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2-Story 2-Car Barn Style Garage with Second-Floor Storage Loft (Floor Plan)


  • 1,380 Sq Ft
  • 2 Stories
  • 2 Cars

Hey there!

Let me introduce you to something that’s not just a garage, but a charming addition to your property – a detached barn-like garage with storage above.

Imagine a structure that blends the rustic allure of a barn with the practicality of a modern garage. Intrigued?

Let’s dive in!

This isn’t your average, run-of-the-mill garage.

We’re talking about a spacious 1,380 square feet, spread over two stories.

It’s like having your very own barn, minus the farm animals (unless you count the family dog, of course).

The best part?

It’s designed to accommodate not one, but two cars.

That’s right, a duo of your mechanical steeds can comfortably nestle in this space.

Picture this: sliding barn doors that remind you of a countryside retreat, right on the front of your garage.

These aren’t just any doors; they’re a nod to the classic barn style, reimagined for your modern needs.

And let’s not forget the modern garage door to the left – an 18-foot wide and 8-foot tall gateway, perfect for your cars to glide in and out with ease.

It’s like having a piece of the countryside, with a twist of contemporary design.

Now, let’s talk about the second-story storage loft.

You know that feeling when you wish you had just a bit more space to store those holiday decorations or old photo albums?

Well, wish no more!

The loft is accessed by a pull-down, making it a hidden yet easily accessible treasure trove.

The natural light streaming in from windows along two walls transforms it into a bright, inviting space.

It’s not just a storage area; it’s your personal attic-like sanctuary.

So, we have a barn-style garage that’s more than just a parking space.

It’s a blend of charm, functionality, and a dash of nostalgia.

Whether you’re a car enthusiast needing extra space or someone looking for a stylish storage solution, this garage plan is like hitting the jackpot.

Think of the garage as your modern-day carriage house.

With ample space for two cars, you’re not just parking; you’re giving your vehicles a home.

The large modern door offers not just functionality but also adds a sleek touch to the rustic aesthetic.

It’s where you can tinker with your cars, work on your DIY projects, or even just escape for a quiet moment.

Now, back to that second-story loft.

This isn’t just a dusty old attic.

It’s a versatile space that can evolve with your needs.

Whether you’re storing seasonal items, creating a hobby area, or setting up a home office, this loft adapts to your lifestyle.

The natural light makes it welcoming, and the ample space means you’re not constantly juggling items to make room.

In conclusion, this detached barn-like garage with storage above is more than just a building; it’s a multifunctional, charming, and practical addition to your property.

It’s a space that provides shelter for your cars, a haven for your storage needs, and perhaps, a quiet corner for your thoughts.

So, when you think of adding a garage to your property, remember, you’re not just building a structure; you’re adding a piece of charm and functionality that will make your life a little bit easier and a lot more organized.

Now, isn’t that something to get excited about?

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