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4-Bedroom 2-Story Rustic Farmhouse with Home Office and Two Story Great Room (Floor Plan)


  • 2,459 Sq Ft
  • 4 Beds
  • 3.5 Baths
  • 2 Stories
  • 2 Cars

Hey there, future homeowners and daydreaming designers!

Let’s dive into a world where rustic charm meets modern convenience in this delightful 2,459 square foot farmhouse plan.

Picture this: a home that whispers stories of cozy evenings and lively family gatherings, all wrapped up in a package of board and batten exterior with charming wood timbers.

Now, let’s embark on this exciting journey through each nook and cranny of this dream abode.

Stepping inside, prepare to be swept off your feet by the stunning lodge room.

What’s a lodge room, you ask?

Imagine a space so inviting, with a fireplace that beckons you to curl up with a good book or indulge in heartwarming chats.

Stay Tuned: Detailed Plan Video Awaits at the End of This Content!

This isn’t just any fireplace; it’s a centerpiece visible from behind the massive 4′ by 8′ kitchen island.

Yes, you read that right.

This kitchen island isn’t just a piece of furniture; it’s the heart of your home where memories are cooked up!

Now, let’s talk ceiling.

It’s open to above, creating a voluminous space that doesn’t just scream luxury but sings it in perfect harmony.

This architectural marvel gives you a feeling of openness, inviting natural light to dance around the room.

It’s the perfect backdrop for your Instagram-worthy meals or just gazing up as you ponder whether to have pizza or salad for dinner.

Adjacent to this culinary paradise is the formal dining room.

But wait, it’s not your average, stuffy dining space.

Windows that look out the front bring the beauty of the outdoors in. Imagine feasting your eyes on the changing seasons while feasting on your favorite meals.

And for those who love alfresco dining, take your culinary creations outside on the back porch.

Accessible through three sets of double doors, it’s like your home is giving you a giant hug and saying, “Go on, enjoy the fresh air!”

For the work-from-homers or passionate hobbyists, there’s a cozy home office right across the foyer.

It’s your personal haven for productivity or procrastination – we don’t judge!

Plus, a powder room nearby means you can stay hydrated without the long trek across the house.

Then there’s the master suite on the main floor, a sanctuary of serenity.

This isn’t just a bedroom; it’s a retreat within your retreat.

With a split layout, your privacy is valued like a secret family recipe.

It’s the perfect escape after a long day, promising restful nights and lazy weekend mornings.

So, we’ve explored the heartwarming ground floor of this rustic gem, but the adventure doesn’t end there.

Let’s ascend to the second story, where comfort meets charm in the most delightful way.

Upstairs, you’ll find two cozy bedrooms that share a bath – perfect for kids, guests, or even that moody teenager who needs their space.

These rooms aren’t just sleeping quarters; they’re canvases for dreams and creativity.

Imagine a space where every night feels like a cozy sleepover, and every morning is greeted with bright smiles.

Now, let’s take a moment to appreciate the exterior of this rustic beauty.

Flanking the French door entryway are two symmetrical gables, creating a perfectly balanced look that’s sure to make your neighbors a tad jealous (in a good way, of course!).

These gables aren’t just about aesthetics; they whisper tales of stability and strength, echoing the warmth and security within.

But wait, there’s more!

For the car enthusiasts or those who just need space for their stuff, this plan includes a generous 2-car garage.

It’s not just a place to park; it’s a sanctuary for your beloved vehicles or a workshop for your weekend projects.

It’s the ultimate haven for anything on wheels (or piles of things you promised to sort out but never did).

Back to the great outdoors – this home doesn’t just sit on the land; it embraces it.

With a metal shed roof over the front porch, you get a rustic touch that also serves a practical purpose.

Imagine sipping your morning coffee while the world awakens, or enjoying a peaceful evening as the sun sets.

This porch isn’t just a part of the house; it’s a gateway to the tranquility of nature.

Living in this 2,459 square foot rustic farmhouse isn’t just about having a roof over your head.

It’s about creating a lifestyle that blends the tranquility of the countryside with the convenience of modern living.

It’s a home that doesn’t just stand; it speaks.

It tells a story of laughter-filled dinners, cozy winter nights by the fireplace, and sunny afternoons lounging on the back porch.

And the best part?

You get to infuse your personality into every corner.

Whether it’s a quirky art piece in the lodge room or a family heirloom in the dining room, this house is a canvas waiting for your personal touch.

So there you have it, a peek into your future rustic farmhouse, where every day feels like a cozy adventure.

It’s not just a house; it’s a home that waits with open arms to create a lifetime of memories.

Now, who’s ready to make this dream a reality?

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