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Are Bar Stools Bad For Your Back? (Explained)

Kitchens seem incomplete without some sort of bar stool. They are stylish, useful, and are not only limited to the kitchen. They can be seen in bars, restaurants, cafes, and even offices. Bar stools come in various designs and styles.

But most of them are seen without any back support which can make us wonder, are bar stools bad for our back?

Are bar stools bad for your back?

Bar stools are not bad for your back. It can help improve your posture as your spine will be lifted straight. However, the muscles supporting the upper back will tire and this is when support from the seatback is needed. Sitting without lumbar support can cause back pain. 

Is sitting on a bar stool bad for your back?

Sitting on a bar stool can be bad for your back if you sit on it for a long time. However, bar stools have evolved and come with low backs, full backs, and footrests. Bar stools are often made with wood material.

The hard and rigid wooden back can cause your back to ache. The simple solution is to either put some padding or pick one made of a different material. 

Sitting on a bar stool for a short time will not harm you but if you sit on one for prolonged periods of time, it will be bad for your back. This is especially applicable when your bar stool does not have proper lumbar support.

Your body needs lumbar support. It can cause tightness in your muscles which can lead to aches and tiredness. It puts a lot of pressure on the discs of your spine which increases the chance of injury. 

If you don’t plan on spending much time sitting on bar stools then it is completely fine for your back. Otherwise, you can purchase a bar stool with back support.

A little support for your lower back is necessary as that is where most of the weight is focused on. You can opt for a lower back bar stool too. 

Try to purchase a bar stool model that is healthy for your posture and provides enough support to your spine. With the correct bar stool, you can reduce back pain problems. 

Are bar stools good for posture? 

Backless bar stools with no arms are indeed good for your posture. It can improve your posture as your spine stays lifted straight and your feet stay under your body. This gives you a healthy and alert spinal posture. Muscle activity increases as well. 

This can help you focus on your work as you will be moving quite often. But it is only good for your posture for a while. Your knees and hips cannot be flexed past 90 degrees either. 

It can get hard to maintain good posture on a backless bar stool for over half an hour. A lot of endurance is required to maintain it. 

After some time, you might feel tired sitting on a backless bar stool. It is similar to sitting on a bench that has no support. Your comfort level will be less if you put up with back pain issues. 

Are bar stools for working from home a good idea?

Using bar stools for working from home is not the best idea. Besides spinal shrinkage, sitting on a high chair or stool for a long time has various health effects. You will feel discomfort within an hour because of the pressure on your sciatic nerve. It can cause pain too. 

Your thighs will be under pressure which will reduce the flow of blood and result in swelling. Moreover, you will get tired faster. Surveys have shown that nearly everyone feels discomfort sitting on a bar stool after an hour. 

Sitting on a stool does encourage ‘Active Sitting’ because your muscle activity increases. It is good for strengthening your back muscles and core. It can help you stay more alert at work. However, not all bar stools fit in this category when it comes to comfort.

If you want to use bar stools for working from home or in the workplace, an ergonomic bar stool is better. It offers more flexibility and improves your overall health. They might even help people who deal with back pain. It will help prevent soreness and aches from bad posture.

You will also be able to swivel around instead of staying in one fixed position.  

Are saddle stools better for your back?

Saddle stools have been proven to be better to reduce spinal pressure as well as spinal injury. This is why dentists and anesthetists prefer saddle stools as they have to sit for long periods.

It also helps improve your spinal postures. However, similar to backless bar stools they can be tiring on spine muscles. This can result in back problems or back pain. 

Saddle stools can be bad for your back if you have a short table or counter. You will have to lean down repeatedly which can be uneasy for your back. 

Is it better to sit without back support?

A backless chair or stool can indeed help with your posture. However, lower back support is essential for sitting for long periods.

Since the lumbar spine has an inward curve, the curve often causes slouching and strains the lower spine. Back support is needed for the natural curve of the spine and to support the lumbar part. 

Are low back bar stools comfortable? 

These bar stools do not support the upper part of your spine which is why it is not suitable for people who have upper back problems.

However, they cause less discomfort than the backless ones.  If you have back problems, then this is a much better option than a backless bar and counter stool. At least you’ll be able to relax into the stool. 

Are low back counter stools comfortable?

These stools are very similar to low back bar stools. Low back counter stools are a comfortable choice for many people. It provides support for the lower portion of your back which enables you to sit in comfort.

They are also able to stow under the counter table. You can sit on these stools for a long time without facing any issues. Low back counter stools allow people to reach the countertop easily. But to work, you need to have a chair or stool that supports your entire back. 

What makes a comfortable bar stool?

To see if a bar stool is comfortable for you and your home is by sitting on it and checking if it fulfills your requirements. There are many types of bar stools with different features and sizes. For this reason, the comfort levels vary for every homeowner. 

Besides personal preference, there are other factors that matter, such as the material, surface area, padding, quality, etc. Metallic material seems to cause discomfort to many because of its cold and sharp surface.

The same goes for wooden material because of its hard surface. This is why you can get a bar stool that has leather covering or padding on the seats to make it more comfortable for you. 

Bar stools tend to be very small. If you feel uncomfortable sitting on a small stool, you can purchase ones that have a wide one. Buying a bar stool with a back can also increase your comfort level.

Furthermore, check if your bar stool has a footrest or not before purchasing. If you don’t mind not having a footrest, then you can purchase one without it. Dangling feet can be fun but they do get heavy after some time. This is why it’s good to have a place for your feet to rest upon. 

Not all bar stools are made with comfortable materials. High-quality bar stools are more costly because they are made with better materials. This does not mean you have to buy a bar stool with a high price tag.

All you have to do is make sure the quality matches the price! Don’t just look at the design, comfort is important too. If you still cannot find a comfortable bar stool that is suited for you, you can customize it on your own. 

Are bar stools dangerous?

Bar stools are not considered dangerous but injuries can occur due to their high height. Although they are not dangerous, there are some safety issues involved. This is why children should be careful while sitting on a bar stool as they can easily fall off.

Moreover, most bar stools do not come with a back which is why people might accidentally trip. Injuries can also occur because of a faulty bar stool. Falls can occur because of those defects. These defects include loose supporting parts of the stool, cheap quality, and worn stool parts. 

Falling from a high height such as this can cause sprains, back pain, broken bones, and tailbone damage. Your wrist and arm will be affected by the fall the most.

You can even take legal actions if you fall because of a defective bar stool in a restaurant or cafe. This is because some of these injuries have a lasting impact and can cause disabilities. 

The chances of these accidents can be reduced if you opt for a bar stool with a back and buy a good quality one instead of bad quality wooden bar stools. Always keep an eye on kids sitting on a bar stool as they are more likely to get injured.

Whether bar stools are bad for your back or not depends on the type of bar stool you have and its purpose. If you spend a lot of time sitting on backless bar stools then it is definitely bad for your back. Consider purchasing an ergonomic one or one that has back support.

There are many types of bar stools available with options that are healthy for your body. All you have to do is find the right one that fits YOU!