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Are Blackout Curtains Machine Washable? (Answered)

Blackout curtains are fabricated to block light coming from outside, so they are tightly woven and made of thicker fabrics which are different from any regular curtains.

Since the fabric and purpose of using blackout curtains are different, therefore, the maintenance and washing process of blackout curtains differs too.

And knowing such factors, you will surely stumble upon a question that blackout curtains are machine washable like regular curtains or not. 

If you want to know the precise answer with proper explanation to clear your confusions, you are at the right place. So without any delay, let’s check deeper. 

Are Blackout Curtains Machine Washable? 

Blackout curtains are not machine washable. Because if blackout curtains are machine washed, the machine will damage the fabric and the layers of the curtains. However, a front-loading machine can be used to wash blackout curtains. And it’s always best if blackout curtains are hand washed only.

It’s known that blackout curtains are tightly woven and made of thick fabric with high density so that the curtains can block light coming from outside. 

As these curtains are heavy and have layers in them, it’s never suggested to wash them using a washing machine. Because while washing them in machines, the center agitator can twist the fabric around it and will ruin both the fabric and the layers of the blackout curtains. 

So in this situation, only a front-loading machine is suggested to be used to wash blackout curtains only if anyone wants them to be washed by a machine. Otherwise, it’s always been recommended that blackout curtains only should be hand washed gently with very mild soap. 

How To Clean Blackout Curtains In The Washing Machine?

If you really want to use a machine to wash the blackout curtains then you must use only a front-loading machine. And the steps to clean blackout curtains in the front-loading machine have been explained below through a brief step-by-step guide. 

Check The Curtains: 

In the very first step, you must check the curtains thoroughly before you decide to dump them into the washing machine to clean them.

Checking is an essential part because spots, stains, dirt, and dust can be latched onto the curtains and you must remove any stains, spots, or dirt before washing. 

Take Suitable Detergent: 

Before you start washing in the 2nd step, check and take only a suitable very mild laundry detergent.

And to know whether the detergent is suitable or not, dab a little bit of detergent on any corner of the curtains and rinse it off. If the color of curtains is keeping their perfect original color, then use the detergent. 

Dump The Blackout Curtains In Machine: 

In this step, make sure that it’s a front-loading machine. Then dump the blackout curtains inside the machine separately, don’t ever mix them or ease them with any other clothing item. 

Here, a front-loading machine is suggested to use because the center agitator of other machines can twist the fabric and layers of the curtains and damage them. 

Use Cold Water And No Bleach Products: 

You must only use cold water to clean blackout curtains in the washing machine. Because cold water is harmless to the curtain fabric. But never ever use hot water to each blackout curtains. 

Also, you only should be putting mild detergent with no laundry bleach in the water while cleaning them. Bleach products will damage and fade away the color of curtains. 

Set The Machine In A Gentle Cycle: 

This is the last step of cleaning blackout curtains. Now that you have dumped the curtains, set the water temperature in cold, and have put mild detergent to clean, now you go to set the spinning of the machine in a gentle cycle.

A gentle cycle setting will not damage the blackout curtains and will clean them thoroughly too. 

Dry And Iron Them: 

Once they are cleaned, take them out of the machine and air dry them by hanging the curtains up on curtain hooks or clothing rods. Can’t when they are dried, iron them. 

**Note: Be careful if the curtains have a latex backing. In this case, don’t ever use hot water to clean, hot air to dry them, and don’t iron the latex side too to avoid melting the latex backing** 

Can Blackout Curtains Be Dry Cleaned?

Blackout curtains can be dry cleaned but this is not surely the best way of cleaning them. However, if you don’t want to go through all the hassle to give your blackout curtains a hand wash or machine wash then you can drop them off at your nearby dry-cleaning shops. 

But before you allow them to dry clean your blackout curtains, do remember to tell them not to use too much heat while dry cleaning. Especially if the curtains have a latex backing because excessive heat can melt the latex backing and damage them. 

So, make sure that your dry cleaner knows all these factors or let him know by yourself. But again, it would be safest if you avoid dry cleaning and wash the blackout curtain by yourself. 

Can You Steam Clean Blackout Curtains?

You certainly can steam clean your blackout curtains. Steam cleaning will not only be cleaning the blackout curtains but also will remove any existing wrinkles. 

So, if your blackout curtains are not too dirty, you can fill the steam cleaner with distilled water and let the device warm up enough to release steam.

Ensure that the layers of the curtains are totally open and steam from top to bottom in braid strokes. But don’t closely hold the steam cleaner to the curtains to avoid making them wet. 

Follow this process and steam clean the whole curtain but make sure not to steam clean the latex backing if the curtains have any. 

How To Clean Blackout Curtains At Home?

Cleaning blackout curtains at home might seem a lot of hassle but it’s not actually. You can follow this simple step-by-step guide given below to clean your home’s blackout curtains easily. 


First, you should inspect your curtains to know if the curtains have any special instructions like “dry cleaning only” or not because if the curtains require dry cleaning you better drop them at your nearby dry cleaning shop. 


If the curtains don’t require dry-cleaning then start cleaning by dusting off all the dirt and dust from the curtains. For that, you can use a feather duster or a vacuum cleaner. And sweep the duster or run the clean back and forth to clean all dust and dirt. 


Next up is blotting, if there’re any stains then in a bowl of warm water add some liquid dish wash, damp a cloth in the water, and blot up the stains by dabbing the wet cloth on the stained area. 

Hand Washing: 

In this stage, you better give your blackout curtains a hand wash. For that fill your home’s tub with lukewarm water and then add a mild laundry detergent and mix it with the water.

Then dip the curtains for some time. After that, twist and squeeze the curtains gently to remove all dirt and dust. Later on, rinse the curtains with clear water and remove all soapy residue. 

Dry And Iron: 

After rinsing, immediately hang the curtains outside for air drying or any other area in your home where you can dry the curtains fully. And then iron the curtains to make them flat. 

How Often To Wash Blackout Curtains? 

Regardless of blackout curtains or any regular curtains, you must wash them every 3 to 6 months. It’s a must because blackout curtains naturally attract dust, dirt and consumes smell every day. 

However, it would be best if you deeply wash them once every month and regularly dust off the curtains to remove any dust or dirt. 

Can You Hang The Curtains Up Wet?

You can hang up wet curtains, it will help in preventing any wrinkles also you will not have to iron the curtains later.

But don’t ever hang up wet curtains on their back to dry on rods. And don’t keep any window open, neither vacuum the room because dust and dirt will latch on the wet curtains. 

How Do You Soften Blackout Curtains?

To soften blackout curtains, you can mix a little about of mild laundry detergent with normal temperature water and dip a clean cloth in the mixture.

Then rub the damp cloth onto the back corner of the curtains. And rinse the area with water. If you see the color of curtains are fading then don’t use any other wet method. 

This is a process of softening blackout curtains. If the color of the curtains doesn’t bleed, you can use the method to soften all the curtains. 

Can You Iron Blackout Curtains? 

You surely can iron blackout curtains. But before you start ironing make sure to place a large and thick towel or blanket over your iron board.

Then place the blackout curtain’s fabric side up over the upper side of the towel or blanket. After that move the iron back and forth slowly and remove wrinkles. 

How To Get Wrinkles Out Of The Blackout Curtains? 

You can follow 4 methods to get the wrinkles out of your blackout curtains. These 4 methods are listed below. 

  • Steam Cleaning
  • Ironing 
  • Humidity 
  • Dryer( only if the manufacturer’s instructions allow to remove wrinkles by machine dryer). 

The special kind of fabric and the layers of blackout curtains usually don’t recommend them to get machine washed. However, as long as you are using a front-loading machine, you can machine wash blackout curtains.