Are Blackout Curtains Good or Bad for You? (Answered)

Curtains are essential in a room or house. They are both essential and elegant. Particular curtains can change the whole appearance of a room. Moreover, blackout curtains are special because of their look and features.

You might have heard a lot of the benefits and drawbacks of blackout curtains. So, you might be confused about whether blackout curtains are good or bad for you. Well, you need to consider the detailed advantages and disadvantages to make a decision about buying blackout curtains.

Are blackout curtains good or bad for you?

Blackout curtains are good for specific persons like children, overnight workers, and people who want deep sleep in the daytime. But people who don’t need to sleep in the daytime shouldn’t use blackout curtains. Because they are made of toxic material and are expensive too.

Blackout curtains prevent the light from entering the room. If you want to make the room dark and sleep well, blackout curtains are perfect. Sometimes, children can’t sleep well for the sunlight in the daytime.

If you use blackout curtains in the children’s room, they will sleep well. Moreover, the blackout curtains will help the air condition’s pressure as they don’t let sunlight enter into the room and make the room warm.

So, blackout curtains have many advantages. But you need to consider some disadvantages too. If you think blackout curtains are more beneficial and you need them for their excellent features, they are good for you.

Are blackout curtains good for sleep?

Blackout curtains are good for sleeping. They have so many beneficial features that help people sleep well. Here are some reasons why blackout curtains are good for sleep.

Prevent sunlight:

When you want to sleep deeply in the daytime, you might not be able to sleep well. Sunlight can enter the room through regular curtains. But blackout curtains prevent the sunlight from entering the room. So, you can sleep well.

Suitable for children:

Generally, children need more sleep than adults. Even they need sleep in the daytime too. But sometimes, they can’t sleep properly in the presence of sunlight. So, if you put blackout curtains in the children’s room, they will sleep well.

Prevent heat from outside:

Blackout curtains help the room prevent the summer heat from entering inside. This will help the room balancing the temperature. So, you will sleep well at the inside temperature.

Are blackout curtains toxic or harmful?

Blackout curtains can be toxic for some reasons. Though their toxicity isn’t that harmful to damage your health, you need to be careful to be fully safe.


The manufacturer uses many chemicals while manufacturing blackout curtains. These chemicals are not all safe. Some chemicals are toxic that can release while using or cleaning the blackout curtains.


Blackout curtains Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs that are harmful to humans. These elements can off-gas in the air and make the air toxic. So, blackout curtains are toxic for containing VOCs.


The manufacturing process allows many chemicals and toxic elements while making blackout curtains. These elements might remain in the curtain and make the curtains toxic.

Are blackout curtains good for babies?

Yes, blackout curtains are good for babies. Blackout curtains have some features that make them suitable for babies. Let’s see how the blackout curtains good for babies.


Children are likely to sleep well in the dark. Besides, children need more sleep than adults. So, if they sleep in the daytime, their sleep doesn’t last long. So, if you use blackout curtains in the babies’ room, they can sleep well even in the daytime.


Darkness helps to release melatonin. Melatonin helps to relax and sleep early. So, the blackout curtains prevent the sunlight 99%. So, babies will sleep comfortably in the darkness.

Heat prevention:

Blackout curtains keep the temperature balanced and prevent the outside heat from entering the room. So, keeping the room’s temperature balanced will help the babies to sleep well.

Do blackout curtains make you more tired?

Blackout curtains can be responsible for making you feel tired. When you use blackout curtains in your room, the room will be fully dark as the nighttime.

So, if you want to take a nap in the daytime, you will sleep deeply like the nighttime. You will not notice whether it is day or night. You will sleep comfortably and won’t notice the actual time.

Over-sleeping will make you feel tired all day. Also, sleeping in the daytime will hamper your night sleep. So, make the decision wisely while buying blackout curtains.

Do you really need blackout curtains?

It’s not compulsory to have blackout curtains in your home. But if you have babies in your house, or you want to have a deeper sleep, you need blackout curtains. Because blackout curtains provide complete darkness.

Many alternatives are available to keep the room dark. But they are either electric or not safe for the children. So, blackout curtains are a safe option to keep the room dark. Blackout curtains also save energy by reducing air condition pressure.

Moreover, if you want to sleep in complete darkness that helps you to relax and sleep quickly, you can buy blackout curtains.

Benefits of blackout curtains:

Blackout curtains have many benefits. Let’s see some basic benefits that blackout curtains provide.

Provide darkness:

Blackout curtains provide full darkness. Even they prevent 99% sunlight from entering the room. So, blackout curtains are good for relaxing and sleep comfortably both at night and in the daytime.

Save Energy:

When you use blackout curtains, they will prevent the heat from entering the room. So, the air condition can save energy. Even the energy saving can be up to 20 %. So, blackout curtains are a great option to save energy.

Prevent noise:

Blackout curtains are made of thick fabric. So, these fabrics prevent noise from entering the room. You can sleep comfortably if you have blackout curtains in your room.

How much do blackout curtains cost?

Blackout curtains have a wide range of prices. You can get a single panel of blackout curtains from $30 to $2500. The cost varies with size, material, shades, and many features. Generally, large-size blackout curtains are costlier than smaller ones.

A good-quality black curtain is generally expensive. Even they are more expensive than other curtains. But they are also durable and provides many benefits. So, blackout curtains are worth it.

So, you will get the blackout curtains within $100. But if you want branded and a good-quality blackout curtain, you need to raise your budget a little bit.

How to make blackout curtains?

If you want to make DIY blackout curtains, you need to consider some factors and follow a method. Here is a process that you can follow to make a blackout curtain.

  • Select the fabric color and try to select deep colors and thick fabrics to make blackout curtains.
  • Measure the fabric according to the size of your window and cut the fabric.
  • Try to keep the fabric a little bit more than the size of the windows.
  • Iron the fabric and sew them in the correct size.
  • Keep the blackout lining inside the fabric and fold the hems over it.
  • Sew the edges with the extra fabric to make hems.
  • Sew all the edges and connect the lining finally.

Are blackout curtains worth it?

Yes, blackout curtains worth it. They have many essential benefits. Moreover, they are made of thick and high-quality fabrics that are expensive. So, the manufacturing of blackout curtains is also costly.

If you notice the other alternatives of blackout curtains, you will see they are either electric or automated. They will cost even more than the blackout curtains. So, buying blackout curtains is an easy option.

If you want to make blackout curtains on your own, you will notice that the cost of making is pretty close to the buying price. So, blackout curtains worth it.

How do you blackout a room without curtains?

Sometimes, blackout a room is essential, especially when you have babies in the house. If you want to sleep in complete darkness and fall asleep quickly, you can blackout a room. Let’s see how you can blackout a room without curtains.

  • You can put an awning to prevent natural light from entering the room.
  • You can put aluminum foil on the windows that will not let the sunlight enter the room.
  • You can cover the windows with coating or film that will make your window opaque.
  • You can cover the window with furniture so that the window is blocked.
  • You can cover the window with cardboard.
  • You can apply a mesh liner to the window.

Blackout curtains are convenient curtains that help you to sleep well. Blackout curtains are suitable for the person who needs sleep in the daytime. Moreover, blackout curtains are suitable for the baby’s room.

Blackout curtains keep the room dark from the sunlight. They also save energy and keep the room’s temperature balanced. Though blackout curtains have toxic elements from the manufacturing process, they don’t cause severe health problems. So, you can apply blackout curtains in your room without hesitation. 

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