Are Daybeds Good for Everyday Use? (Explained)

If you have a small apartment and you don’t have enough space in your room to accommodate a sofa and bed, you can effortlessly give a shot to daybeds since they can provide you with multiple services.

Are daybeds good for everyday use?

Daybeds are multifarious furniture that you can use every day effortlessly as a sofa during the daytime and as a sleeping place at night. However, they can be a little uncomfortable than both the sofa and bed. So, you must ensure the quality of the mattress and material to use it casually every day.

Why daybeds are good for everyday use?

Saves up space:

Even if you have a small apartment and you can’t fit a couch and bed together in your room, daybeds are perfect for you. It will save you up enough space and you can use it as both a couch and bed every day.

Style your room:

You can style up a daybed as you like with varieties of colors, designs, and pillows complementing the look of your bedroom or office.

Extra sleeping option:

Daybeds save your day if you don’t have an extra bedroom in your house for guests coming over. With a daybed, you can simply turn it into a bed for your guests at night. And you can also spend quality time sitting on it as a sofa during the day.

Serves multiple purposes:

You can use a daybed as a sofa or a bed to sleep in. During the daytime, you can arrange it with pillows and throws. During the night, you can sleep on it by removing the throws and covers.

Can a daybed be used as a regular bed?

A daybed, however, doesn’t look like a regular bed, but you can surely use it as one. You can set it up in your living room, kids’ room, and outdoor patio, and can also double it as a sofa and bed at night.

Nonetheless, to use a daybed as a regular bed you have to build it with a quality mattress and materials. Daybeds made of wood tend to squeak and break easily. Metal and steel daybeds are stronger and do not crack often.

You have to make sure that the bed frame is strong enough to handle all the weight you’re going to put on it regularly. Thus, you can use it as a bed throughout the day and night as well.

Can a daybed be used as a couch or sofa?

You can use a daybed as a couch or sofa. The armrests, backrests, and deep upholstered structure of a daybed allow you to use it both as a couch and sofa.

You can style your daybed as a couch or sofa with varieties of cushions, and throw pillows during the day. A daybed with armrests and backrests will look like a couch if you organize it with a few throw pillows.

However, if your daybed doesn’t have any armrest or backrest, it might be difficult to make it look like a couch and use it as one. Moreover, it won’t be as comfortable as a couch or sofa as well. You have to place it against the wall to lean on and make it somewhat comfortable.

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about your overnight guests, or friends when they come over. You can simply turn your sofa or couch into a bed and give them an extra sleeping space. Thus, daybeds have much more to them than using them as a couch or sofa.

And in the morning, you can remove the bedding arrangements from your daybeds and set them up with throw pillows, and have morning coffee together sitting on your daybed.

How does a daybed work?

A daybed is multifunctional furniture that can work as a sofa, bed, futon, or couch. It comes with three sides, the two sides serve as a headboard and footboard; whereas, the backside works like a couch supporting your back.

Your daybed works perfectly when installed with a twin-size mattress or futon. A queen-size or full-size mattress won’t give you the comfort and benefit of using it as a sofa or couch since they’re so upholstered.

A daybed works fine for your home office, reading room, guest room, and kids’ room. You can give your home office a comfortable sitting and an extra sleeping place by placing a twin-size daybed.

Daybeds also serve you right when you place them in your kids’ room for sleepovers. Not to mention, how daybeds serve as an extra sleeping place for your overnight guests.

What are daybeds good for?

Provides you with more accommodations:

You can not only use this multifunctional furniture as a couch or sofa but also as a comfortable sleeping place. To make it more comfortable you can place cushions and throw pillows at the high back of your daybed. And the lower two sides will serve you as headrest and footrest.

You can have your coffee sitting on your daybed and can also work late at night. Moreover, you can snuggle up in a blanket on a cozy day while reading a book on a daybed.

Extra sleeping space:

It often becomes an issue when you have a guest coming over but only one bed in your room. For small apartments, a daybed solves this issue giving your guests a suitable place to sleep. Thus, you can also save storage.

Saves up money:

Daybeds are the perfect furniture for teenagers or young professionals in a bachelor house when you can’t afford to buy a bed and a sofa or couch. In such scenarios, you can save yourself quite some bucks by buying this one piece of furniture.


Daybeds come in a variety of designs, colors, and shapes. You can style your bedroom, home office, reading room, kids’ room with a daybed as you like with different colors and designs complimenting the style of your house.

Are daybeds a good idea?

Daybeds are an excellent idea for anyone living in a confined home. Moreover, it is multifunctional furniture that you can use in your living room, home office, bedroom, guest room, and kids’ room.

You can use the daybed as a couch or sofa decorating it with colorful throws and pillows. A twin-mattress daybed will make your living room, or office room look elegant. And you can also use it as an extra sleeping space at night.

Daybeds are a smart choice if you have guests coming over frequently. You can remove the additional pillows and cover them with a bed sheet to make them more comfortable for your guests.

Should I get a daybed or regular bed?

A regular bed is a standard size bed that you can only use in your bedroom. On the contrary, a daybed is an all-purpose piece of furniture that you can place in any corner of your house. Hence, it entirely depends on your necessity whether to get a daybed or regular size bed.

Now, if you already have a bed in your house, you can opt for a daybed without any second thought. But if you don’t have a bed and you’re living in a tiny apartment and struggling to meet your needs, you can get a daybed to serve you multiple purposes.

Which is better a futon or daybed?

Futon and daybeds have a different comfort zone and are multi-purpose for you. Thus, it depends on your personal preference which one is better for you.

As for the futon, you can easily convert it into a bed, portable, simple assembling, and comes in a range of styles. But the good quality futon is a bit expensive and the mattress can be heavy and bulky.

On the other hand, daybeds will offer you a variety of designs with standard size mattresses which you may use as a couch or sofa, or a bed. These are pretty cheap but can be difficult to assemble and style with pillows.

Can I use regular bedding on a daybed?

You can surely use regular bedding on a daybed.  A regular twin bedding will fit perfectly on your twin-size daybed but the comforter may bunch a little bit. With regular adjustment at the corners, you can effortlessly use it on a daybed.

Regular bedding is ideal for your daybed if you’re sleeping on it more than sitting. However, the special daybed bedding is suitable to style your daybeds like a couch and sofa.

Can I put a daybed in the living room?

You can use a daybed in the living room quite effortlessly. Accessorizing your daybed in the living room with colorful coverings and pillows will bring a more vintage outlook complementing the decor of your house.

Moreover, utilizing your daybed as a couch when a guest arrives, or a loveseat, or lying down while watching Netflix is the perfect option for your living room.

How do you style a room with a daybed?

You can style a daybed as a couch in your office room, or bedroom. A standard twin-size mattress, along with a few throws, pillows, cushions, and special bedding will make your daybed a perfect fit to use as a couch. You can place it against the window sidewalls or in front of the bed.

Furthermore, you can also style a daybed as a sofa in your living room placing a luxurious ottoman in front of it along with a few chairs, and a soft blanket. Thus, you’ve made yourself a cozy comfortable place to relax or read a book.

As you can see daybeds are quite fashionable furniture serving you with multiple purposes which you can use almost every day to sit or sleep. Do not hesitate to explore the options and varieties of daybed utilities.

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