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3-Bedroom 1-Story Tudor Cottage With Flex Room (Floor Plan)


  • 1,527 Sq Ft
  • 2-3 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 1 Stories

Hang onto your blueprints, my friends, because you’re in for a treat.

Today, we’re diving into the nitty-gritty of a house that’s not too big, not too small, but is just right. It’s our Goldilocks special – a 1500 square foot contemporary Tudor cottage that promises to be more than meets the eye.

So, buckle up your hard hats, because it’s time to take a wild, exciting romp through architecture!

Our humble abode measures a cozy 1,527 square feet. “But, oh dear architect,” I hear you say, “that’s not 1,500 as promised!” Hold onto your rulers, math wizards!

The extra 27 square feet is a complimentary bonus from us, just enough to house your dreams (or that extra-large plushie bear you won from the carnival last summer).

Now, let’s talk bedrooms. Our house can be a comfortable dwelling for the eternal couple or the budding family, with an option for either 2 or 3 bedrooms.

“But how does that work?” you ask, scratching your head. Well, my curious friend, we’ve got a flex room just off the foyer that’s like a chameleon—it can be whatever you need it to be!

Need a guest room for your in-laws visiting from out of town? You got it. Or maybe a sanctuary—er, I mean, home office—for those days when you’re ‘working from home.’ It’s your call!

Next, we venture into the heart of our contemporary Tudor – the vaulted great room. A pair of windows and a door grace the back wall, bathing the room in natural light.

Imagine waking up to that every day—absolutely no need for those pesky alarm clocks! Plus, the space opens up to the kitchen, where a large island sits, waiting for your culinary masterpieces (or takeout, we’re not judging).

The island, by the way, comfortably seats four. Perfect for the family breakfasts or the Saturday night dinner parties where you can amaze your friends with your ‘improvised’ recipes. “Oh, this old thing? Just threw it together!” Yeah, we see you, Emeril!

Adjacent to the kitchen is the dining room, also boasting views of the backyard. Imagine sipping your morning coffee, gazing at the sunrise, and planning how to conquer the day. And all of this without even stepping out the door!

Now, let’s get a little more personal and slide to the left side of the home where the bedrooms reside. The primary bedroom is an oasis, featuring a walk-in closet big enough to lose yourself in (no, seriously, we’re still looking for Bob from last week) and a four-fixture bath for those spa-at-home days.

Then there’s Bed 2, cozily nestled in front, perfect for the kiddos, guests, or that massive collection of comic books you’ve been accumulating since the ’80s.

Just when you think it can’t get any better, we drop the Laundry Bomb. Not literally, of course. The laundry room is subtly tucked away in a hall closet, saving you from the traditional traipse to the basement with a heavy basket. No more missing socks in this household!

To wrap up our architectural adventure, this contemporary Tudor cottage, with its flex room and convenient layout, is an ideal balance between functionality and style.

It caters to all your needs, whether you’re a duo on your honeymoon phase, a trio starting a new chapter, or a single dweller seeking a sanctuary from the world.

So, let’s grab that blueprint and let our dreams take shape within its 1,527 square feet. Remember, in real estate, as in life, it’s the little things that make a big difference!

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