ever need to move your bed, this will ensure that you are able to remove the seal.

Make sure to tighten all the bolts once you have applied the adhesive and add extra bolts if there is any space available. Wait for 24 hours for the adhesive to dry.

Can you use bed risers with a headboard?

Yes, you can use bed risers with headboards as long as you know what you are doing. It can definitely be used to raise the height of your headboard.

You need to make sure that they are placed appropriately and that you find the right one catering to your needs. Installing one can be quite challenging; thus, make sure to have someone to help you. 

You must be aware of the kind of headboard and bed frame you have. You also need to measure the dimensions to accuracy.

If you do not do so, the fittings will not be proper, and your bed will not be secure. Make sure to purchase ones that meet the demand of your headboard and bed frame. 

How tall should my headboard be?

There are no rules when it comes to headboards, as they should be catered to fit your comfort levels. However, if we are speaking on a general note, then it is recommended that the length of your headboard should not surpass the length of your bed.  

There are some standard headboard sizes according to the mattress size.

Twin size:

For a twin-sized mattress, the headboard should be fourteen inches above the mattress.

Queen size:

When it comes to full and queen-sized mattresses, then the headboard should be twenty-eight inches above the mattress.

King size:

For king-sized and California King, the headboard should be fifty-eight inches above the mattress.  

Of course, these are all standard sizes, and you can always go for a height that suits your needs better. 

How to use headboard height extension brackets?

Extension brackets can be a great option to adjust the height of your headboard according to your needs. You need to first ensure to purchase one that matches the dimensions of your headboards and fits perfectly.

Attach the brackets to your headboard using a screwdriver in the proper way. Then use the slots present there on the extension brackets to position the headboard to your bed frame. 

Should headboard legs touch the floor?

Usually, headboards do not touch the floor and are attached to the bed instead. However, there is a type of headboard present called the floor standing headboard. These headboards are made in a way that sits directly on the floor.

The headboard bolts are passed through the headboard and then into the bed. The slots are on the actual headboard and not on the struts extended from the headboard. It all comes down to personal preference.  

Can headboard be attached to adjustable beds?

Yes, most headboards are compatible with adjustable beds. Generally, adjustable beds have brackets present, which can help you install your headboard very easily.

Before buying a headboard, just ensure that they are compatible with adjustable beds, and you will be good to go. 

In standard terms, headboards tend to be higher than the mattress according to the size of the mattress. Even though it is typically proportionate to the size of the mattress, you do not have to hesitate to go any lower or higher according to your needs.

You are free to create a look that you think will go well with your room. However, if even then you end up deciding to switch it up, later on, you can easily do so.

Raising or decreasing the height of headboards is not difficult as long as you are fully informed and aware of what you are doing.