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Are Blackout Curtains Heavy? (All You Need to Know)

Blackout curtains block out light from entering your room and reduce energy costs by cutting the amount of sunlight and UV rays that enter the room. It also protects your floors and furniture from sun damage. 

The fabric comes in many types starting from plastic-feeling polyester to softer, less static-prone options. They are more costly than other curtains and can be used in places such as media rooms. So how heavy are these special curtains? Let’s find out! 

Are blackout curtains heavy?

Blackout curtains are heavier than a lot of other types of curtains because thick fabric is used for their room-darkening mechanism. The weight also depends on the type of fabric used. However, blackout curtains are still lighter in weight than drapes as drapes have multiple layers of fabric.

The fabric has to be heavy enough to prevent light rays from penetrating through. This is why blackout curtains are often made with some solid and heavy-duty fabric. It also depends on the fabric of your blackout curtains since they are made of numerous types. The thicker the material, the more protection you will receive from the light rays. 

How much do blackout curtains weigh?

The weight of your blackout curtains will depend on the fabric weight and lining weight. It can vary because of the brand and material used. There are blackout curtains that are as light as 4 pounds whereas heavy ones can exceed more than 20 pounds

Heavy ones or interlined:

If they are interlined, they will weigh more. Blackout curtains made out of polyester or cotton will be heavy. They will also be heavier if they have multiple layers. Interlinings might weigh 5 to 6 oz per square yard whereas blackout lining could weigh 6 to 10 oz per square yard. 


Modern versions of blackout curtains are made with advanced technology and materials that can make them lightweight. They can block out the same amount of light as thick ones as long as you pick the right ones. They will be on the lower side around 5 to 10 pounds. Nylon ones will weigh less than cotton ones.

How much do curtains typically weigh?

The weight of the fabric, lining, and interlinings if any, and the number of widths of fabric determines the weight of curtains. Different curtains have different weights. The weight can range between 2kgs to as high as 12 kgs. 2kgs to 4kgs is moderately light when it comes to curtains but higher than 8kgs can be hard to clean. Some curtains can weigh less than 1kg whereas others can exceed the 14kg mark. 

The curtain drop can be anywhere around 130cm to 400cm. It is obvious that the longer the curtain, the more the weight. 

What are blackout curtains made of? 

Polyester or a combination of polyester and cotton:

This is the most common type. They are built by coating fabric with several layers of black foam which forms the blackout effect. It can block out up to 90% of sunlight. It might also come with insulating features. 

Polyester is an ideal fabric for blackout curtains because of its durability and strength. They are cost-effective too. They are easy to clean and can reduce shrinking and wrinkling. It is the best option for bedrooms and living rooms since they need very little care. 


Nylon fabric is stronger and lasts longer than cotton. It is a synthetic fiber which is why it can be sensitive. They are softer, more flexible, and thinner. This is why they are in the lighter range when it comes to blackout curtains. 

These are often combined with polyester to build good-quality blackout curtains. They offer you a cooler home while still letting in some sunlight into your home.

Do you need special curtain rods for blackout curtains? 

Whether you need special curtain rods depends on the type of rod you currently have and the weight of your blackout curtains. There are no special curtain rods for blackout curtains but you might need heavier, different, rods since blackout curtains can be heavier than regular curtains. 

Not all curtain rods are suitable for blackout curtains. Thin curtain rods will not be able to support heavy blackout curtains. They are better for sheer curtains. Thicker curtains will need thicker rods.

If your curtain rods do not hold your blackout curtains properly, it is very risky since the curtain and rod can fall off at any moment. There are many types of curtain rods. From them, double, combination, return, and wraparound are suitable for blackout curtains. Wire or cable rods should not be used as they are for lightweight curtains. 

What kind of curtain rod do I need for blackout curtains? 

You might need heavy-duty rods for blackout curtains due to their weight. The first step is to check what kind of curtain rods you already have. Try to put them on the rods and see if they bow slightly. If it does, you will need a sturdier and stronger rod. Thicker rods are more durable than typical curtain rods. 

You can opt for a double rod design rod. They can provide twice the support of regular curtains. The rods should be at least one inch thick. Steel is the best material choice for blackout curtain rods. Plastic curtain rods might not be able to hold blackout curtains. You can also purchase a return rod or a wraparound rod. These keep light from entering from the sides. They have smooth corners on their ends which enable the curtains to slide completely to the wall. This stops light from entering through the sides. 

Can tension rods hold blackout curtains?

Whether your tension rod can hold blackout curtains is up to the weight of the blackout curtains and how much weight the tension rod can hold. Average tension rods can hold around 20 pounds but heavy-duty tension rods can support over 20 pounds. They are not as strong as other rods.

Blackout curtains can be quite heavy. Heavy-duty tension rods will need to be used in case they exceed the 20-pound mark. Some heavy-duty tension rods can carry up to 30 pounds since they have advanced features. Check how much weight your tension rod can carry as heavier curtains could cause them to collapse, damage the walls, and even lead to injury.

What is the best way to hang blackout curtains? 

The classic way:

The first step is to take measurements before any drilling. Measure how high you want your curtains to hang and how far out you want the rod to reach. Mark where you want to add screws. Drill a pilot hole then create a large hole for your wall anchor. Install curtain brackets then the mounting bracket with a screwdriver. Add the blackout curtains to the rod and twist the knobs. The final step is to insert the curtain rod then hang it.

Use a tension rod:

This is a simple way to hang your blackout curtains without doing much work. It is easy to install without requiring any complicated measurements. They are adjustable and can stretch from one side to another. 

Purchase a tension rod that is the same or close to your window frame size. Test it by screwing the rod until it fits properly inside the window frame. Then simply take off the rod and thread your curtain onto the rod and reinsert it into your window frame.

How do you clean blackout curtains at home?

There are many ways to clean blackout curtains at home. All blackout fabrics are unique which is why they have to be cleaned in different methods. Always check the material’s care instructions before cleaning them on your own. You can use a vacuum to clean it before going for a deep clean wash.  It will gather all the dirt, dust, and allergens from the curtains. 

You can also go for spot cleaning by removing all the spots using laundry soap and a cloth. Never use bleach or any harsh chemicals as blackout curtains are sensitive. 

Only light wash your curtains to avoid damage. Fill a tub with warm water and a small amount of soap. Squeeze the curtains to remove any dirt, dust, and allergens. Do it gently. Remove the water as much as possible and rinse it with clean water.

There is no need to deep clean it every day. Do it once a week or a month or so to keep your blackout curtains fresh and clean. But vacuum regularly.

Can I wash blackout curtains in the washing machine? 

You can’t clean all types of blackout curtains in the washing machine because many people have had unfortunate results. You can wash rubber-backed curtains or woven triple weave fabric blackout curtains. But you need to take some special care. 

Always use cold water and wash them in a gentle mode. Do not use a lot of detergents and only use a front-loading washing machine to wash. You can also wash blackout curtains made out of garment fabric. 

But also wash them on the delicate cycle in cold water and remove all dust particles and hangings. The same goes for other types of blackout curtains such as Velvet and Dry-Clean only curtains. 

The material and quality of your curtains play a role. If the backing is sprayed on paint, it will come off in the washer, making a mess. The backing can also shred to pieces which is why it is important to be careful cleaning your blackout curtains in the washing machine. The black side of the curtains can stain the other colors too. It is better to not use a washing machine to avoid this risk. 

Although weight is barely a factor when purchasing curtains, heavy curtains can be tough and time-consuming to clean. If they are interlined, they will most likely be heavier. If you feel they are too heavy, you can always opt for lighter fabric. Blackout curtains come in several types so you can pick the ones suited to your preference.